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Free Shipping See Details This 1.5 oz. fabric is ideal for protecting flowering annuals, bedding plants and vegetables from severe cold and freezing. Temperatures underneath the fabric are 6 to 8° warmer than outside conditions lengthening your harvest time or extending your flowering season. 50%
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This 1.5 oz. fabric is ideal for protecting flowering annuals, bedding plants and vegetables from severe cold and freezing. Temperatures underneath the fabric are 6 to 8° warmer than outside conditions lengthening your harvest time or extending your flowering season.

  • 50% Light Transmission

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Reviews (45)
  • Quality, professional grade remay cloth
    I ordered this product years ago from Greenhouse mega and found it to be the highest quality on the market. I recently ordered another 6' x 500' roll and am happy to report that the quality remains the same! Highly recommend this!
  • 21 degree temps
    Crop cover fabric kept my fall vegetables from dying when temps went down to 21 for degrees two nights. Didn’t expect the product to be that good.
  • Something a Little Different
    We needed a durable light-reflecting fabric for the air inlets on our earth-couple cooling tubes for BSF production. This product is heavier than the average row cover and can handle the UV and wind exposure. So far, so good.
  • Row cover
    Very high quality. Will reorder!
  • freeze cloth
    Excellent product and easy to trim to size. I used it to cover citrus trees in Houston's recent low 20's freeze and it performed well. Large binder clips worked well to hold it in place.
  • farmer
    This is excellent quality fabric
  • Winter Success
    During our Minnesota winters deer and rabbits have been chewing some of my shrubs down to nothing. I tried netting, but the little rascals learned they could push down on the net and still get to the plants. Note: I can't use a fence due the landscape rock and other plants. I saw this protective fabric and thought I would give it a try. So far, so good. We've had two minor snow falls and the rabbit and deer tracks are all over the place. But - they haven't figured out the fabric. I know its purpose is to protect against frost, but this stuff is proving to be fantastic in winter. I am happy I found the Greenhouse Megastore.
  • Frost Cover
    Since our weather is not frosting yet can only rate the professional service, fast delivery, and it looks like a quality product.
  • Great!
    Had been using a lighter weight row cover in my unheated greenhouse. Worked well, but tedious to cover/uncover regularly. This doesn't catch on things and slides right over with ease, as hoped.
  • Row Cover 1.5ml
    Very strong. We like it. We're waiting for the .5ml to be available also.
  • Frost Cloth
    The rolls of Freezing BlanketArrived just in time for an unexpected freezing eventChristmas. I had not brought my adenium obesity into the house as it is over 6' and very heavy. It cannot take frost.Used ordinary clothes pins to secure. Did not remove until frost danger was passed. Wonderfully easy to handle an store. Great product,
  • good quality
    this is a versatile product of excellent quality.
  • Works Great !
    Many Thanks to GreenhouseMega Store for immediate replacement and understanding my first order was lost by the deliveryboys ! I received the fabric one day before the Artic Vortex reached here and last night and my 500 plants of Beets look undamaged and untouched from the bitter cold. This is a pretty good frost fabric.
  • row cover
    product was not what I ordered very heavy definitely need support. it does seem like it will work well in cool weather to protect plants from frost so I am keeping it for next year. seems very well made
  • Row Cover
    I bought 2 supreme row covers to protect tillage radishes from flea beatles. I planted the radishes and immediately covered the area with the row covers. I am happy with the germination that was achieved with the row cover on, and the durability. The row cover has held up to several 30-45 mph days with a few t posts laid on it.
  • Frost Cloth
    Great product!
  • Freeze cloth
    I finally got to use the cloth the last couple weeks with the temperatures dropping, and love the stuff. It is strong and easy to use, might even buy more.
  • great frost works well seems to be doing the job
    great frost blanket 12 foot width great for covering Rows and tables with plants seems to be doing the job appreciate the quality...and fast delivery from manufacturer!
  • Very Good Row Cover For My Needs
    I'm using this row cover over a raised bed where I've planted spinach and other cool-weather leafy green crops. The width of the row cover perfectly matched the width of my raised beds after I draped the row cover over pea trellises laid on their sides above the ground to keep the fabric from sagging onto the ground under snow loads. Secured to the raised beds with spring clamps and rock weights, this setup has withstood high winds with no damage to the row cover fabric. Our temperatures have dipped into the low teens a few times and we've had several days in a row when the high temperatures never went above freezing. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to an early harvest. Spinach I planted a few weeks ago has started sprouting and it isn't even the middle of December yet.
  • Saving Plants from Winter
    This is GREAT stuff! It has worked just as described. I love it!
  • A Little Insurance
    Living in S.W. Florida can give one a false sense of security when it comes to outdoor temperatures during the winter months. The frost cloth is a bit of insurance, because the temps here can and do get to freezing on occasion. Have not used the cloth yet, but it looks like it will offer the protection needed.
  • Fabric Row Covers
    I'm buying a whole new gardening season! This row cover material is protecting a new crop of greens, radishes, onions, etc. - I figure I'm getting about ten degrees of protection at night. Very happy with it.
  • Product quality
    Great product, this is my second order.
  • Row cover
    I haven't used this in my garden yet but covered a fruit tree and worked well. I was able to sew it on sewing machine to make it wider for use over my garden when I need it on cold nights.
  • quality product
    I live in zone 8B and have lost winter crops due to a hard freeze. I finally purchased this row cover and had a chance to use it last week with 25 degree weather. Earlier I had lost broccoli and cabbage, but this time they sailed through with no damage.
  • Extends your season
    This stuff works great to protect plants from frost. It does cut down the sunlight and isn't really water permeable, but it does a great job cutting down on frost in my greenhouse. Very happy with it!
  • Great product
    This has exceeded my expectations. I think that this blanket would keep me warm in the winter!!!!!!
  • Great
    Bought these for over pigmy palms in the dessert climate. Easy to sew together for the size needed for each tree.
    This is a great product! We experienced a sudden drop in temp that would have killed our garden but we battened down the hatches and they were safe.
  • Review
    Works for us. Easy to cut and sew. We use it for covering shrubs, bushes, and palm trees. It will not suffice in really cold climates but works well in the 26 to 27 degree range.
  • Row Cover Supreme
    I am very pleased with this product. It keeps out most of the rain and is still porous enough that it can let in some light. I bought it to protect my plumeria plants from the rain and frost and it seems to be doing the job.
  • what temp does this protect to?
    we had 2 days where the temps did not go above 28 degrees. i had all my tropicals very well covered and wrapped with this freeze cloth. i lost several of them anyway. what temp does this fabric protect down to?
  • Will not save flowers
    I lost 70% of flowers did not lose any plants during our recent 2 day freeze.
  • Great Cover
    Works great. Durable and reusable. The material is smooth so bugs don't get caught in it like I've experienced with other row covers. and it keeps out rain more than I expected.
  • Inexpensive and easy to use.
    Fast delivery. Used on shrubbery and potted plants. Simply used clothes pins to form and hold covering around plants.Got to 19 degrees and still protected.
  • Not warmer
    Just received the cover today and have it over my bell peppers. Its the perfect size and easy to use. The only bad thing is that I only see a 2 degree temperature difference.
  • Perfection
    The best frost cloth for the money in my opinion. It's heavy enough for great protection without having to spend more for thicker material. It is also waterproof to keep moisture, snow, and ice off of the plants. Good quality and good buy.
  • Works great
    Used on Garden. November 18th still growing strong. Had several nights in the 20s. Wish it came in 8ft wide. just comes down to the ground, not enough left to anchor.
  • works great!
    This row cover exactly matched the description on the website. I use it for extending the season of my veggie and herb beds, and so far it has worked great!
  • Works great!
    Works great. I am in central Florida. Had 2 nights in the 20's. Everything in the garden survived. Even the tomatos.
  • Frost Cover
    I have only used this product twice this year at temperatures of 27F-32F and had good results each time. It is very lightweight and easy to use and did not burn any leaves when I left it on during the day. I am very pleased with it so far. We are going to have a hard freeze this weekend and I hope it keeps my tomatoes from freezing. This should be the real test for it.
  • Row Cover
    The sheet was huge and was able to cover several roms of plants in one shot. It certainly works well enough to protect my plants from the minimal frost that we get here in the Arizona desert.
  • Saves $
    Picked another 3gal of rasberrys after using this product to keep frost off plants. Not to heavy for plants and is easy to put on and remove.
  • Works perfectly
    This stuff works great over hoops. Extends the growing season and handles the wind much better than plastic.
  • Gramps
    Great product, great price easy to use durable