Round Pot Carrying Trays

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Easily transport your Kord Regal Standard Pots, EcoGrow Round Pots, Coir Round Pots, and more with these durable, reusable carrying trays. Efficient spacing, shipping and product presentation of round pots Engineered with strengthening ribs for superior handling characteristics (15 pocket tray for
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Easily transport your Kord Regal Standard Pots, EcoGrow Round Pots, Coir Round Pots, and more with these durable, reusable carrying trays.

  • Efficient spacing, shipping and product presentation of round pots
  • Engineered with strengthening ribs for superior handling characteristics (15 pocket tray for 4" round pots only)
  • Engineered for use with automated flat filling equipment
  • Designed to work on roller conveyors and automated potting systems (15 pocket tray for 4" round pots only)
  • Raised bottom with slits to allow air/water exchange
  • Black

HoldsDimensions in InchesWorks with
Length Outside
(10) 4" Pots
20-3/88-1/43-3/44" Regal Pot
4" Coir Round Pot
3.5" EcoGrow Round Pot
3" Round Jiffy Peat Pots
(15) 4" Pots

2212-1/43-9/164" Regal Pot
4" Coir Round Pot
3" Round Jiffy Peat Pot
(10) 4.5" Pots

23-1/49-3/844.5" Regal Pot
4.5" Coir Round Pot
4" EcoGrow Round Pot
4" Round Jiffy Peat Pot
(15) 4.5" Pots
22-1/213-1/444.5" Regal Pot
4.5" Coir Round Pot
4.5" EcoGrow Round Pot
4" Round Jiffy Peat Pot
(8) 5" Pots
20104.254.5" EcoGrow Round Pot
5" EcoGrow Round Pot
4.25" Fiber Grow Pot
(6) 6" Pots
18-1/412-1/85-1/86" Regal Pot
6" Azalea Pot
15cm Euro Short Pot
15cm Euro Tall Pot
6" Coir Round Pot
LTL Freight Type GROUND
Standard Drop Shipment Code DROP SHIP
Replenishment System Purchase
Available for Drop Shipment No
Item Tracking Code PARENT
Reviews (45)
  • Great trays
    These trays are so great to transport a lot of plants to different locations!
  • 4in pot carry tray
    Works great. I use them with cow pots. They don't fit in a normal drip tray and the cow pots drip brown stuff. Don't set anything under them you don't want to be brown.
  • Carrying trays
    This is top of the line. Good quality. I enjoy use them. It makes my job easier.
  • Round Pot Carrying Trays
    I purchased these for use carrying plants to market. Regular1020 trays do not work so well with the smaller pots - they fall over and the plants get banged up during transportation. This is an age-old solution to that problem. They are also sturdy enough to hold up to repeated use as long as you're carful not to beat them up while handling them, they should last for a few years.
  • I like them
    Once my seedlings outgrow their 1020 trays these are great for moving them around.
  • Good sizes. Good Price. Multiple Seasons
    These carrying trays are nice and rigid. They should last multiple seasons. They fit the different sized round pots I have.
  • round pot carryin trays were great
    sturdy and arrived quickly
  • (15) 4.5 in. pot trays
    I love Greenhouse Megastore. They are the best. But these trays are horrible. They are the flimsiest trays I’ve ever bought. Do not buy these trays if you plan to pick them up with pots in them! You will be very disappointed. I am. Now I’m leery to try the other round pot carrying trays. Not to mention I’m stuck with no way to transport my 4.5 inch pots. Why can’t I rate them 0 star? They don’t deserve one.
  • Good trays
    working well for us - using to keep small pots with very light peat mix from toppling over while propping bromeliads
  • 6
    Great pots and very sturdy carrying trays!
  • check order
    does not fit the pots I ordered
  • Does the job
    Holds six one gallon pots with enough space between to enable seedlings to get plenty of light as the babies mature and display gender with easy transplantability for females to larger pots. I can fit six plants at a time through the greenhouse door so they get direct sunshine when it's available. This great start will mean I'll be putting out three footers in late May instead of 18 inches so I can top earlier for Max yields. Should all easily give 3 to 4 pounds.
  • Were they sent broken?
    My two 10400 trays came in the same shipping box as the rest of my order. ( 2- no hole flat trays, 2- 7 humidity domes, 20- 4 pots). The 10400's were packed nicely inside the humidity domes that fit inside the 1020 trays. It looked nice at first but then it started to sink in, the 1020's and domes are untouched by forklift or the minor box damage. The 10400's are split in the same place on one side and the ridge down the middle has been crunched down, and there is an inch of the lip on one pot missing which I couldn't find in the box. So, they were packed that way. I like the designs, but they are like everything else these days, less and less material goes into them. I mean, when was the last time you went to in and out burger?, you have to look for the meat !. James.
  • Served it's purpose well
    Semi-durable, sometimes I have to double stack the trays for structural integrity.But overall these trays are great! They hold my clones in place for travel by foot or in a car. An essential addition.
  • 4
    Quite nice. Could be slightly sturdier, but still easier than trying to carry a few pots.
  • Trays for 4
    I like this product. As others have said the trays are fragile if you try to carry them around but GH Megastore sells a product which is a heavy duty plastic tray (without holes) that is about 3 deep and this product fits perfectly inside that....great for drainage issues...I really like this company...the products are good and the prices are great. I buy everything from this company except things like soil. Extremely satisfied customer.
  • A place, finally
    A place I can keep my orchids, standing.Easy to move to different location and water.
  • New Version of Trays too Flimsy
    I ordered a bunch of these last year and they were great- this year, i ordered more and they are really cheap and flimsy.This is for the 4 pot trays (holds 10)Last year's trays would hold 10 pots full of moist soil and you could carry it around no problem- it twisted a slight bit, but was useable. - these trays had a slot on each end for a plant marker to be inserted.This years trays were different. No marker slot on the end, and they have a phone number imprinted on the top :1-800-736-4865The pots fit, but these are literally HALF they strength of the older ones (which already twisted a little)These new ones twist so much, that i have to *double them up* just so they can carry a full 10 4 pots with soil.Thats just lame. I was excited to get alot more because the old ones were quite useful. I actually ordered double the amount because I intended to double them up to make them completely rigid.Unfortunately- they are all doubled up and even doubled they twist more than the old ones did.
  • Round Pot Carrying Trays
    These trays are the right size to put in a growing house, they help the round pots from tipping over, & great for moving from house to outsde.
  • Sturdy
    Very sturdy tray. Easily stores pots.
  • Not compatible with 4.5
    Purchased trays for use with Coex Round Pots - 4.5 1 Quart Round Pot, as suggested. Pots do not sit all the way in the tray, they stop about 1/2 from the bottom of each section and are not firmly held.
  • tray
    trays look great, but the pots I bought do not fit in them.
  • nice size
    These held my 4 pots nicely. I was worried about the weight, but even watered I could have gone with the 15 pot holder in lieu of the 10. Still a nice product for the money
  • Nice, but has holes
    I just now noticed the has holes at the end of the write up. My mistake, but it should have been obvious. Most of the description leads one to believe they do not have holes, as this makes them almost useless for carrying plants around. they are 1/4 inch too long for a 1020 tray as well. Decent enough product, just misleading description.
  • owner
    Great service and great product.
  • Great
    Exactly, what I ordered and they do what I want them to do. They are a bit prone to cracking if not handled carefully.
  • Trays are Sturdy enough
    I used these this week to transplant from smaller pots. The tray are sturdy enough to hold six full pots, but you need to use both hands when moving.
  • Master Gardener
    The 4.5 pots fit wonderfully. Works great for our job.
  • Round Pot Carrying Trays
    We grow herbs and garden vegetable transplants in 4 pots and we sell them at a local farmers market. These carrying trays are perfect for the job. We had been using the web 1020 trays for the job but the round pots slid around and were awkward to carry. These fit comfortably snug and hold 10 pots - a convenient number that is not too heavy even when the pots are thoroughly soaked. And even better, they look nice displayed on our tables! We can fill the tray at the nursery, load it into the truck and simply set it out on the table for a very neat, professional look. And I should mention the convenience of being able to buy less than a full case at a fair price! We are a very small operation and cash flow doesn't often allow us to make a huge investment in a single product. To us, $100 is a huge investment when it is for just one size/type of tray or pot. This way, buying from Greenhouse Megastore, we can take that $100 and buy several different container products that we need. Thank you for great products at fair prices!
  • Trays
    I recently bought the 4 1/2 x 15 trays. They are flimsy especially when the pots have been watered. Not reccommended
  • Flimsy
    These trays are not sturdy enough to use for carrying pots multiple times. For a display, they would be just fine. For people carrying seedlings around in spring on a daily basis, you'll need a sturdier product.
  • Flimsy
    I bought the 4 x 15 trays and almost all of them are cracked already from buckling during carrying.
  • quart containers
    Very nice quart containers for transplanting seedlings and extremely quick shipping. thank you green house mega store.
  • Sarah K.
    The 15 pocket trays for the 4.5 pots are so flimsy you can't even pick them up an inch off the ground without them folding and buckling. Product not recommended
  • 6
    The trays holding six 6 pots are so flimsy they are unusable for carrying six filled pots. I've used the trays that hold smaller pots, and they're fine. For the 6 size, plan on stacking several trays together.
  • Easy organization
    These trays make keeping like plants together easier for me. I just got my firs case a few days ago, and love'm!
  • Pro-Tote Trays
    Almost a perfect fit, great price and quick service.
  • greenhouse pot holders
    these are a great thing to have saves alot of room and is easy to handle is just a little unsturdy after you load it with 15 pots but hey its worth having just to save room as you well know if you have a small greenhouse.
  • Mgr
    They work great for the ease of work and displays after growth.
  • Pro-Tote trays
    Good weight for the money! Double up for heavy stuff. Got the 4.5 round with 10 and 15 pockets to hold 3.25 square, deep pots of orchids that needed more shoulder room (too big to pack tightly in the 3.5 square Kord trays), and these work perfectly! Thanks!
  • Best Purchase
    Another great product! I bought the trays that hold 15 pots and they are fantastic. Very sturdy and re-useable.
  • Must have!
    LOVE these things! They hold 10 plants quite securely. Light, but strong. Very happy with the quality for the money. Quick shipping too. Yay!
  • Pocket Trays
    Exactly what I needed, but could be a little stronger
  • Worst purchase
    In October '08 I purchased 50 Pro-Tote pocket trays for my 6 Azalea pots, along with six other items. Though I was well pleased with the other six items, The Pro-Tote trays were so flimsy that I cannot carry six filled pots in one tray without it buckling. In order to have sufficient rigidity, several trays must be used together. I was shocked at the poor quality and greatly disappointed. I will not buy this item again and feel it should be removed from the product line.
  • Great product
    Great product. Very helpful in carrying pots around. Fast shipping