Exempt from Sales Tax

If you have a valid tax exempt certificate, you need set up as exempt before ordering online. Please note that sales tax assessed and paid for on web orders can NOT be reversed.

Excerpt from our Terms and Conditions page:

Tax Exempt Orders
Qualified organizations are exempt from paying sales tax on purchases with Greenhouse Megastore. When making purchases for your organization you will need a copy of your valid, non expired state-issued tax-exempt certificate and your tax-exempt number. Each state has its own criteria for determining eligibility and the rules may differ from state to state. Form(s) will need to be signed and dated to be accepted and the name and address on the account will need to be an exact match to that printed on the exemption certificate.
Tax exempt certification(s) or any questions regarding tax exempt purchases with Greenhouse Megastore must be submitted via email: tax@greenhousemegastore.com.
If exempt and you cannot provide an exempt certificate please fill out this streamlined exempt certificate. This form must be signed and dated to be valid. Please submit this along with the name on your account to tax@greenhousemegastore.com.

You will receive confirmation when your account has been marked as exempt. Please do not place an order until then.