Perma-nest 1020 Tray

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The Perma-Nest 1020 tray is built from heavy duty polystyrene plastic. This means it can be reused year after year without needing replaced. The tray is also hot and cold sterilized. Tray is 11" W x 22" L x 2-1/2" H.
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The Perma-Nest 1020 tray is built from heavy duty polystyrene plastic. This means it can be reused year after year without needing replaced. The tray is also hot and cold sterilized.

Tray is 11" W x 22" L x 2-1/2" H.

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Reviews (23)
  • Great product but one came cracked and cannot b used.
    On was cracked down one corners cannot be used. Otherwise quick shipping and good product.
  • Tray is good - arrive damaged but I got a refund - Excellent customer service
    Tray is really good, just a little fragile on the corners because of the plastic quality (can easily break). The trays arrived damaged in the corners because of packaging (not much support in the corner of the box to support corners) and probably terrible mishandling of the delivery staff. I got a refund for the damaged product and customer service is great. Good communication.
  • Works okay, but get the mega 1020
    Had some of these from another vendor, not quite right size for 1020 inserts, but very durable. Bought some more from Greenhouse Megastore because I do use them. However, I later bought some Greenhouse mega duty black 1020 trays. Plenty strong, and inserts fit like they are supposed to.
  • Best tray around
    I've been using these trays inside and outside for many years, and I still have all the trays I've ever procured. They don't break, and don't give up the ghost when in sunlight for months at a time.
  • Best trays I've found
    This is my second purchase of Perma-Nest trays. They are the perfect size, and hold up well for years in sunlight as well as under gro-lights.
  • Perfect tray
    A perfect tray for my needs to put a collection of small squares on windowsill. Durable and nice looking.
  • Nice Trays
    I thought they were a little expensive, but nice heavy trays. I'm sure they will last for years, Thank you.
  • Great Service and Product
    Wrong items sent, problem was corrected promptly. Permanest trays are durable and cheaply priced.
  • Great Product
    I use these in my basement seed-starting operation and, later, for containing seedling flats and pots in the outdoor greenhouse. Perfect size, very durable. A good investment.
  • Perfect for my needs
    Durable trays. I start seedlings in my house and bought some trays at the local garden store. I didn't know that they already had small cracks and holes until I watered and water dripped onto my wood floor. These trays solved that problem!
  • 15 years
    I bought plant stand with trays used after 15 years of yearly use one finally cracked. Best tray on the market and well worth the price. Very durable, easy to clean and I have replaced all my cheap plastic trays with these. I start many plants for local gardeners. Best name in plant propagation Perma-nest.
  • Strong trays
    These trays are a bit pricey but are very sturdy. They should last forever and are perfect for holding heavy saturated 4 pots.
  • Great product
    These trays are perfect, well made and look great. Overall shopping experience was fantastic
  • Best Tray
    Quality, quality & quality for your money.
  • Plant trays
    The trays are sturdy and great for holding seed trays in. Also, used to prevent dripping on the grow lights. They are worth the money however one was cracked when it came. The is why I rated a 4.
  • Plastc Trays
    They must have solved the shipping problem as my two trays arrived in excellent condition due to really good packing materials. Was impressed that they used Uline box as that is a very sturdy, & not cheap, product. Trays are excellent, sturdier than the usual black plastic trays, and nice enough that I use them for my livingroom display of gesneriads. The two trays fit perfectly into the 24x 18 space under my JumpStart light.
  • Sturdy; will last a long time
    I bought this tray along with a black 1020 tray with holes. The black tray fits nicely in this tray if you want a sturdy base to use along with the thinner black trays. This tray is thick and sturdy and I know it will last a long time.
  • great tray
    we bought this tray to grow fodder for our animals. we were looking for something durable, heavier gauge plastic. This satisfied our quest. Would recommend!
  • Very good although badly shipped
    These trays are very strong and fairly rigid, but also brittle. I ordered 8 of them. I have no complaint about the trays; they look like they will work very well. However, 4 of the 8 were cracked (at one corner) upon delivery, because they were not packed wrapped in bubble wrap or surrounded by plastic peanuts, which would have acted as shock absorbers. Great trays, risky shipping.
  • Perma-nest trays
    I purchased a set of three for a tiered plant stand for my mother. hey are a perfect fit for the stand. She is very happy with the price and the quality.
  • Love them
    I ordered 10 of these, And plan on ordering more soon. Wasn't sure about the trays at first. However after using them They better I hoped for. Now if they only sold domes that fit them.
  • Corners broke out of the box.
    This is a nice tray. A little pricey, but good for bottom watering 1020 seed trays. Only problem is both of the ones I ordered came with a corner broken off right out of the box. I sent an email to GreenHouseMegaStore right through their website - no response weeks later. Not so impressive. Would have liked replacements since now the trays have a sharp edge and I'm teaching kids. Anyhoo - I'm going to order more and will call them to demand return if they are broken again due to minimal packing, since email doesn't seem to go anywhere w/ this company.
  • Nice & Strong
    1020 trays are great, but the perma nest 1020 trays are better and are for the long haul. I am so glad that I found them.