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Shark Bite Fasteners are made from nylon and heavy-duty plastic. They are perfect for holding polyfilm and shadecloth. Shark Bite Fasteners are made up of two pieces with the bottom piece containing 4 large teeth and a number of smaller teeth. To fasten you take your choice of material and put it
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Shark Bite Fasteners are made from nylon and heavy-duty plastic. They are perfect for holding polyfilm and shadecloth. Shark Bite Fasteners are made up of two pieces with the bottom piece containing 4 large teeth and a number of smaller teeth. To fasten you take your choice of material and put it into the 4 large teeth of the bottom piece and place the top piece over the teeth and slide it together. This creates a very strong hold that won't let the material slip.

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Reviews (22)
  • Partial Review of Product, Partial Review of Customer Service
    We ordered 150 Shark Bite Fasteners. They require some strength to fasten, but they serve the purpose. In a high wind area, I would definitely place them only 12" apart. Now, to the customer service issue. We ordered 3 50 packs. We got 1 sealed 50 pack and 1 zipper bag with 25 fasteners. A 2 piece fastener is 1 fastener. It seems someone saw the broken apart ones and assumed the ones still connected were actually 2. We called customer service repeatedly and couldn't get through. We also left a message which was NEVER followed up on. We can't sit on hold all day. . Even as I write this on 7-2-21, I've been on hold 21 minutes and was just transferred to voicemail to leave another message. They say they will call at 'their earliest convenience'. Apparently returning calls is not convenient, since I've been waiting a week already. I called Monday , 6-28-21, and got Brian, who transferred me to customer service, where I was on hold. I hung up and called right back, and got Sarah. I explained the problem, and she said she is in sales, but wrote everything down and would make sure customer service got the message, she even took my phone number for them to call me back. I waited all week. Here it is Friday, we need our Shark Bite Fasteners for this weekend, which is never going to happen. When I get a live person at a company, I don't care if they're in sales or in customer service. Anyone at the company should be able to help a customer after the sale.
  • So Far, They are Great
    We enclosed an 18' by 12' open end of an RV metal building with sunscreen fabric. These Shark Bite fasteners are working great. We spaced them about 18 apart. On a single layer of fabric the clips were very easy. On a double layer of fabric it worked but it was a difficult process. We have had 30 mph winds and the Shark Bite clips are working great. I believe the weak link will be the sunscreen fabric and never the Shark Bite clips. They are rugged built.
  • Excellent!
    Bought a bag of these to hold up a shade sail I wanted to make from Greentek horticultural fabric. They are great! Read comments about them being difficult to use so I knew that pliers would be needed before I started. I can get them closed using up to 4 layers of this material...even though 4 layers does take some patience and effort to get the 2 pieces closed. Fewer layers is quite easy. They pry open easily with a screwdriver. I am confident that they will hold the material tight for the life of the shade sail fabric.
  • Best plastic sheeting clamps
    I bought these to use to attach tie downs for plastic sheeting on a greenhouse. They are built very strong and will hold on plastic sheeting. I used 4mill. Sliding the pieces together to clamp the material is easy. Taking them apart very difficult. I needed a vice hammer & screwdriver.
  • Shark Bites Fasteners
    The Fasteners were perfect for my project. I didn't know where I wanted the fastening points and they allowed me to put them where I needed them. There are easy to use and to change position yet they don't slip or come off. I recommend watching the YouTube video on how they work.
  • Works well
    This product, Shark Bite Fastener, is a bit difficult to use but utilizing a set of channel lock pliers I was able to get them fastened. Otherwise they work very weell and hold the fabric tightly.
  • Love the Shark Bite Fasteners
    Had the roof blow off our tented shelter. Tried a couple of solutions, but nothing worked. Got the Shark Bites, but even they tore through 4 mil poly (even doubled over). Finally got a 10 mil poly tarp, and the Shark Bites work like gangbusters! I recommend them all the time (told someone about them just yesterday).
  • Homeowner
    I folded the plastic once to make a hem, then installed the shark bites. They are so easy to install and to remove as well. Great product!
  • Sharkbytes
    Read that they were hard to pull together.assembles them and pulled together with needle nose pliers through tie down loops.used on 6 mill greenhouse plastic.worked great. Good product.
  • great clips
    clips were easy to install and work great
  • Very Difficult to Use
    I'm sure this product works fine if you have tools, are strong and are using them more permanently. I purchased them to secure a shade cover on my car during dog trials.they are nearly impossible to secure, and in fact, I was never strong enough to secure even one and I'm not frail!
  • Shark Bit
    SharkBite fabric grippers didn't work well at all in 6 mil poly sheet even when doubled. The gripper itself wasn't at fault as the poly wasn't strong enough to hold its own weight in a very large sheet. I've found the SharkBites to work fine on stronger fabric.
  • Eli
    Great clips and great price. Glad I took the chance to purchase them.
  • dont have a title
    what a great idea, what a great fastener, and it does not damage the fabric. these are far superior to grommets or any other method of attachment, love the Shark Bite Fasteers
  • The only shark bites I want in my life
    These clips are awesome. They fit onto the shade cloth really well and hold on great. My shade cloth is pulled tight over a tank and the clips are holding up well and don't tear the shade cloth.
  • Perfect!
    This is a update to my earlier review. Several years and these are still working perfectly. Not as well on the aluminet - they rip out even when doubled but in low wind areas should be fine.I discovered that you can use needle nose pliers to get both sides to align so now can put them on while on the ladder instead of pre-assembling before installing.To the person who gave a bad review that they pull out - you have to make sure the shadecloth or whatever is still under the prongs when you align the two sides. Sometimes when I am not paying attention they slide out a little and then will not hold.
  • Great Idea
    I've only used these fasteners on the 22% white netting; but plan to use them on visqueen on a camping trip. Easy to attach and appear to hold onto the netting very well. Am interested in using on my trip to the mountains in Colorado and Utah........
  • Shark Bite
    We loved the shark bite fasteners. They were very easy to use.
  • Great Product
    These fasteners are very easy to use and work great.
  • Important Solution to a Testing Project
    I had need of a device that would attach securely to a plastic film that was adhered to a metal surface so that I could test the pull force required to pull the film off of the metal surface. This item was flawless in its use.
    They are easy to put on but the shade cloth constantly pulls out. much better to sew on some loops out of flat rope. They actually pulled out in a small wind gust and blew the cloth onto a customer....not reliable!
  • Great Product!
    I live in the high desert of California and own a organic farm. I also live on a mesa. The winds here are regularly horrendous. Everything I grow is inside home-made shade cloth nursery houses. For years I bought the pre-fabricated shade cloth, taped and grometted. They lasted on the average about one or two seasons before the tape ripped and the grommets fell out. Then I discovered the Shark Bite. These things are fabulous. They hold even in 70mph winds and I've never had one rip out. I didn't find these really slide together very well and have always needed a hammer to give them a little tap to make the final slide. Having to do that involves having to assemble the tarp/shade cloth on the ground. But its a little price to pay for such a well-thought out product.