10 x 20 Proptek Propagation Trays
10 x 20 Proptek Propagation Trays
10 x 20 Proptek Propagation Trays

10 x 20 Proptek Propagation Trays


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The Proptek 10" x 20" are designed to produce consistent, exceptional quality plants by developing quality natural root structures. Due to the injection moulded construction, Proptek trays often have more cells and produce more plants in the same amount of space than traditional Styrofoam or thermoformed trays. The trays come in various sizes and cell volumes to fulfill your own individual growing needs.

The injection molded construction also lends itself to other features, such as root training ribs and larger cell drainage hole. This means roots are better quality, circle less and can't embed themselves into the cell wall – which all means a much easier plant to pull. So easy in fact, that you can often pull a little earlier and damage the plant less than if it was at the usual time in a thermoformed or Styrofoam tray.

The heavy duty design remains lightweight, but has a long extended working life – usually up to 10 years with multiple cycles per year.

Not designed for use with our Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty or Mega Heavy Duty 1020 Trays.


Tray Size: 21.1" L x 10.6" W

Description Drain Hole Diameter Cell Depth Cell Top Max Cell Volume Plant Density
144 Cell 0.43" 2.17" 1.6" 2.40 cu. in. 93.3 pl/ft2
231 cell 0.41" 1.77" 0.98" 0.85 cu. in. 149.70 pl/ft2
231 deep cell 0.41" 2.48" 0.91" 1.20 cu. in. 149.70 pl/ft2

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