Megaphoton LED for Grow Tents

Megaphoton LED for Grow Tents


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High quality LED grow light, suitable for grow tents/indoor growing. with Samsung & Osram chips, Inventronics driver, longer lifetime, and better performance.

  • LED driver
    Selecting INVENTRONICS driver, and universal single-phase power supply (100-277VAC) is adopted to meet the needs of different regions to the greatest extent, and ensure that the fluctuation of the power network will not affect the life of LED fixture.
  • LED chips
    Selecting imported SAMSUNG/SEOUL/OSRAM LED chips, the light efficiency is up to 2.7umol/j, providing abundant photons for plants, and the lifetime of 54,000Hrs is worry-free.
  • The dimming function
    It has three dimming modes of 0-10V & dimmer, and provides dimming controller with single control and group control functions. It can support up to 25pcs fixtures in series dimming
  • Professional customized indoor efficient planting full spectrum solution
    The 4000K high-visibility light source is selected to provide solar spectrum, which is rich in wavelengths required for plant growth and has more red light, which is more comfortable for human eyes. An increase of 660nm can effectively promote better propagation, flowering and fruit of plants, and contains a small amount of 730nm photons to accelerate the growth of plants.
  • Application environment
    Can be used in warehouse, grow tent and other dry or wet planting environment.
  • Product function protection and guarantee
    The LED fixture is equipped with short circuit, over current, over voltage, over temperature and over power protection, and all of them have the function of automatic recovery after troubleshooting, with high level of lightning and surge protection, and has a metal shell IP65 degree of protection, the fixtures can steadily work normally under harsh environment, let you safe and secure to use. Products using the global patent protection of the core technology solutions, can be sold & used in countries/regions without obstruction.
  • Heat dissipation performance
    Selecting 4.0 highly purified aluminum plate + 2.0 high thermal conductivity substrate. Large heat dissipation area to effectively ensure rapid heat dissipation,through strict test configuration, to provide cost-effective heat dissipation scheme and meet customer planting needs.

Additional Information

Megaphoton Grow Tent Installation Instructions (PDF)

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