Maxi Garden Tray

Item No. CN-GAR-074B
At 31" L x 15.75" W x 2" H, the Maxi Garden Tray is a strong, injection-molded garden tray that can comfortably hold 3 full-size Standard Seed Trays or serve as a water reservoir for pots and containers. These trays also make excellent containers for growing wheatgrass as well as various other
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At 31" L x 15.75" W x 2" H, the Maxi Garden Tray is a strong, injection-molded garden tray that can comfortably hold 3 full-size Standard Seed Trays or serve as a water reservoir for pots and containers. These trays also make excellent containers for growing wheatgrass as well as various other kinds of fodder and seed.

The Maxi Garden Tray is made from recycled polypropylene and has a 12-liter internal capacity.

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Reviews (25)
  • Terrific tray
    This tray is a great size and sturdy enough to last several years. Its shape makes it easy to clean and it works exceptionally well in my greenhouse.
  • Review based on GHMS's outstanding customer service
    Got several of these for my 5-star Proptek 26x13 trays, but all of them damaged/shattered during shipping. GreenHouseMegaStore customer service resolved the problem quickly and to my complete satisfaction. Not a fan of these trays if they can be damaged so severely just in shipping, so won't purchase them again, but a huge fan of GreenHouseMegaStore and their commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Looks sturdy
    I have yet to really use them, but they look like they will do the trick. The lip around the edge and the way they have supports molded in under the lip prevent them from being overlapped to save space when sitting next to each other. So there is at least an inch wasted space between trays. On a heat mat, this is precious real estate to go unused.
  • good solid trays
    these are good solid trays that don't buckle with weight in them.
  • Maxie Tray
    I ordered 4 of these Maxie Trays to use under each of my 162 cell Proptek Propagation Trays. I can't believe how well made and durable they are and work perfect under the trays. Now I can water my seedlings from the bottom with no trouble. I am so happy I purchased them. Thank you Greenhouse Megastore !
  • Maxi Garden Tray
    Heavy duty, quality tray that will last for many years. We use these trays as starter plant trays and for water trays to hold multiple plants. and keep them moist during the hot summer months. They look great filled with plants between large pots.
  • RCM
    Excellent for small greenhouse. Able to spread plants out.
  • Strong and durable
    I absolutely love these trays for carrying Flats. 1020 flats fit nicely on them and because they're so sturdy I don't have to worry about dropping them.
  • Leroy
    The tray will be used to catch water for an indoor bonsai this Winter
  • Excellent quality
    I used this for a water catch tray in my sun room. Works perfect for the shelving you get at the box stores.
  • Garden Trays
    My terays were damaged in transit. I contacted them and sent a picture. The staff promptly sent replacements. Thank You
  • Excellent choice
    Bought these trays to use under my plants in my greenhouse. Perfect size and sturdy
  • great plant trays
    I am using these trays on baker shelves that I use for plants that are brought in for the winter. They are a good size and seem to be sturdy. The trays have been in place for less than a month. They arrived quickly after I placed the order.
  • Great Trays
    I bought these trays for our greenhouse shelves. They work great. Perfect size and catch the drips under the pots. Good quality.
  • Maxi Trays
    The Maxi trays that I ordered were shipped very quickly, great price and are very sturdy. I'm using them to grow potted veggie plants under lights. They are small enough to handle comfortably, yet large enough to handle 18 pots.
  • Garden Tray
    High quality and strong
  • Great
    Love trays worked perfectly!!
  • Sturdy and practical trays
    The trays are exactly what I needed to keep a large number of small plants indoors. I had been using individual saucers, which made it difficult to rearrange the plants. I also love that they are black, not white or green.
  • plant trays
    What a find! These trays are very sturdy. I have several potted plants in each tray on my 4th floor apartment balcony. They keep water and debris contained.
  • Tray Review
    Excellent product, service was excellent and met my expectations! Thanks!
  • great tray
    I looked for a tray to use under a large planter and looked everywhere on-line and off. Finally found it here & its perfect - good, paintable plastic with a nice rim at a reasonable price.
  • Megatray is just what I needed!
    I ordered this megatray to place under two of my patio tomatoes to contain any water that dripped out of the bottom of the planters and thus protect the patio carpet from getting wet. The tray is the perfect size and is REALLY much sturdier than I thought it would be -- a pleasant surprise! I'm very happy with the tray and with my experience ordering through Greenhouse Megastore.
  • Sturdy ridgid Trays
    These are heavy duty and will last me for years. I only ordered a couple to start with but have since reordered many more. TRhe company in England that makes these seem to have a number of quality products available through this store.
  • Great trays for niche/window bank
    We have a design feature where they built a niche into the wall in the living room. The lower half is a built-in shelf for TV/Entertainment devices, next to a fake fireplace (gas). Above the whole thing they put in an 18 deep nook, about 8.5' wide, with a bank of 3 windows. It is south facing, gets a ton of sun - but is finished in sheet rock with a textured surface and some kind of sticky cheap paint, even on the flat shelf part of the nook. Not a good surface for plants. 2 of these (and a 3rd the same size, or the next one up at 39) fit into this space. I have jasmine (in a regular pot), and saffron crocus in an outdoor rectangular planter sitting up in the window in these trays right now. These plastic trays don't stick to the shelf surface the way plants or other things do, and they protect from water spills or fallen leaves and spent flower buds. I'm using these on my wire shelves under fluorescents as well now, instead of doubled 1022 trays - pots are much easier to arrange in these larger, more stable plant trays, and at 16 wide, they fit between the posts of my 18 wide wire shelving units perfectly.The larger 39 size plus the colored Handy Trays (12x16) fill a shelf with about 1.5 overhang on each side (for 4' wide shelves), or one of these 31 long trays plus the green pouring tray will fit about the same way (with a little overhang at each end).These are made in the UK, which is probably why they are all just slightly off from fitting perfectly on US shelves - they'd be sized in metric units for metric shelves instead of our standard sizes in inches. Still better than anything else I could find, and I have hunted and hunted for plant trays like these.
  • GardenTrays
    The trays I purchased were defect free.Very heavy constructed and securely packaged to protect the product.The cost can not be beat. No one could be disappointed when buying these trays.Michael NolandRetired Quality Assurance Executive.