Jiffy Peat Pots

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All natural Jiffy-Pots are made from Canadian sphagnum peat moss and wood pulp and are 100% biodegradable. An easy way to grow great plants and reduce the number of plastic containers ending up in your local landfill. Specifications Pot Dimensions 2.25" Sq. x 2.25" H 2.25" Dia. x 2.25" H 3" Sq. x
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All natural Jiffy-Pots are made from Canadian sphagnum peat moss and wood pulp and are 100% biodegradable. An easy way to grow great plants and reduce the number of plastic containers ending up in your local landfill.


Pot Dimensions
2.25" Sq. x 2.25" H
2.25" Dia. x 2.25" H
3" Sq. x 3" H
3" Dia. x 3" H
3.5" Sq. x 3.75" H
4" Dia. x 4" H
LTL Freight Type GROUND
Replenishment System Purchase
Available for Drop Shipment No
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Reviews (133)
  • Gives plants extra growing room
    I have had very good experience with these pots. Because I live in the northeast climate I start plants earlier than most home gardeners and these pots allow me to transition in a holding stage while they are developing a stronger root system.
  • Jiffy Peat Pots
    product did the job
  • Peat pots
    Very good peat pots, I have a lot of plants started in these and would buy again.
  • BP
    Excellent product. Prompt service!
  • Great value
    Perfect size for starting seeds.
  • Jiffy peat pots
    The pots came as described. Planted 10 flats of hot peppers yesterday.
  • just as I ordered them
    I ordered a case of the peat pots so I could take advantage of the free shipping offer, and they arrived quickly. They are a new size for me to use, 2" by 2", and they are working great.
  • Jiffy peat pots
    Excellent product
  • Great Product
    Jiffy Peat Pots are great, have been using them for years, and the excellent quality is very consistent.
  • Peat Pots
    4" peat pots arrived in good shape and arrived on time.
  • Excellent Customer Service
    I called to check on my order since it had been four days since placing the order. Found out that the item was on backorder and wouldn't be available for two weeks. Fortunately Sara was very responsive and was able to send me a partial quantity out to hold me over. Sigh of relief!! Thanks for going the extra mile to keeping the supply chain going!
  • Good Stuff
    Good pots, good bulk pricing, they dry out fast though, so when starting seeds or canna lily bulbs, I lay a base of mulch under them and mulch around the perimeter of the pot grouping, keeps them moist, cutting down on watering. The roots grow nicely through the pot into the mulch, then you can take pots as you need from the group and transplant into the garden spot and plant the pot/plant directly into the ground, where the pot then decomposed nicely and feeds the plant as it degrades into the soil.
  • 2 1/4
    I love these peat pots for potting up seedlings to harden off. The roots freely grow thru the walls; thereby reducing transplant shock. This is by far the least expensive source.
  • As advertised, great value
    I thought I was getting a good deal on Amazon until I found Greenhouse Megastore. Better quality and lower price!
  • 2 and 3
    Fast delivery and eco-friendly shipping materials, too. Already recycled those materials. Quality peat pots and you can't beat the price!
  • Peat pots
    Very prompt service. Pots work great for transplanting starts in the greenhouse.Would like to see a 4 square pot available.
  • pEAT pOT
  • great pot for the money.
    Well they came in handy when i planted all my veggies way too early; due to my first greenhouse and was afraid of the unknowns; but I was blessed and did it right; so I needed more room for my roots and did not want to waste plastic pots/trays... they did the job perfectly and now they are straight from the greenhouse to the fields.. I will surely use these again. Nice size to let the root systems thrive...
  • Great Value
    The carton arrived timely and in perfect condition. Pots are bulk packed and eliminates the plastic packaging with smaller quantity store purchased peat pots. A carton is a couple years supply, but offers a great value.
  • grea product
    these pots are perfect for starting seeds for my home garden.
  • great product
    Have used these for years.They are a good product and will buy more when needed.
  • Great for seedlings.
    Transplanted my seedlings into these pots. Good to not have to remove the plot for final transplanting. Good solid organic potting material.
  • Peat pots
    I use these every year to put tomato and pepper plant starts into. They are great quality and a great price.
  • great little pot for rooting cuttings.
    Perfect size. Substantial little pot. Great for rooting cuttings. Light weight.
  • Nice size and sturdy
    I am in love with these pots. They are just the right size and will allow my vegetable seedlings to grow until outside transplanting time. bravo !
  • okey dokey
    these pots are fine-i got them all with bibb lettuce right now-i think they should reverse the pot so the big end is on the bottom and the small end on top-this would give the plants roots more room but there just fine as is
  • cheaper by the case
    I have been using these small square peat pots for many years, planting thousands of plants in my garden every year, including cabbages, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kohl rabis, cauliflower, celery, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants. There is no transplant shock, as the peat pots are planted directly and eventually turn into soil. This specific size is ideal for me because they are small enough to allow many to fit in my growing trays, yet big enough to maintain the plants until they are ready to set out. Because I use so many, the case quantity is a definite cost saver.
  • Great for Field Trips!
    These peat pots were affordable and sent on time. We will be using them again for future orders!
  • Happy With Product
    We are pleased with the peat pots ordered from your company, they were what represented as. Arrival time was right when they said it would be. Will order from you again.
  • good product
    worked really well right size for getting seedlings out of small starter cells and off to a good start
  • lotsa jiffy pots
    great price exactly what i need for my greenhouse.
  • Jiffy Peat Pots - 4
    Good value
  • Good pots
    Did the job
  • MR.
    I'm very sure these Jiffy Pots will work justgreat for sowing seeds and transplanting. Thanks for your services !
  • Peat pots
    I'm very satisfied with all the peat pots.
  • POTS
  • Tried-'n-True
    Have used this Jiffy product for a long time no, always with favorable results. Harder to find in the 3.5 SQ. size but for our operation, a necessity due to the racks that we use & their cell size. Product lasts long enough to go from germination to in-ground planting while still having integrity after repeated wetting's. We will always use this product & the source that it originates from.
  • Good for the Environment Poduct
    The Jefferson Co.Master Gardeners have done a save the Monarch Butterflies presentation for the past two years with 6th graders. We use these pots to plant milkweed seeds with the students. We also talk to them about how good it is for the environment to use the biodegradable pots.
  • Pots
    Nice pots, Great size, Fair Price.
  • Great Jiffy Pots
    Love these jiffy pots! They absorb water easily and the large drainage hole in the bottom allows the moisture to easily reach the roots. Great price.
  • Perfect size
    Love these larger size pots for my seedlings that have grown, they hold my plants long enough until I can plant them!
  • Exactly what I wanted at the best price
    Exactly what I wanted at the best price.
  • 4
    These pots are perfect for starting seeds. I like using the larger size- it helps prevent plants from being rootbound, especially squash and the like. They are sturdy enough for transport and degrade quickly after transplant in the garden. I recommend these pots for serious gardeners everywhere! Especially at this price- you really cannot beat it!
  • Gardener Mike
    For my gardening needs, the Jiffy 2 and 1/4 inch square peat pots are an ideal size for starting and growing plants indoors. They fit well in my trays that I put under grow lights. By sprigging out seedlings into the pots, they can grow continuously until the potted plants are ready to set out in the garden without disturbing the roots. Buying them by the case reduces the price per item to a more reasonable level.
  • Not what I expected
    I really thought that peats pots were the best option for growing out seedlings. However the growth was extremely stunted and some of my plants even died. Some never germinated. I tried to pre-germinate and that still didn't work. I made sure that I did not over water and not to add anything except water for the beginning.(no nutrients, except for seedling soil) The temperatures and soil ph was right. I just could not figure out the problem. Maybe others have had a better experience but I will not be using these again. This is not a rant. I am only speaking to my personal experience. The upside is that I didn't spend too much money on them.
  • Jiffy Super
    My 4 jiffy pots were in Ecellent Condition when received. I transplant my plants into the 4 pots after starting my plants in a 55 cell dome plug tray. They work well for me.
  • great pots
    Good size for growth. Durable for easy planting.
  • Jiffy pots
    Arrived on time and exactly as I ordered. Very pleased with the product. I will definitely be making future purchases from here as well as refer others to your company. Thanks!
  • Will purchase again
    Our case of Jiffy pots were securely packaged and arrived quickly. Used in a school greenhouse with 3rd-8th graders, and has held up very well. Great deal!
  • great pots
    just what i needed for transfering my tomatoes and peppers works great . all were in great shape and not broken. will buy again
  • Great product and service
    Great product and the price was great. Fast delivery and very nice service.
  • As expected
    Product arrived on time, in good shape. We are using them for seed starters, and then plant the entire pot in the ground. We have no transplant shock.
  • 3
    Many big box retailers along with garden specialty stores, have ceased selling the square jiffy pots. I'm glad to have found the product at greenhousemegastore.com. Thanks!
  • Jiffy peat pots
    I am well pleased with the quality of these pots. Now wish I had ordered even more
  • Great Peat Pots
    Excellent peat pots and fast delivery
  • Disappointed
    The pots tear easily when watered. Also, lost a lot of plants when I repotted them to the peat pots. Plants did better repotted in plastic pots or coco fiber pots.
  • Peat Pots
    Excellent peat pots for the price.
  • Quality products
    Items arrived quickly and are excellent.
  • Pretty poor quality
    I ordered these because I was in a bind, and some I ordered from another place were late. A bunch of these had holes in the sides, because of sticks lodged between them. Next time, I definitely will get my peat pots elsewhere.
  • Nice!
    Perfect for starting seedlings.
  • good stuff
    Good stuff, cheap, quick shipping, just started our gardens in doors for the spring/summer planting
  • Waiting for spring
    These Jiffy Pots look to be just what I need to up-pot flower plants. My grand-daughter is enjoying planting flowers and these will be just what is needed.
  • Waiting for spring
    The Jiffy pots are true to size and of very good quality. I intend to start more plants in the jiffy pots to eliminate wasting seeds by manual thinning plants.
  • Peat Pots
    All the pots arrived in tack. They are just the size I need.
  • Better than sliced bread
    These little biodegradable nursing pots can take the gardener from CUTTING, to flourishing in the GROUND in two easy steps. I love them!!
  • Peat Pots
    These little pots were exactly what I wanted to transplant my seedlings in so I could give the plants to family and friends.With the low price I was able to purchase several packs of 10 so I had plenty for the seedlings and a few left over for next time.
  • good product, great price
    Good product and service
  • Perfect Pots!
    Love these peat pots. Great price and quality. Will get them again! Thank you!
  • grower
    great for germination
  • peat pots
    on my order of peat pots. I looked in the stores and online. and this was defiantly the best price I could find. if continued pricing in the future. I will defiantly be ordering again. and while im at it. look at the other products as well. thanks
  • Great start for tomatoes
    I ordered 40 pots. All were uniform in size and shape with no damage. I start my seeds with the pot filled 2/3 with potting soil and will fill to the top when there are leaves above the top of the pot. I water by placing pots in a tray and adding water as need to the tray. The pots are adsorbing the water in a uniform manner to keep the soil moist. I like the square shape as it makes it easier to move the tray without having the pots fall over.
  • Square Peat Pots
    They fit the Trays and plant easy.
  • Peat Pts
    Great price for the quality.
  • Awesome
    The pots we got are perfect and did not have one so far that was defective.
  • 3.5
    If you're a serious seed starter, you can't go wrong w/ these 3.5 sq. Jiffy pots. They fit perfectly into the standard holding tray w/ 18-cell plastic insert (I use 2 trays for extra strength), creating a very nice, 12 x 24 flat planting bed that allows 3.5 of depth for taproot development. I submerge and completely soak the pots in water for several minutes before filling them w/ moistened potting soil, leaving about 1/4 at the top. If seeds are then planted near the 4 corners of the pot, when the seedlings are ready for transplanting you can cut the pot into 4 sections w/ a serrated knife (straight down from the top, w/ a gentle sawing-type motion)and you'll have 4 nice plants to transplant separately. Before the actual transplant into another pot or into the ground, I try to tear or peel away as much of the excess peat pot as I can, without disturbing the emerging roots, so as to allow the new plant the best opportunity for continued root growth.
  • great pots
    I found that the pots work great, starting plant and then just having to plant the pot and plant at the same time
  • Great Pot
    Wonder product, great value and fast shipping as always
  • Works great
    The pots work great and the service is great. only took 4 days to get. GREAT SERVICE
  • 4 inch pots
    These pots are exactly what my husband and I were looking for at a great price. We are using them for tomatoes and bell peppers. When we need more we will definitely get these again!
  • seedling starters also
    they work like a charm, I soak them before I plant them and take the bottom part off,about an inch to let the roots go deeper faster.i also start my seedlings in them.
  • Peat Pots
    They work great
  • nvwad1
    Very Good Quality, very good price. Very satisfied with purchase.
  • Happy Customer
    Shipping was fast and the attention given to the packaging ensured my items would arrive in perfect condition. The deeper peat pots look perfect to start my peppers and tomatoes. With the added depth and size of the pots I know I will not have a need to re-pot before planting in my garden.
  • Jiffy peat pots
    so happy to have found this website, great prices and products, new to the green house and the pots were such a great price, was afraid of what I would get, but they are just like the ones in the store,only 1/3 of the price, been recomending this site to my friends...
  • customer
    Quickly shipped, good price, solid product.
  • Small direct plant pots
    These work very well for your small needs. If you have plants that will be small when direct planted, these are just what you need. They occupy very little room which is a plus if you have limited space for your growing needs.
  • Excellent Peat Pots
    Quick arrival. Represents high value.
  • Peat Pots
    Good size, well made, great price. Nice company to deal with. Fast shipping! All is super.Thanks
  • Jiffy Peat Pots
    as usual, satisfaction!!!
  • Peat Pots
    Just what we wanted, and at a reasonable price.
  • Peat Pots
    Quick delivery and product as specified. Amazing price. Great job!
  • jiffy peat pots
    I use several thousand of these peat pots each year for starting and growing my vegetable plants. This includes broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, giant kohlrabi, celery, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and many more plants. The plants grow off well, and transplanting involves minimum effort, as you just dig a hole, insert the pot, pull soil back over, and water in.
  • Jiffy pots -- indeed!
    The pots were perfect! Really want to commend customer service & expediency!!
  • pots
    working great so far to transplant my test plants, and to grow some cherry toms and jalapenos indoors under grow lights
  • 3.6 Kiffy peat pots
    They are doing the job I wants done
  • peat pots
    The price was the lowest I'd found. The product was just as pictured and described. The delivery was prompt and accurate. Even the follow up contact showed great attention to detail!
  • Jiffy Peat Pots
    Excellent device to take seedlings to the next step. Fast service allowed me to wait till seeds germinated and had some growth before ordering pots. From here, it's just plant them in the ground!
  • 3 1/2 inch peat pots
    The price and shipping costs were the lowest that I could find anywhere. The pots were shipped promptly and arrived in perfect condition.
  • Company Delivers!
    I found Greenhouse Megastore online and ordered the peat pots that I typically use when transplanting seedlings. The price was superlative, the delivery was great, and the product meets all expectations. I'm one happy greenhouse guy!
  • Charles
    Terrific product, terrific service, timely delivery.
  • Great Price
    Pricing was good.They came stuck together in places and getting them separated ruined about ten of them.
  • Jiffy pots
    These are great for my starter plants.
  • great!
    Great product! Just as expected.
  • Natasha
    I am very pleased with these pots. There are plenty for my needs this season and more besides. They arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition. I haven't planted them out yet, so I am not sure of the rate of decomposition if directly planted.
  • peat pots
    What a great price for large quantity of small peat pots. I like to buy a large quantity at a time to save money and make sure I have plenty of pots on hand. Peat pots are great for seedlings avoiding shock when planting...works for me!
  • jiffy pots
    good product for starting plants.
  • wanted square, but got round
    The peat pots are good, not as good as cow pots. Used them before they are as good as the usual ones. I am not sure I ordered round or square pots, got round pots. They are ok, just waste some room in out cold frame.
  • Nice Job
    Good products, Fast Shipping. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks
  • Victoria
    Great size and great price for starting seeds and growing cuttings from other plants.
  • They work just great
    I've got some rhubarb plants started in these...no problems yet. A nice size, since the plant can get a little larger in these than the really small containers & a little stronger before you move them, or plant them.
    Great peat pots. GREAT PRICE ON 250.
  • 5 inch peat pots
    These kits are perfect for starting seedlings.They work so well that next season i will start seeds 3 weeks later.I live in Florida and our growing seasons are Sept. and Jan.The big box stores think that people only plant gardens in April. These pots are big enough to keep plans for a month and the plastic tray makes it easy to move.
  • great prdouct
    great product for a fair price
  • great prdouct
    great product for a fair price
  • Jiffy Peat Pots
    Just what I needed to transpant tomatoe seedlings
  • Roderic
    While I now prefer coir, there is nothing wrong with the price or functionality of peat pots. I still use them, and put them in the Kord carrying trays.
  • Roderic
    While I now prefer coir, there is nothing wrong with the price or functionality of peat pots. I still use them, and put them in the Kord carrying trays.
  • Farmer Dave
    Perfect for transplanting then plant right into the garden. The roots grow through the pot.
  • Jiffy Pots
    Very prompt delivery. Excellent product. A bit disappointed with the cost of shipping.
  • Degartable planting Pots
    These worked out very nice the suffice was exeptional the wait time was very good.Thank you a lot.
  • Great job
    Product delivered as advertised and on time. Staff very cooperative.
  • Just what I was lookin' for
    Love em. No transplant shock, perfect size to fit into the average size nursery tray
  • Jiffy Peat Pots
    Product was what I expected it to be but only received 86 of 100 ordered.
  • Jiffy Peat Pots
    Nice and thick and holds up well. The only problem i had with them is when i was taking them apart. A couple got stuck and tore.
  • Great product
    I purchased these peat pots for Jacaranda tree seedlings I am germinating. I can now plant the trees directly in the ground without worrying about damaging delicate roots.
  • Great Peat Pots
    I was potting up over two hundred and fifty lavender plants so needed a lot of peat pots in a hurry ... at a reasonable price. None of the local stores had decent peat pots (and they were rather expensive to boot) so I turned to the internet. I am so glad I ordered through the Greenhouse Megastore because the ordering was super easy, the delivery fast and the items arrived in near-perfect condition because of the excellent packing job. Now my little lavender plants are happily growing away in their new peat pots. Thanks!
  • CN-JP
  • square peet pots
    I purchased a case of the 3.5 square peet pots and have used about half. They are much more stable than the round ones if you are transporting plants. I have found them durable. Very easy to write directly on them to identify the plants. I did a fund raiser plant sale from my seeds and these pots saved me.
  • CN-JP
  • Quality biodegradable pots
    I was used to the lower quality fiber pots that fall apart after watering twice, but am extremely pleased with the sturdy quality of the Jiffy Peat Pots. Will definitely reorder!
  • Best Prices found online
    Bought these several years now and they're the best quality at the best price.
  • CN-JP
  • CN-JP