Propagation Trays

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Propagation Sheets provide extra depth for increased soil volume, allowing for a more mature plant and longer shelf life. Propagation Sheets are designed to de-nest easily, saving you time and effort! These are the most economical inserts for growers who do not use plug extractors or transplanters.
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Propagation Sheets provide extra depth for increased soil volume, allowing for a more mature plant and longer shelf life. Propagation Sheets are designed to de-nest easily, saving you time and effort! These are the most economical inserts for growers who do not use plug extractors or transplanters. Used in conjunction with 1020 Trays.

  • The original form of independent plug production to be embraced by the industry
  • Compatible with most flat filling and dispensing equipment
  • Community watering channels for healthy plant development
  • Uniform burned holes for consistent drainage
  • Choose from either case of 100 sheets or hobby pack of 10 sheets


Description Depth Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Capacity Cu. In. Cell Capacity Cu. In. Tray
38 round cells per sheet 2.31 2.25 1.5 7.2 273.6
50 round cells per sheet 2.31 1.88 1.13 4.34 217
72 round cells per sheet 2.31 1.5 0.84 2.68 193
98 round cells per sheet 1.5 1.38 0.9 1.6 156.8
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Reviews (63)
  • Better than expected, ideal for home use
    This review covers the CN-PRT-38 propagation sheet. Having previously ordered and used perforated rectangular sheets compatible with the 1020 tray, this option feels more stable and sturdy. I'm absolutely delighted with the root space seedlings enjoy in this specific sheet. I'm hoping to get many years of use out of them, as they're the best tray I've ever used.
  • Propagation trays
    Exactly as described !! Shipped fast and works great !
  • Propagation trays
    Was hard to separate in beginning but got it figured out now !! Works great and heavy enough for what I need thwm for !
  • Slightly flimsy
    On the flimsy side, be careful when handling them so that they don't rip. Once they are in a 1020 tray they are fine, but don't use them without one.
  • Slightly flimsier than expected
    On the flimsy side, if you aren't careful with them they can rip pretty easily. Fit well in my 1020 trays, and once they are in those it's fine. Don't try to use it without the 1020 trays.
  • Perfect fit
    Works great with small bathroom plastic cups for African Violet propagation
  • Neutral but to be aware
    These trays are good for what they are designed for. The plastic has no reinforcement whatsoever though. Once they are filled with medium and product they requires a second reinforced tray in order to be moved without spoiling the work you’d just done. Without additional support they are extremely difficult to move.
  • Pack vs Case quality
    The pack I purchased fit beautifully in the 1020 trays I bought from here. The case I bought, not even close. I've noticed that the packs are higher quality than what comes in a case. This has been true with all my case purchases from GHMS. Be aware of this.
  • Doesn't fit 1020 trays
    These trays would be great if they were deep enough to fit standard 1020 trays. As they are, they will sink in the middle of the tray making bottom watering impossible.
  • Great for seedlings and propagation
    We prefer these deep trays because they don't dry out as quick as the smaller cell trays. Get the daisy trays for them.
  • propagation trays
    Unfortunately I think these were a waste of $ for me. They might be okay for someone growing lots of the same item per tray, but since different varieties of the same vegetables germinate at different times, I found it difficult to remove the small seedlings to transplant to larger pots. Individual cells were not so easy to extract. Also, on the 98 cell trays, it would probably be good to mention that these trays, although they fit length and width to the standard 1020 trays, they are not deep enough to reach the bottom of the tray so they need support in the middle to prevent them from sagging into the bottom should use a shallow bottom tray. Although I'd love to return these for a refund, I know that's probably not an option but I did want to make comment on them.
  • Wow
    At the prices I paid, I honestly expected the trays to be terrible. they're actually great quality. very impressed, just don't forget the 1020 trays to go with it!
  • Great customer service
    As other reviews here note, the 98-cell trays do not fit properly in the 1020 trays. Fortunately, a call and explanation of the problem to customer service was all that was needed to make it right.
  • Just right
    An excellent size for transplanting cactus seedlings from their germination trays to standardized flats and much more economical than 2.5" black form pots. Combining them with 1020 trays without holes means I won't loose as many nutrients to leeching or have to water as often.
  • Thank you
    Product is exactly what I read looking for. Arrived earlier than expected.
  • Great for 2 1/4
    I use these to grow seedlings in 2 1'4 peat pots. When they are close to ready, I thin them using alternate holes and then display them for sale. Since they are a bit flimsy I put them in the carry trays for rigidity.
  • Kris
    Excellent quality and price. Will buy again
  • Doesn't quite fit 1020 flat
    98 cell tray doesn't quite fit the 1020 flat. If you trim off the plastic rim on all sides, then it fits into 1020 tray. Which is fine for me as a hobbyist who reuses trays.Very easy to remove plugs from the 98 cell size. I will likely buy more.
  • Excellent product
    I've order this same type of product from other sites, it was slightly cheaper however the mil of the plastic must have been lower since when pulling them apart they would break. Excellent product and already in use. Would suggest to friends and businesses.
  • Plant trays
    Very satisfied with order. The trays were cheaper than the shipping. I used 1 tray and 1 heat mat to start 14 different types of peppers. Next tray will be tomatoes.
  • Carla from Montana
    I am pretty disgusted with these propagation trays. They fit into the tray fine until you fill them with soil then they sag in the middle. Then the clear domes don't fit properly either. I would not recommend them to anyone until they come up with a solution.
  • 98 cell trays are short/don't fit 1020 well
    I purchased both 98 cell trays and 72 cells.The 72 size seemed to be of a slightly different material and were a bit more rugged. The 98 size, as indicated, has a shorter depth and while the edges of the trays rest on the edges of the 1020 trays, they will sag when filled so that even watering would be impossible. It is possible to trim all the way around the 98 cell tray to get them to sit flush on the bottom of the 1020 trays but this is time consuming and weakens the tray...I assume they will tear before I finish using them for the season.I am a novice and perhaps some people find the 98 size useful for some purpose, but in retrospect I am sorry that I purchased this size. (They are also so small that transplanting will be necessary very very soon.)
  • Great propagation trays
    These trays are wonderful. They fit into the 10x20 trays perfectly without having to cut them down. They are currently being used for propagating geraniums, begonias and impatiens from cuttings.Love your products, customer service and quick delivery. And thanks for offering the smaller quantities for us small time growers.
  • Good product
    The product is a good quality. The only issue is that, though they fit into the 1020 tray, the cells are not tall enough to sit on the bottom of the tray; therefore, the center sags and the sides push out the sides of the 1020 tray. I trimmed the edges to get it to slide down into the 1020. It works OK but compromises the stability of the edge cells. I will see if I can find something to put in the tray to boost the height of the propogation tray to the correct height.
  • Great product
    Great product great shipping
  • Good Product!
    Quality molding and a good volume for a 50. I like them.
  • Not my favorite
    This product is fairly flimsy in quality. Will likely not be used more than once which seems wasteful. The cells have a pretty solid bottom to them with drainage holes, but are too solid to poke out for transplanting. In addition, the recommended matching trays are not the right depths so the cell tray does not sit well supported, middle sags. Won't be buying these models again. :(
  • 38 cell trays... 10 pack
    Really is worth the money. Which is really great deal for only 10 bucks. Last year saved yogurt containers and other small plastic container for starting plants and trees. Drilled holes for water.... what a waste of time when I could have gone with this option. In stead of 100 individual reused containers to balance and move, I have the same in three easy trays to work with and 7 extra trays to do more with. Dont cheap out over $10 for the convenience of these trays. The cells are a little bigger than the standard cells of plants you may buy in 6-packs at the store.
  • Too short to fit 1020 trays properly
    My 72 cell propagation trays are too short to fit outside of the 1020 tray. They sag down in the center. This causes the soil and plants on each end to dry out sooner. This also causes the plastic domes to fit poorly. Other than this one product, we are very happy with everything else in our order. Great customer service and personalities. Thank you.
  • 50 cell trays
    I really like these trays as they give you both a large number of cells and a good quantity of growing medium. I have used them for both cuttings and seed starting and am very pleases.
  • good trays
    Even though I think these are intended for one-time use, I've been able to get 3-4 seasons out of them. The larger size works great for starting wave petunias and geraniums.
  • Prompt
    Nice quality. A little pricey but ordered a small quantity so that's to be expected.
  • perfect!
    exactly what i wanted, reasonable quantity, shipped perfectly for usually brittle plastic
  • Quality Product. I will be a frequent customer.
    This company is as professional as anyone could hope for and provided a quality product on my initial order.
  • good price fast shipping
    i buy trays and other items from GHM and always get fast shipping and no damaged items. I have not found better prices anywhere.
  • IndoorGardens4Life
    When the trays had wet soil in them, they sunk in the middle, Causing the middle cells to receive more water; What I did was trim the plastic around the edges so it would all fit down into a 1020 tray, to receive equal water. Rating this product a 3/5 because when you buy something, You shouldn't have to rig it to work correctly. This was a design fault by the manufacturer's; whom only think profits, and don't consider the actual viability of the product in use, that part is for us Consumers to figure out...
  • Not What I Wanted
    The individual cells are not perforated and cannot be separated from the rest. Not suitable for transplanting - at least the way I do it.
  • Propagation Trays
    I lost quite a few seedlings because the trays do not fit well. They are too big which means that the middle gets too much moisture because it is touching the bottom of the tray. The sides lap over the tray and the seedlings roots cannot reach the water. The middle seedlings rot and the outside ones die of drought.
  • Propagation Trays
    Excellent Value, work well
  • Fun!
    These are very thin and flimsy, but extremely easy to work with. I expect that I'll need to replace them.It would be great if they were strong enough to reuse - an ecological request.
  • Okay
    Product is fine. I have had trouble finding soil plugs large enough to fit these holes.
  • Excellent starter flats
    Recieved promptly as promised. Using with the trays with no holes, the flats fit perfectly. Very sturdy, easy to fill with starter mix. The size is good as I can let the seedlings grow before they need to be transplanted. I hope to reuse them next year, but for now they get a five from me.
  • 38 Plugs
    Just what I wanted and expected. I would order these again.
  • propagation trays
    were very nice to get so quicky.thanks.
  • Propagation trays 38 cells
    I started using them yesterday taking cuttings of annuals I plan to overwinter. The cells hold a good amount of soil and this size gives me ample space between cuttings. So far I'm very happy with this product
  • Good product, not with 1020 trays
    Great product, heavy duty plastic. I'll definitely get quite a few seasons out of these. They do not fit the 1020 trays, though. Prop trays are a bit too big and plugs don't hit the bottom, so the prop tray sags a bit in the middle. Still works, but not ideal.
  • Would Buy Again
    I like these trays. They are nice and deep. You definitely need some support under them, such as the 1020 trays. The biggest change I think they could make would be to having holes in the corners of the tray to allow for watering into the 1020 trays. I clipped each corner with a pair of scissors. Now I can get water down into the 1020 tray.
  • 98 - Cell Sheet Trays
    I ordered 10 of the 98 cell sheets for starting seeds and cuttings. The are all one piece which makes them sturdy and should last for years.Sheets shipped fast had them in 2 days.
  • 98 cell TLC pro trays
    good product for starting cuttings or larger seeds like squash or cantelopewould buy again
  • Grow Quantities of Seedlings Ready for Transplant
    The cells are large enough to grow seedlings of some plants ready to be transplanted to the garden without repotting in larger containers. They are VERY lightweight, but with the support of the 1020 Daisy or Standard trays they are perfect. Treat them with care and you can use them for several seasons.
  • A hobbiest perspective
    I bought some of these based on the comments other reviewers made and I was not disappointed. These are great quality at a low price.
  • markag
    Very good product for the money! Can see buying many more in the future.
  • CN-PRT
  • CN-PRT
  • 128 trays
    You don't even need a bottom tray for the 128s - they hold up really well, plus they're quite deep. Can't beat the price.
  • CN-PRT
    These trays are weaker than the plug flats and hold less soil. I've used them with the 1020's with holes into a 1020 without holes, to bottom water the plants and then to move them around in. They are cheap and easy to transplant out of, but I think the plug flats last longer.
  • Good value for the price
    Bought these to start my seedling in. Good value, sturdy when full of medium. Nice depth and diameter. Will buy another 10 to finish my project.
  • Nice
    The plug holes are tapered on the 50 cell trays, which makes removing the transplants so much easier. Arrived quickly and safely. I would buy these again.
  • Great for mass seeding!
    These flats are very easy to fill with your soil, seed, and transport. They are rigid enough to move without any worries of seed loss. Popping the plants out of the cells goes smoothly, and we are able to re-use all the flats.
    I purchased these trays to start some plants at home.. and they are GREAT! The quality is perfect and they are the best to start your seeds in. They are very easy to transplant from without disturbing roots, and will last through many many plantings. I showed them to my friends and they were impressed too. I will never purchase any from anywhere else. This company has great customer service and shipped VERY fast. I had my trays in just a few days. I'll be back for more!
  • CN-PRT