Jump Start Grow Light System

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The 2' or 4' Jump Start Grow Light Systems combine a durable, adjustable powder-coated steel light stand with a single high output T5 fluorescent fixture and tube for an easy, convenient solution for seedlings, cuttings and low light plants. Requires 115v outlet. The built-in timer allows you to
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The 2' or 4' Jump Start Grow Light Systems combine a durable, adjustable powder-coated steel light stand with a single high output T5 fluorescent fixture and tube for an easy, convenient solution for seedlings, cuttings and low light plants. Requires 115v outlet.

The built-in timer allows you to easily set a 12 hours on/12 hours off schedule or an 18 hours on/6 hours off schedule with a single button press.

  • Great for growing seedlings, cuttings, flowers and houseplants
  • 24.5"H x 18.25"W x 26"L for the 2' system
  • 31.75"H x 18.25"W x 50"L for the 4' system
  • Patented one-touch height adjustability system
  • Includes fluorescent light fixture and one high output T5 tube
  • Easy assembly
  • Powder coated steel frame for increased durability and stability

Recommended Use

Keep fixture 2-4" away from the tops of your starts. Give starts 16-18 hours per day of light. When starts are moved to their permanent location be sure not to sunburn them with more intense light. Gradually increasing exposure over a few days is recommended.

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Reviews (69)
  • Thrilled
    My grow light has been in constant use since it's arrival in March. 6 cells fix nicely under it in a 1020 tray. I've figured out a system to keep productivity ongoing.
  • Jump start light
    The jump start light works well for small young plants. The adjustment helps keep the light at the right height for like size plants. Some issues if plants grow at different rates. But with all the same type plants it is good for small growers. Easy set up and adjustments. My only draw back is once the plants grow the light does not provide a wide enough angle of light and rotation of the trays is needed to prevent leaning. Multiple lights would solve the problem, but alone they are just not enough. Great for starting seedlings.
  • Well Worth It
    This grow light has made a tremendous difference for the chestnut trees I started from seed. Compared to last year without the light, this years trees are well ahead growth wise.
  • Check packaging right-away
    I got one for a Christmas present and didn't open it till February, it was missing the cord. I contacted the manufacturer about it and they told me I would have to purchase one from amazon because I didn't have the receipt. It was't purchased from Greenhouse Mega store. I just wanted everyone purchasing on to check it as soon as possible and save your receipt. The manufacturer doesn't care about you if you don't have the receipt. I have bought plenty of items from Greenhouse Megastore and they are a great company with great prices.
  • Lives up to the name
    I ordered this in December to supplement the early growth period on some herbs I had started on a heated mat. I could see a difference in the rate of growth within 3 days. I will say this isn't a super bright grow anything anytime of year system. Jump Start is a great way to describe it. I actually ordered a few more and another heat pad to increase my variety and production. If you need a lot of light, consider getting just the light stand and a larger grow light.
  • Jump Start Grow System
    The grow light is the perfect size for my small seedling project. The only issue I had was the connectors were too snug and had to be hammered in, which will make it very difficult to disassemble at a future date. Otherwise, I would have given it a 5 rating. Love the ease of raising or lowering the light!
  • Pass on this product
    Very easy assembly but the light is not powerful enough to help with growth of plant.
  • Great System
    This is a great system for starting seedlings. Simple to assemble as well.
  • As described...
    For the money, I am very happy with these. Better quality than what I can find locally. Easy to assemble. Easy to use. I used pieces of heavy firewood to weigh them down, as they are a bit light. Not commercial quality, in my opinion, but truly a good value. I recommend them.
  • User friendly!
    This light system took just a couple minutes to unpack and get completely set up. It was very easy and it perfect for the space we have. Right now we have two trays, end to end, centered under the light and they fight perfectly. I would recommend this to anyone looking to grow indoors. I will definitely be purchasing another one soon to grow more!
  • great product
    just what i needed to get my plants up and going. Was easy to put together maybe 5 min. Everything was packaged well and worked. Made a big difference in plant growth.
  • perfect light
    I used 2 of these to start my seeds. I have about 100 seedlings growing and this grow light system came well packaged and does the job.
  • Perfect Starter Set
    Grow lights have been a dream of mine that I didn't think I could afford....until I saw these. I have happy seedlings and I am thrilled! Nice space saving set!
  • Good product is
    Item arrived quickly, well packaged, very easy to assemble. I appreciate the on/off switch located on the cord. My plants are doing well under the lamp. This is my first grow lamp and am seriously considering getting another next season.
    I keep ordering more grow lights because they work great. This is my third one and I am extremely happy with the shipping times, the excellent product and ease of putting it together.
  • Jump Start light
    I am growing my starter leafs of African Violets. I was so surprise that I received my order in just 4 days. I would order again if I ever have the the need.
  • OK
    East to assemble. Fits in small space. Grows plants. My one problem is that one of the two racks I've ordered has stopped working after 3 days. The light doesn't light. I've tried various ways to get it to start working and will next have to buy a new tube, I suppose.
  • Hobby Gardener
    This grow light was easy to assemble, easy to adjust. I have Basil seedlings under the light and they are thriving! Also the best price I found.
  • Great Grow Light System
    I purchased this system to start some vegetable seeds for my garden. The frame was very simple to assemble. I was surprised that the reflector already had the bulb installed. I have it hooked up to a timer and it has worked perfectly. My plants are thriving. I would highly recommend this unit to others.
  • Light and frame
    Love these, bought 2. Can be put anywhere, easy set up. Definitely wod recommend.
  • Grow Light System
    Easy to assemble, but the light bulb doesn't work. Very frustrating ...
  • Very Happy
    Just as decribed, easy set up, Great product :)
  • Grow Light Works Great
    This grow light & stand is very easy to set up & use. Easily height adjustable. Just wish I had purchased the double light instead of the single.
  • jump start grow light
    Packaging was excellent, especially for such a fragile item. Instructions for assembly were clear and precise. I received exactly what was described on the website at a more competitive price than other suppliers.
  • I Like My Jump Start 4' Grow Light
    This is my first grow light.The system was already partially put together in the box. I didn't have to thread the cords through the metal tubes and the plastic connecting pieces were already attached to an end of a tube; I just put the tubes together, added the clips to the light, hung it up, plugged it in and it worked. It looks nice and works well.The power cord is pretty thick and depending on how you have this set up, you may have one end of your light touching a vertical support post from that cord pushing or pulling. This is easily fixed by either moving your power cord a little bit or else by sliding the two clips at the top of the light toward the 'touching' side to help pull it away.At first, I hung the light at an angle because some plants (tomatoes) were going gangbusters and much taller than the others (pepper, kale, coriander). Now I raise or lower each plant individually and just keep the light level.
  • Purchaser of product
    I am using the light system to grow cacti from seedlings. The light is the perfect amount of light without burning the cacti. The light system is also sturdy, good quality and works well. Easy to assemble.
  • Excellent product you can't go wrong.
    I am 100% satisfied with this grow light system I will be buying another next year when I figure out where to put it,I got the biggest unit and there is a lot of space for seedlings as well as plants.
  • Nicely done!
    Finally a grow light and stand that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Fast setup, easy to adjust the light up and down. Wish I had had it in January-- next year I will get a real jump on things!
  • Jump Start Grow Light System
    This product was very easy to assemble. Like that height of lamp is easily adjusted. Price was best that I found.
  • Amatuer grower
    Outstanding, great results. Surpassed my best expectations.
  • Great Light System!
    Well made, nothing to assemble. My seedlings love the light they're getting.
  • Cheap, but works
    Assembly instructions that were included were incorrect and useless, but luckily it did not take much brain to figure it out. The plug does not fit the fitting properly and falls out when you move the unit, and the materials are very flimsy, but it does what it is supposed to do.
  • Jump Start Grow Light System - 4' long system; 4,9
    This product exceeded my expectations, which is always a pleasant surprise! The frame of the grow light is exceptionally sturdy, the cord that raises the light in one move is excellent engineering, and most importantly, my plants are responding wonderfully.I waited to see how the plants did before reviewing, but I'm impressed enough to give it the highest rating. And to prove that point, as soon as I register this review, I'm going to order another one!
  • missing parts
    I purchased the 4' grow light. It was easy to assemble, but it was missing parts. We had to rig it up with office supplies to hook the light fixture to the rings. There were no hanger clips provided.
  • jump start grow system
    I have only wsed the system a short time but so far really like it. It is sturdy and big enough to put quite a few plants under. I have tomato, pepper and flower plants under it now.
  • good product
    Considering the cost, this is a very good product. It comes useful in the spring when I need additional lights for seedlings. It was shipped promtly and arrived in a good condition.
  • Easy to adjust
    Love this light. Very easy to adjust. I keep adjusting the light so it is about 3 inches above the plants
  • Great System!
    So far so GOOD with this light weight - low heat - low cost to operate System! I find its mobility and flexability to be fabulous. I look forward to many years of growing for the Health Care System... Thanks for this very handy product.
  • purchaser
    Very nice unit. Easy to put together. It is on my kitchen counter and I enjoy seeing my seeds grow and the light it puts out.
  • Really nice light
    Very nice light. Lightweight yet durable. Very easy to adjust.
  • Great Product
    Great product with easy assembly and works very well. Enough room to start most of my early garden and regular garden seeds inside and get them off to a good start.
  • grower
    I love the concept of the fixture and like the light- but the base does not secure firmly- it is swaying back and forth.
  • Gardener
    Adequate.Seeds are growing but not as the ones I planted outside.Easy assembly.
  • excellent
    Easy to set up, works well
  • Fluorescent Grow Light System
    This is a fabulous grow light system. It is easy to assemble and easy to adjust.
  • slamissy
    Love this light. Bought along with propagation Mat and seeds came up in 2 days. Like how you can raise and lower light
  • no chains or S hooks
    A very nice unit..set-up a breeze, operation is sweet. Great shipping!
  • This is the one to buy
    This unit is well designed, well made and easy to assemble. I really pleased with mine.
  • Fluorescent Grow Light System
    Great for the price, fits nicely on my bench in my garage.
  • Appears to do as it says
    Other than the overly simple design (I had actually created a similar design for a light as it made sense--this uses the same style of design), it does appear to do what it says without issues. For a starter item, or just someone who doesn't want to build their own type of system (that might not look as decent--this one does look pretty so it could go anywhere inside), it would seem to be useful. Of course, people who build their own items--they'd probably want to just buy the lights and do their own thing as it'd be cheaper.
  • One Word - Wow!!
    Exceeded my expectations. Fast shipping. Easy to set up, I successful germinated every single seed planted in 72 cell cheap seed tray in the first try! I did my homework and believe me, you can't beat the value. My first, but def not my last purchase from Greenhouse Megastore.
  • Ideal For Tight Spaces
    I bought two of these setups and they are very well made. I bought them for the express purpose of placing them in different environments for the fussy seeds that need 70 degrees and those that need 50 degrees to germinate. Works great for that because I can place it in very tight places around the house.
  • Most Helpful Seed Propagator on the Planet
    This Grow Light System is durable and easy to set up with it's adjustable powder-coated steel light stand. I found it reliable and up-to excellent results. It comes with a single high output T5 fluorescent fixture and tube which is a convenient solution for seedlings, cuttings and low light plants. I absolutely love it and am in the process of ordering 2 additional units - try it yourself and see the fantastic results you get. Why not get the best for your seedling value?
  • Easy to Use!
    This product arrived fast. It set up in a matter of minutes and my seedlings are already responding to it. A great tool to get your plants ready while it's still too cold outside to grow.
  • easy as pie!
    the stand was very easy to setup and hooking the light up to the stand was just as easy!!
  • Great Product
    Works well in small space, plants respond well to grow lights.
  • very happy with this system
    This grow light system was easy to put together and looks good. Don't know why I didn't do this years ago!
  • This light is amazing
    This product is absolutely amazing. I had it set up in 15 minutes with the distracted help of my 5 year old son. My husband put a timer on the light, my son and I planted seeds, and within 3 days we had lettuce sprouts. My son was thrilled. I can not recommend this product enough. I may have it going all year!
  • Overall Good Value
    Overall I am pleased with this product even though I had some initial hiccups. One bulb was broken and the other wouldn't work. I couldn't find replacements on the site because, I later found out, I received an old model. A wonderful woman called, responding to my email, and gave me credit for the defective bulbs. I'm happy with the product and the customer service, and my plants are responding well.
  • Better than I could have imagined
    The light fixture arrived on the time expected and was well packaged. I was thrilled that the assembly was so easy and yet the fixture is so well made. The clearance height allows me to use the light for a variety of plants, not just seedlings. I was very happy with the overall experience and will certainly shop here again.
  • great results
    Have only had this product about a month and have seen dramatic results in the growth of my indoor plants. Remember to buy a timer.
  • Great Value!
    I purchased the grow light for my bonsai trees, order came fast and exactly as I expected. Very easily assembly and the plants love it! I will defiantly be a repeat customer!
  • Great Seed Starting Light
    I received the 4 foot Fluorescent Grow Light System quickly. The system was easy to assemble and is a sturdy, well built unit. I like the ability to raise and lower the lighting to accommodate newly planted seeds all the way up to plants ready to transplant in the garden. The unit came complete with grow bulbs and I was ready to plant my seeds within 20 minutes of opening the box.
  • No worry for Seedlings
    I ordered this plant light to keep from having to rotate my tomato seedlings so much. this light is perfect for 2 bedding trays. Now it will be sooo easy to grow my heirlooms. THANKS!!!
  • She loved it
    I bought the 4' model for my wife for Christmas and she is very happy with it so far. We set it up on a table in the cellar(heated) It was very easy to assemble. Some of our house plants were suffering from too little light and doing poorly. Several of the plants showed signs of new growth within days of being placed under the light.
    1. Tools needed - pliers, screwdriver, box cutter. 2. Out of the perfectly packaged and secure shipping carton in minutes. 3. Lightweight, adjustable, easy instructions included - this is totally awesome - it does what it's supposed to do, without the hassle. 4. Using Ultimate Potting Mix, seed starting trays, and placed under this unit, seeds start in half as much time as recommended by popular seed providers. 5. I adopted a combination of a simple plug in electric timer, extension cord, warning sign, and SAFETY CONE for the seed starting area. 6. My preferred illumination time is 7 AM to 11 PM - then, the timer automatically shuts down, and up again at 7 AM. 7. Sunrise, sunset.....LIFE BEGINS ANEW....regardless of Mother Nature unpredictability. 8. This product is being used outdoors on my patio and also indoors for seeds, any kind, bulbs, any kind, sprouts, any kind, .....the plants all reach upwards for the LIGHT - incredible technology.
  • GL-GTS
  • Great seller. Wonderful product!
    Great size for small spaces or few plants. I couldn't be happier about the way my plants are responding to this product, they are flowering and grow continuously. This type of plant light is easy to assemble. The design makes lowering and raising the fixture a breeze. Highly recommended.
  • Great decision for Growers
    When I was looking for a seeding system, I stumbled upon this little GEM. I use if for so many different applications I grow CAT GRASS, AND CAT NIP fresh for my kitties right here in my studio apt! This unit is the PERFECT size for a tight living space. The Stock lights are ok.. The ones they recomend are AMAZING! EVERYTHING I have sprouted has made everyone happy in my family, the kitties love their grass and I love my fresh Herbs for my Dinner! Can't go wrong!