PlantHouse Portable Greenhouse

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Free Shipping See Details Available in four sizes, the PlantHouse™ design provides a convenient and effective way to protect your tender shrubs and perennials against damaging winter environments. Set up easily on soil or hard surface. Compact and lightweight, the PlantHouse™ requires no assembly
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Available in four sizes, the PlantHouse™ design provides a convenient and effective way to protect your tender shrubs and perennials against damaging winter environments. Set up easily on soil or hard surface. Compact and lightweight, the PlantHouse™ requires no assembly tools. Set up, take down and store in seconds! The large zippered door allows for easy access. The large screened door allows for optimum ventilation, and pest protection. Creates the perfect environment for hardening off plants.

Durability and Portability

All FlowerHouse greenhouses are constructed with the incredibly durable UV resistant, waterproof Gro-Tec material featuring rip stop protection. Revolutionary Easy Set-Up, Take-Down and Store in seconds with no tools required.

Lightweight to carry - Totebag included.

Standard Features

    100% Waterproof Gro-Tec™ (UV resistant with rip stop protection)
  • 4 Ground Stakes
  • 1 Fiber Pole
  • 2 portholes for hose, power cord
  • Carrying Pack
  • 1 year warranty


  • 28" high x 2' wide x 2' deep
  • 20" x 15" Zippered Screen Door
  • Weighs 6 lbs.
  • 3.5' high x 3' wide x 3' deep
  • 28" x 20" Zippered Screen Door
  • Weighs 8 lbs.
  • 56" high x 4' wide x 4' deep
  • 20" x 15" Zippered Screen Door
  • Weighs 12 lbs.
  • 78" high x 5' wide x 5' deep
  • 60" x 30" Zippered Screen Door
  • Weighs 26 lbs.

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Reviews (67)
  • Portable Greenhouse - 60
    I purchased one of the portable greenhouses to over winter my patio plants. After I received it and set it up I quickly determined that I needed more space so I ordered one more. I found them very easy to set up, the quality of the product is outstanding, as was the delivery. I would definitelyrecommend the product.
  • So Easy
    I am 72 and was concerned if the greenhouse would be as easy as shown on their video. I couldn't believe how easy it was. My husband came home from work and was impressed that I did it all by myself. It took about 15 minutes after reading the instructions. My best purchase yet.
  • Green House
    This is a very nice greenhouse, I will be able to grow my tomatoes all year long.
  • Great idea needs work
    Would love to give this a 5 but I have had to patch this twice using my pool vinyl repair kit. Both rips have been by the seam of the zipper where the stitching separates from the vinyl. Other than that this littles greenhouse is perfect. Don't know if it will be able to be revived for next year but will try, it works really well. If anyone has any suggestions on a better way to rep
  • nice concept- workmanship not nice
    Seam started to come apart after 1 month of gentle use.
  • My Greenhouse
    Love this greenhouse. Perfect for my tender plants to go thru the winter months!
  • greenhouse
    perfect for my plumerias for winter. It was so easy to put up. Did it all by myself. looks like durable fabric.
  • so far, so good
    I am using the 3x3 portable greenhouse in the basement to keep my foxtail fern thriving during winter. I put a small grow light just outside the house and a bucket of water inside. So far it is doing well. I am concerned there is not enough ventilation, but after 1 month the plant still looks good.
  • Great product!
    We purchased one of the smaller portable greenhouses for our three lemon bushes for their winter residence. The greenhouse fits perfectly on our porch and the lemon bushes are doing well.Thank you so much.
  • Awesome Greenhouse
    I bought this to throw over some new trees for those few days here in Houston where the temperatures fall too low. This is a well made product and I see it lasting many years. Easy to setup, easy to move around and store post-season.
  • should have thought before buying
    this is a 5' X 5' plastic greenhouse exactly as advertised. What could I have been thinking??? not sure exactly what you could keep in it during what kind of conditions. not sure how it could be good for below freezing for anything that can't stand freezing temps. Can't see how it could hold any heat. First strong wind (we live on Breezy Hill) took it away even tho it was anchored as planned, ripping the attachment points out as it went. Sorry, it is cute as can be but of no use as a green house so far as I can see, at least for what I think of as using a green house
  • Very Practical
    For the price this is a real bargain. It is my third one. They do weather after a couple of years and the covering begins to disintegrate but as cheap as they are I don't mind replacing them. I keep all my seedlings in them until ready to transplant. They are a great holding place for plants I dig up to give to people since they are waterproof. I also cover them with additional material to reduce the intensity of the sun so they don't get too hot. I have the 3x3x3 which is perfect for my sized plants and fits nicely on my table, which is just a palette on plastic horses.
  • Much needed
    Perfect for starting and and protecting young plants.
  • not sure
    This little greenhouse has protected my tomatoes and kept them out of any hail that has fallen.
  • Attractive and does the job
    The greenhouse was a little more difficult to put up than the video showed; definitely a 2 person job getting the supports in. I wish the ventilation window had an inside zipper; we wanted to place that side against our fence but would not have been able to open that vent. Otherwise it's perfect for acclimating our plants from inside to the outside.
  • 60
    I own five of the smaller sizes, some for as long as seven seasons, as well as several of the other products offered. I decided to try the 60x60-Clear to protect my Thai Giant Elephant Ears from the wind. The rip-stop material on the Clear model doesn't appear to be as strong as on the opaque models, which have a fabric-grid laminated into the material--the grommets for the ground pegs have already separated from the material. Otherwise, the item provides the shelter from the wind I intended, and it's nice to have a clear view of the Elephant Ears. I'll probably purchase another 60x60 model next season but will definitely order the sturdier opaque version.
  • Awesome
    We bought it for growing tomatoes zucchini and all kinds of different veggies. We have a lot of raccoons and squirts who would also eat them so this is perfect and we have very strong winds and it does great.This is a great buy.
  • nice covering but......
    nice designee but the top pole is to long all the poles have an issue with the elastic cords being stretched out so they are not elastic any more one of the holder tabs for the poles is not there it was never sown on think I can trim the top pole and make it work and possibly make a tab holder for the one that's missing I would have gave it a much higher rating cause otherwise its just the size I was looking for and the covering is nice and heavy
  • Small Greenhouse
    I purchased the smallest greenhouse in this product line. The best features are that it is portable and large enough to germinate and grow small vegetable plants. The Square Garden tray (Dimensions - 23.62 W x 23.62 L x 2.76 H) fits nicely within the base of the greenhouse.
  • Great little Greenhouse
    Great little greenhouse for the money. It doesn't protect much from the cold at night without some heat source, but it does great during the day with about a 10 degree Fahrenheit difference. Easy to assemble and put away too.
  • Looks Good and Works Good
    I purchased the PlantHouse Portable Greenhouse - 60 wide x 60 deep - clear and am using it for four Hibiscus plants. So far, so good and my neighbors are very envious.
  • Little Greenhouse
    The 5' X 5' greenhouse was exactly what I was hoping for. I am using to overwinter several small potted plants (exotic evergreens, rare Japanese maples, etc.) . The greenhouse went up very well and took only about 20 minutes. I used Bunky cords to tie down the greenhouse and to allow greater flex during high winds. We have had several early snow and wind storms and the greenhouse has held together perfectly. I have a remote thermometer inside and it sends temperature of the inside, which run about 3 to 7 degrees warmer than outside. So far this little greenhouse has exceeded my expectations.
  • Portable Hobby Plant House
    I have only had the Plant House for approximately one month, but so far everything is working out well. Easy to assemble and setup. The tent stakes were to thin and bent while trying to put them in the ground in Arizona. I purchased heavier tent stakes and all is well now.
  • greenhouse review
    Hello Folks at Greenhouse Megastore! I've been meaning to contact you about my new greenhouse. I love the design! I need something to cover my container water garden for the winter and it works perfectly!I wanted you to know that there a couple of flaws in the construction. On one side of the greenhouse, one of the little pockets and ring was sewn into the seam at about 6 too low. So, this doesn't allow for the end of the cross-support to be secure. The other ones work great.Also, on one corner, the metal grommets are missing at the base.
  • Product Quality
    I set-up my greenhouse all-by-myself! Easy! Quite impressed with the product thus far. I've had it up in my backyard for a few weeks now. The temps are getting to 30-degrees Fahrenheit now. My Hydrangea and succulents are budding new leaves and flowers!
  • Sweet...
    My little greenhouse is the talk of the neighborhood. I used it to harden the plants I over-wintered and the new nursery ones. It's durable! It was perfect in Colorado weather conditions. Since I'm in a townhome I have no ground for tent stakes but small pavers at the 4 corners did great. I could never have figured out how to do the support rods without asking the Internet. Just Google Flower House mini greenhouse assembly. I put WD 40 on the zipper rails. It helped with the corner areas. My Little Greenhouse makes me smile. Now I will store it until Spring.
  • Nice but has manufacturing (design?) flaws
    I received my PlantHouse Portable Greenhouse - 60 wide x 60 deep - clear greenhouse a few weeks ago. The product design has changed since the video on how to use it. It appears they have strengthened the structure using poles similar to a tent. It erects quite easily but the structure becomes so tight it's very hard to zip the entry door. You have to literally pull the door plastic and zip it a little at a time (as if you are trying to zip a duffel bag with too many cloths in it). The plastic ended up coming un-stiched from the door frame (thus a hole developed) in just over a week. It's a good idea but they either need to work on their manufacturing tolerances or need to redesign the front entry so one can quickly go in and out of the greenhouse without worrying about the door falling apart.
  • Blew Away but stayed intact
    Got and put it together on front deck with plans to move it to garden. Got a windstorm that blew it off the deck out into the yard upside down. Stayed setup up the whole time. My wife drug to the garden and with the exception of one little tore spot (landed on a dead tree) it is in perfect condition. Wow, this thing is sturdy with no aux heat stays above 32 degrees even when temp is 8 to 10. Great product.
  • Christmas purchase
    I was very happy with the price and purchase delivery. Due to the weather we have been unable to open it up and begin using it. Looking forward to it very soon.
  • Loving it!
    I absolutely love my greenhouse. I have orchids that I was worried about during our cold spells. When I received the greenhouse I was a little worried about the structure, but when we assembled it (very easy BTW) it was perfect. Put a little thermostat controlled heater on a stool and it works GREAT! If I needed another one I would not hesitate ordering one from this company!
  • Zip Zap and it's done
    May planthourse went up quickly and easily. My grandson put it together in about 30 minutes. My dog is heartbroken...though it was for him. Hmmm, might have to get a small one for him. Can't wait to put in my plant racks and get growing.
  • i WILL BUY ANOTHER........
    I am using this as a greenhouse and it is holding up very well! I have this greenhouse on my deck and am using light and heat sensors, so all I really have to do is monitor it. I have it tied to the floor and walls so it hardly moves at all.I will buy another next year!
  • perfect
    I love this. It packs into a flat round carrying case, but expands into a good sized structure - actually taller than 60 with the peaked roof - I am 5'3, and I can stand up inside with room to spare above my head. Easy to put together, much like a tent - but read directions! Complainers obviously did not! You have to pull a bit to stretch it out and get the poles into the pockets, but it all works out. Based on another review, I put a couple strings of Xmas lights inside during recent PM low temps (19-25), and the greenhouse, which is sitting on concrete in a covered carport, stayed above 32, up around 37-40. Which was fine for what I have in there. It's also a good humidity catcher - it would be nice to have a small ventilation window so you don't have to unzip the door, but that's my only suggestion. I'm so happy with it, love the portability.
  • Mary
    Very sturdy for plastic. My summer plants are growing even on the cold sun porch. Love it. Can't wait to grow sensitive plants outside in this greenhouse in the summer. Highly recommend.
  • Portable Greenhouse 6x6
    I really like the greenhouse and how easy it was to put up. My lemon tree fits perfect in it. I'm disappointed that it isn't clear like what I ordered. I didn't open the box right away but when I did and unwrapped it, it is not the clear. Reads on outside of box...clear. It's the white:(
  • Cool House
    I love it :))Everyone asks about it is perfect size for my patio and was super easy to assemble.Thanks for having a Great tiny house affordable and lightweight too.
  • love it
    very simple to put up and take down i love it
  • misleading
    Shipping was pretty quick. Set up was easy. Bottom line is that I ordered and paid for a white greenhouse(ordered 2).and what I got was a what I guess you would call a distorted clear. You can see right through it. Maybe they should offer a 3 sample piece of material.
  • portable 60
    Overall this greenhouse has been a good buy and wears well, especially as it has been in continuous use for a year now. I would expect more wear and tear since probably it was meant only as a portable rather than a continuous use item. One of the nicer features is that it is tall enough for me to stand upright inside. Also, nylon straps that fasten across the door flaps provide structural support so that the sides don't spread and tear the inside netting as happened with an earlier smaller portable greenhouse. Also,there is room inside for plant shelves on either side.One of the drawbacks, the reason it didn't rate a 5, is that the zippers are difficult to close if opened all the way. However, I would probably buy another one of these if needed.
  • Great Buy
    Easy to set up. Perfect small shed.
  • Perfect Greenhouse
    Great Greenhouse! Easy to assemble and will be easy to store. It's perfect for any urban gardener.
  • green house
    Wow! What an amazing good deal! We purchased a 5x5 greenhouse with free shipping. It was top quality and very easy to set up. It is just exactly what we needed.If you need a greenhouse, this is by far the least expensive way to go to get a superior quality greenhouse.
  • MsKitty
    So far so good. This week though we are supposed to get down into the hard freeze temps so I will know better by this time next week. I have lots of geraniums and hibiscus which I lost the last two winters with them covered by frost blankets so I am hoping the greenhouse will prevent that. Quality seems excellent so far except the zippers seem to stick a little sometimes. Assembly was OK once I digured out that I needed to warm the stakes a bit. Couldn't get the roof support to bend enough as it came out of the package but leaving all stakes in the sun helps a lot. Temp inside has been around 100 since I put it up last month with the humidity 50-60% creating a little rain inside but that is OK I think. Since temps have been in high 70s still I have been leaving the outer door open for circulation. I have 4 storage racks inside for most plants and the bigger ones sit on the dirt. I was able to get all of my potted plants inside. Yeah!!
  • A bit difficult to assemble
    I bought the smallest size greenhouse. Although not easy to put together, once I figured it out and it was assembled, I am impressed with the product. I can't rate it yet on how it will protect the small plants I put inside because I won't really know until spring. I don't think I could manage to assemble one of the larger ones by myself. I am 81 years old and probably would also have needed help with a larger one at any age!
  • Great Deal
    I used the greenhouse to start protecting my lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables. My lettuce developed powdery mildew because the temperature outside the greenhouse drastically changed to warm. The other vegetables are doing great. They are inside self-watering containers and they are growing wonderfully. I highly recommend this if you want to plant cold hardy vegetables.
  • my little flower house
    wonderful...good buyusing for my little exotic plants from holds lots of them and they are doing very well...durable material and easy set up
  • As expected
    The product was what I expected it to be, It looks pretty sturdy. Easy enough to set up and fold back in. The velcro that's supposed to hold the cross bars is not centered enough to actually hold the crossbar. This, I DONT think, will deter the proper function of the greenhouse. Came in pretty promptly.
  • you
    Best for the money.
  • As described- works well
    Good deal for the price. Does what I need it to do (extend growing season in Michigan). Has not been tested in winter yet. Assembly OK but rods hard to place and not all reinforced pockets described in instructions where the rods were supposed to fit, were present in my unit. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase.
  • customer
    My green house came quickly. I love it. Was easy to set up and perfect for housing plants for the winter. Has withstood gale force winds and hopefully will stand up as well with the snow!! We'll see.
  • Incredible
    Sandy hit my town and took many trees down but this product didn't even buckled. Amazing.
  • Good product
    Nice little greenhouse! Good quality, strong plastic sides. Shipping was fast; product well packaged. Very favorable impression. Only 2 downsides: poles required too much straining to insert into pockets; back right support tab was sewn into the seam, and therefore unusable. Have had it up in windy weather and it has held up great.
  • Planthouse 3
    I bought this to overwinter some potted boughainvillia and it seems to be doing the job so far. Need more time to be sure. Top rod was too long and had to cut it shorter. Did not include instructions for assembly but one was sent by Email...thanks. Wish I had ordered the Planthouse 4.
  • Portable greenhouse
    4 out of 5 because just started using this item. Assembly was fast and easy. Seems substantial. Hope it has a long life.
  • Great Product!!!
    I had one bigger when I lived in Florida and had to leave it because I had no room. But I got the smaller one and I love it, I plan on a bigger one next year.
  • 4x4 flowerhouse
    I bought my first two flower house 3 years ago. I live in the central oregon and our nights can be below 32F and even get flurries in May. I usually plant tomatoes in mid May place the 4x4 flower house over them and place a ceramic heater set to go on if below 60 degree at night till mid to end of June. I have had wonderful tomatoes. I will say the houses are worn and The stakes on the ceiling area I can not place any more because there are holes (duct tape works well for that and it still works). Zipper no problem with that at all, but I can see if you tug on it a lot on it, it would fall apart. So you need to be careful, when you open and close it.Overall I have been happy with it, with the price you pay though I can not give a rating of 5 because I think 3 years is not good enough they should last 5-7 years or prices be cut in 1/2
  • Not happy
    We had a very light frost. My plants out in the garden did fine, I just had to water them. All the plants in the greenhouse froze, dead, dead, dead. The temperature was around 40 degrees. I don't understand what happened, just took it down and today was fortunate enough to replace all the plants for about $70. I read in a garden forum the greenhouse needs to be double walled plastic. I guess I needed to cover the greenhouse with a sleeping bag.
  • Perfect for Raised Beds!
    I have three raised garden beds designed for herbs and the PlantHouse Portable Greenhouses allow me to get an early start on establishing the plants. Because the greenhouses have only the door for ventilation, I use a small fan with a clip to circulate the air and a 100 W light bulb for heat when needed. I love the way I can fold the greenhouses up and store them away.
  • Partner
    We just receieved it but it looks great and we have high hopes for it.Thank you,Greehouse Megastore
  • At last an afforable greenhouse
    Easy to set up, durable yet easy to move, built to last with heavy duty zippers. Great for Florida winters (no more moving plants in and out of the house on cold nights).
  • Plant house Portable Greenhouse 4X4
    Very good quality and was easy to set up. Seems to be sturdy enough to hold up well for a substantial period of time. Definitely need to install a heater even in East Texas where we don't get too much weather that's below freezing.
  • Almost perfect
    This little greenhouse is a great value and so easy to assembly a child could do it. Depending on where you live it is a must have for the small yard gardener. The only defect is the lack of opening for air on sides and back. Can get a little stuffy inside during day and too hot for seedlings. I live in FL and was looking for sun shade for my seedlings to harden, too hot to use in late summer. Now that fall is here I'm sure to use more.
  • Great Quality
    Shipping was very fast and came very well packed. Instructions were not that great. Item was difficult to put together however, once put together this thing is sturdy. I believe when I'm ready to introduce seedlings to the outdoors this will meet my needs.
  • Great Idea!
    My greenhouse arrived in a few days and was so easy to assemble I didn't need my husband's help at all. I love the fact that I have seeds in it right now, but when I have my tomatoes going and we get those late May snow storms I can just drop this over the plants for protection and then fold it up and put it away. I also loved the various sizes to choose from since I didn't want it topping my fence and ruining the view. This is a great product and I have already told many friends about them. I just wish I'd known about them sooner!
  • Awesome GROWIN
    We had unusually late cold weather so I had lost some of my seedlings. I got the middle size greenhouse to drop over the trays at night. I just love it as now that the weather is HOT it isn't taking up space but is neatly folded and in the closet. Then I ordered the 4 pots and they are awesome. The holders keep them together and I don't have to re-pot them over and over again before putting them into the ground. I promptly threw out all the little 1 inch stuff I had and will only plant in them from not on.
  • Portable Greenhouse - Nice Value
    Our greenhouse was promptly delivered (and freight free). Assembly was extremely simple. A matter of minutes. I chose to use green steel 5 ft stakes at the 4 corners, and tied it to that, versus using the ground stakes that were provided. We have strong winds at times, so that improves overall strength, and reduces the footprint of area needed in the garden. Quality is good, and peak is about 6-1/2 ft which allows easy walk-in. Called the manufacturer to see where they got the racks displayed with many of there products - Walmart or Target. Put down a porous weed-preventive floor covered with some paving type stones. Quality of the screened doors and zippers is good. So far very pleased and have it full of plants. The shade screen also installs very easily.