MegaGrow 5 oz. (20 yr) Weed Barrier
MegaGrow 5 oz. (20 yr) Weed Barrier

MegaGrow 5 oz. (20 yr) Weed Barrier


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The 5-oz. MegaGrow (20 yr) Weed Barrier is a polyester-blend polypropylene landscape fabric that works to keep weeds out and hold moisture in. Its breathable design allows for the application of water, fertilizer, or insecticide over the top of the fabric. The liquid will filter down into the soil without damaging or degrading the fabric itself. The MegaGrow Weed Barrier can be cut to size using household scissors. In most applications, the MegaGrow Weed Barrier should be installed fuzzy side down, which will provide the best results for weed control and soil stabilization. However, when mulch is being placed over the fabric, installing it with the fuzzy side up will help hold the mulch in place.

Greenhouse Megastore is the exclusive distributor of 5-oz. MegaGrow Weed Barrier which allows it to be shipped and sold for a lower cost than other landscape fabrics.

Additional Features

  • Stops weeds
  • Allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through
  • Superior light blocking
  • Conserves soil moisture
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally safe
  • Great for commercial
  • Landscapes
  • Professional quality
  • Striped for easy plant alignment

We recommend this product be covered by mulch or another material to extend the product's life. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will reduce the lifespan of the product.

Additional Information

5-oz. Pro Weed Barrier Insert (PDF)

Specifications Sheet (PDF)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Kennerth Volk
MegaGrow 5 oz. (20 yr) Weed Barrier feedback

I have used this same material in a narrower width with good success.
As a weed barrier in my nursery. The material in the 4 foot width has withstood heavy traffic and UV for two years. Water and air does transfer through the material. I have successfully used it to smother large noxious weeds along fence lines. I like the material it does not rip easily. The only reason I did not give it a five star rating. Is my material has only been installed two years. Call me a skeptic but I have not experienced any landscape cloth with a 20 year of life. Hopefully I will be able to give an up date in 18 years.In comparison to all other landscape cover materials this is the best.

Legacy Review
CEO Nursery

Love the product... i replaced all my weed barrier with this product.

Legacy Review
Reviews are not completed until 5 years of use

Looks pretty, now wait five years for my review, so it will be relevant. Only users over time can accurately review merchandise.

Legacy Review
Not 250 feet long...just 100 feet

8/10 - I ordered the megagrow weedblock roll that was 3 feet by 250 feet. What I received was only 100 feet.long. I am hoping they will send me the balance. Contacting them now. Stay tuned.

Legacy Review

It's supposed to be a heavy duty weed barrier with a felt-like backing. I've used Dewitt before and they truly have a thick felt backing. On this product, the felt backing was so thin that is wasn't even there in many spots - you could see right through to the woven top-layer. What's the point of paying for a thick, felt backed product when the felt is almost lacking making it a less rugged and an overall thinner product than it should be. Truly disappointing. If I hadn't needed this for an immediate project, I would have sent it back. Next time I'll pay the extra and go with Dewitt. I suggest if your looking for a heavy-duty, felt-backed product, go with Dewitt.

Legacy Review
Pretty good

The product is quite good, Not as good as the $150 Dewitt but so far I have no weeds coming through.

Legacy Review
Great product Great price

We use this in our berry patch and in the corn patch. Holds up well and easy to put down. They were out of stock and I purchased from a competitor for a higher price but it's not as good.

Legacy Review
Quality weed blockage here

I just got done laying my MegaGrow weed blocker down around my small orchard and I'm impress with the quailty of material this blocker is my out of. It feels thick enough that my John Deere lawnmower doesn't tear driving over it on occasion when feeling lazy driving around the outside of my my field of fruit and bonsai trees.

Legacy Review
Using under my beds

I bought this product to lay under the area I placing my veg. Beds. I plan on covering it with multch. I live in Florida and we have a lot of weeds. Quality looks great. Cannot wait to get started

Legacy Review
Seems good quality

Fabric looks and feels good. I did a You Tube video on the 4 foot wide fabric. Hope this helps.

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