Panterra Saucers

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Our Panterra Saucers are interchangeable with the corresponding sizes of the Panterra Pots and Bowls. Offered in Clay color only. Specifications Saucer Works with 6" Clip-on 6" Pot 8" Clip-on 8" Pot and Bowl 12" Shallow Clip-on 12" Pot and Bowl
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Our Panterra Saucers are interchangeable with the corresponding sizes of the Panterra Pots and Bowls. Offered in Clay color only.


SaucerWorks with
6" Clip-on6" Pot
8" Clip-on8" Pot and Bowl
12" Shallow Clip-on12" Pot and Bowl
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Reviews (13)
  • Shallow saucers
    The saucers were as described, but too shallow for my purposes. The return, however, was quick and easy. Thanks, GMS!
  • Excellent
    Great product and a small fraction of what I would hae to pay, even at one of the big chain stores that have garden supplies.
  • Ordered again
    Can't get enough of this great product - plus the price is right, and the shipping is fast.
  • Panterra Pots
    Great pots at a very reasonable cost. Easily beats local stores like Home Depot and Lowe's
  • Perfect.
    They fit the panterra pots perfectly, as they were designed to. They're sturdy and don't get mould in them, and they kelp keep my plants from getting too soggy.
  • Check Size Carefully!
    Be aware that the saucer dimensions actually refer to the size of the pot it's intended to accompany. I assumed that 10 inch meant just that, but instead it means an 8 inch diameter that fits the 10 inch Panterra pot. Once that's faigured out, you'll be very happy with the saucers!
  • Panterra Deep Saucers
    I really like the way these attach to the Panterra pots. They work with other pots as well such as the Centabella Planters.
  • Absolutely perfect.
    I got these to go with the Panterra pots I purchased. No mess at all, and they click right into the bottom of the pots so there's never a worry of separating the two.
  • Panterra Saucers
    Great quality and value. Use with Panterra Bowls and Pots. Noticed they can also be used with Centabella Planters although not perfectly sized they are functional and look good with the clay.
  • Finishing Touch
    Easy to attach and (so far) quite secure--saucer gives the pot a finished look.
  • My Favorite Saucer
    OK, this is the most versatile saucer ever, as the other reviews have stated. This saucer perfectly compliments the pots, are deep and fit perfectly, tightly on the pot. I will be ordering these in all sizes along with the pots, as soon as I am done filling these! If you have had trouble with saucers in the past, give these a try. You will not be disappointed!
  • best saucer
    These saucers are just about the best I have ever found. As a general rule, I don't care for snap-on saucers, but all you have to do is to cut off the tabs and you have a loose saucer, so you can lift the pot and dump the excess water. Just don't cut off the tabs from all of your saucers, because you can clip a hanging basket hanger (available from this site) to the edge of any panterra pot or bowl, attach a saucer, and VOILA!, you have a hanging pot with a good deep saucer. Most hanging baskets sold today have either no saucer or a saucer that is so tiny as to be totally useless, and the smallest size basket is 6 in diameter. With a 4 panterra pot and saucer and a hanger attached you have a 4 hanging basket, just right for trailing cacti and succulents. And, you can buy an oversize saucer and fill it with pea gravel to make a humidity tray. overall these saucers are just about the best buy in the house plant field.
  • IT'S A SNAP!
    1. Did you ever try to grow a plant in a container that you had and tried to save a few pennies. The answer is not to look for a workaround, buy this inexpensive plastic molded marriage of container and saucer, which snap together.......IN A SNAP. 2. Using your favorite potting soil (I use only Ultimate Potting Mix, Jacks Fertilizer and Triple-Action Insecticide) these Panterra Deep Saucers hold an immense quantity of the right environment for your seedlings to love and also to show results. 3. Ever have a second hand pot, or container, leak...then, you're looking for something to catch the drain-off. Not to worry, the Panterra Deep Saucers with Snap On catches the drain-off, all for less than a buck a unit. 4. These units are lightweight, can be reused, easy to clean, and wash. TIP: When adding potting soil, first add moisture to the potting soil, then add your seeds - much more easy to manage than to use dry potting soil.