Mini Garden Tray without holes, Black

Item No. CN-GAR-130B
The Mini Garden Tray is 9" L x 6.5" W x 2.5" H. The durable tray is made of injection-molded plastic.
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The Mini Garden Tray is 9" L x 6.5" W x 2.5" H. The durable tray is made of injection-molded plastic.

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Exp. Receipt Date 07/29/2022
Reviews (13)
  • Compatible with the Small High Dome Propagator
    I needed a drip tray to catch and hold water from the Small High Dome Propagator (which is a tray with holes and a vented dome). This black tray nested under the prop's tray well. They are elbow-to-elbow so you won't be able to see how high the water level is unlike the Narrow Seed Tray+Narrow Seed Tray Lid Only+Large Windowsill Tray trio.
  • Perfect
    Well made and the perfect size. I have countless number of uses for this tray. I will be purchasing more.
  • Thick and durable
    Very happy with my purchase.
  • Small trays
    Hold soil and water weight. Germinating seeds are able to be covered by plastic clear hoods three to the 1040 size hood with some space around each tray inside bottom tray in a loose fit easy to remove trays. Really good price for something so functional.
  • Good for starting seeds
    Good and solid tray for starting seeds in a dirt bed.
  • Great
    These are great for just a few plants needs.
  • Well made/heavy duty.
    Great product, well made and perfect for my seed starting projects.
  • Great product
    Very sturdy can handle anything heavy/sharp.
  • Helpful trays!
    These trays are very useful in my greenhouse. Very durable; not light weight so should hold up well.
  • Covering Holes
    I bought the small high dome propagator that has holes which didn't work for me. I then found that the mini-garden tray w/o holes was a perfect fit to save my windowsills from damage
  • The Perfect Thing
    The little black plastic trays are heavy duty for my application and just what I was looking for.
  • Stong and durable
    Hard to find size. Very versatile. Very well made.
  • Trays & Propagators
    I ordered both the Mini Garden Tray without holes, Black and the Small Budget Propagator with holes. I did this because I was able to figure out that these two products work together. The propagator will fit inside the tray to prevent water leakage onto the supporting surface. You should note on your product descriptions that these two fit one another. Likewise with the small high-dome propagator. I did get this worked out and am satisfied with the combination but should not have had to spend the time flipping among several web pages to find that this would work.