Row Cover Deluxe

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Free Shipping See Details Our 0.5 oz. fabric keeps temperatures up to 4° higher than outside conditions and creates an excellent microenvironment for seed germination and seedling growth. In fact, this fabric provides 90-95% average seed germination compared to a 60-65% with straw. 87% Light
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Our 0.5 oz. fabric keeps temperatures up to 4° higher than outside conditions and creates an excellent microenvironment for seed germination and seedling growth. In fact, this fabric provides 90-95% average seed germination compared to a 60-65% with straw.

  • 87% Light Transmission

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Reviews (95)
  • Great price with the free shipping
    fast free shipping! The product is good quality and is great for crop protection and seed germination use.
  • Row cover purchase
    Great order process and product
  • Tears in the middle
    When I unrolled it there were numerous holes and tears in the middle of the 12 foot wide. The tears were along the 6 foot seam. Will not fair well in the wind.
  • Works great
    Used this for years and it works great! Do not let it flap wildly around in the wind and it last up to two or three years for me! Better seed germination, some light frost protection, keeps out the bugs and can use well into the summer heat. I usually use it over wire #9 gauge wire hoops covering 3 or 4 ft. wide beds and secure the edges with repins and /or bricks.
  • Excellent
    I use the floating row cover to germinate herb seeds. Also to shade any plants that can not take the direct sun. Love this product.
  • white row cover spun ...
    Not at all worth it... far too flimsy.. tears. Will not buy again. Suggest using inside the greenhouse not out.
  • Good Product
    We used this netting to keep insects and rodents off of our garden produce. Works really well.
  • Wedding
    This is the 2nd time I have order the frost cover to use for a ceiling drape for a wedding. This time it made a 50 year old gym into a magical place.
  • So far so good
    using the cover this year for the first time. No rips and goes over hoops easy. Seems to be keeping the bugs out.
  • Row Cover Deluxe
    I have used floating row covers for many years, but the order from this company is far more reasonably priced. It seems good or better than what I have used before, thanks.
  • Dr
    Light fabric is perfect for keeping bugs off my crops. Fairly sturdy during rainstorms but allows air circulation and light penetration. I would prefer not to use it but since its necessary this is the best stuff around.
  • Saves my early crops here in the mid-south
    I started using these last year for my early spring crops. Now I am spoiled; it helps keep the deer, groundhogs, frost, and other pests off my crops !!! It allows them freedom to grow and get much larger to lessen the probability of losing them to pests and weather...
  • Excellent frost protection
    This row cover is excellent. It has protected my plants all season long from frost, and birds. It is strong against the harsh kansas wind, yet light enough to breathe, and allow some water through.
  • good
    Heavier than the other stuff I had, but can tear easily. But that is to be expected
  • Good material
    A really good, durable material. I use it as a greenhouse material. It allows air and water to pass through without keeping it too humid in the greenhouse.been buying it for 4 years now.
  • Have not used yet.
    I really cannot give a review as of yet. It is still winter time here. I will be using in the spring around June. It is still in the packaging.
  • Perfect for event decorating!
    This is my 3rd time ordering this row cover. Each time the product was delivered promptly and in good condition. I use this row cover to decorate for weddings/parties, it works better and cost less than tulle in my opinion. I've made backdrops, draped posts and ceilings, and made quick and easy balloon skirting for tables with this product, I love it!
  • row cover
    Love this stuff! This will be for next springs use as we used what we had this past garden season. Good to keep deer, critters, bugs out.
  • Row Cover Deluxe - 12' wide x 300' long
    My plants can't live without this stuff! Literally Especially if you over winter plants outside or start them early in the spring, etc. I think next time I order more of this, I will go with a heavier weight however. My new location is windier than my previous one, so this row cover cloth tends to shred quickly in 30mph winds. That's the only negative I've got to say about it.
  • Does the job
    We have a lot of bugs in Tennessee and this product does a great job if you get it in early. Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower growing great with it. DW
  • row cover
    Works great, good quality, delivered promptly.
  • Deluxe row cover
    We bought 2 - 7 ft rolls and cut into 14 inch wide rolls and put over 8 rows of corn and 3 rows of beans all 185 ft long to protect from crows and it worked great, crows went hungry this year, rolled back up for next couple yrs, great cloth i highly recommend this to keep crows from pulling beans and corn.
  • Freeze Cloth
    light, easy to cover produce, and locks in heat
  • JDL
    Great product A+++**
  • Row cover
    I was very disappointed in this product. It was very light weight. Rips very easy. It did do the job but won't last the season. Also the roll was on a tube but the hole didn't go all the way through. I was unable to put a pipe through to be able to roll it out with ease. Had to put on ground and roll it out. Probably won't buy again.
  • Frost protective cloth
    It is excellent, it is working well for gardening
  • row cover
    This product has a number of good uses. It can be used as a small greenhouse cover plus excellent ground cover, too. I really like it.
  • Christmas display
    Used product for christmas display. Needed weather resistant transparent white cloth to put lights under.Worked perfect
  • excellent
    delivery was quick and the row cover was exactly as described . will buy again.
  • Fabulous frost and sun cloth
    This is fabulous cloth. I have traditionally used it for frost coverage in the winter, and this 90+ degree summer I have covered my sensitive plants with it. It modifies the sun, and the product is perfect. Thanks for the affordability and quality.
  • Saved my potatoe sprouts
    Received my row cover roll. A killer frost 28 degrees was coming. Rolled out enough to cover 3, 20 foot rows. the result was only minimal frost bite. Saved my new crop. This is a great inexpensive product for the back yard gadener
  • excellent material
    Excellent material! Very strong and durable. I used it to wrap a hoop house, mainly to keep out pests and animals but it has also kept it very warm inside without being too humid. Handles the wind well too. Its been over a month with daily winds 15-25 mph and it doesn't appear to have any damage. Will definitely buy this material again!
  • Durable and reasonably priced
    I am using the row cover material over my growing boxes, which have hoops with chicken wire to protect the vegetables against birds, ground squirrels, rabbits, and other wildlife. It helps to provide protection against temperature extremes.
  • row cover material
    I was running out of this material which is so valuable to keep the elements out of my tender plants. I saw a good amount for a good price on Megastore site, which I had used before, and ordered. All went well and I received the product as promised. I'll be back.
  • Great Product
    I purchased this item to use as draping for my upcoming wedding. It is very thin and light weight but sturdy. This will be easy to use and pretty draped around my venue to cover up eye sore doors in the walls etc. The package arrived on time and was nicely packed.
  • Great row cover...except....
    My wife tells me this row cover is tough, and it's easy to roll out, cut, and install. Everything good...except that the material lets in very little water. Actually, that's OK for the 2014 season, we had a lot of rain and cold weather, so the row cover protected our late greens crops from mild frost, and kept the crops from drowning, too. Hover, next spring, we hope this material will let in more water (the product expert on the phone said he though that it would).
  • Perfect
    Nice quality and good price. Easy to work with.
  • floating row cover
    I bought this product for low tunnels 5 ft wide. With the support hoops 5 ft apart it was torn to pieces by rain. with the supports 2.5 ft apart it seems to be holding up.
  • Fast Service, Great Value
    I was concerned that for the low price, the quality would be cheap, but it was very sturdy. Was delivered quicker than I anticipated.
  • Worked perfect for our wedding reception
    Used this to drape the ceiling for the wedding reception and it was amazing. And the cost made it easy to clean up and throw away when it was over.
  • Wonderful fabric for draping ceilings
    This product worked fabulous for draping the ceilings in my reception hall. Lightweight enough to handle with ease but tough enough to hold up for many years. This product can also be washed , but DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER TO DRY... just line dry or lay out on chairs. Dries quickly. I would give this product a 10.
  • More, more, more
    This product exceeded my expectations. I wish I could cover the entire garden in it. The beetles decimated the kale, so we cut it all back and covered it with this. Not a bug to be seen on kale, broccoli, cauliflowers, or anything where we used this product. It is surprisingly strong and lets in plenty of light. I will be ordering more!
  • greengirl
    Easy to use. Great for plant coverage.
  • Row cover
    Excellent product, fast service and a great price. Will buy from them again.
  • Ground cover for outside wedding. Not a good idea.
    After reading the review about using this cloth for a wedding. I bought this .5 oz. cloth for that purpose. It just rips in the lightest wind. Be forewarned.
  • Ground Cover used as Ceiling Decoration
    Can't believe how wonderfully this worked for my daughter's wedding reception ceiling! It was perfect. I have pictures if you would like to see how well it worked!!
  • excellent product
    excellent product for excluding insects and for reducing wind damage.
  • works great
    saved the roses which were beginning to leaf from a late hard freeze which would have really set them back.
  • Row cover deluxe
    The row cover arrived on time. It appears to be of good quality. I have not used it yet, but it appears to be substantial and I expect it will work well. Good price.
  • Very good
    Was much better than I expected! Reminds me kinda of a fabric softer sheet material kinda soft but thick enough that a landscaping pin has some trouble getting through esp if doubled on itself! Would buy again! Company was great to work for and sent quickly!
  • Great value!
    I really can't say how well this material works in a garden, but if you are looking for a cost effective way to decorate for a wedding, it is awesome! I purchased the roll of 500 feet and used it to drape the ceiling of a wedding reception. It was beautiful! I also made 3 balloon table skirts from the material, and had plenty left to decorate other small areas. It was easy to work with and l would recommend this material over tulle any day.
  • Works great
    Works great as it's intended. It's easy to spread and covers well, I love it's in a continuous roll. My only complaint would be how 'sticky' the fibrous material is and I've had to peel grubs (a good thing) and ladybugs (a bad thing) off the fabric.
  • Row Cover Deluxe
    Good Quality and Affordable - Overall great service. We be back again.
  • Row Cover Deluxe - 6' wide x 50' long
    Very good product. Worth buying it if you are loking for less price. Although its not very sturdy but serves the purpose. Requires carefull handling
  • Row cover for wedding decoration
    I bought a 7' by 500' roll of row cover to use for decorating for our ourdoor wedding. It worked extremely well! We draped the material from the rafters (attached with electric stapler) and the lights beneath shone through beautifully. Also used it to wrap posts. This is significantly cheaper than tulle and WAY more durable. This weight is perfect for decorating, drapes well. was the best price for this product, by far, and my customer service experience was FANTASTIC!
  • Row Cover
    I am sure this product will work just fine. I'm not looking forward to the cold so the longer I do not have to use it the happier I am.
  • Just as I expected!
    This ground cloth was just what I wanted to combat those nasty cabbage worms! I fed my last crop to the chickens and am using this on my new crop. I love this company, everything you could possibly want and shipped so quickly, why go anywhere else?
  • Stink bugs be gone!
    Last year the stink bugs destroyed my tomato crop. This year we got the 12'x 300' garden fabric and used it to cover our 8'x 3' garden boxes. Perfect! No stink bugs! Lovely tomatoes!!
  • Ceilings
    We purchased this item because I decorate for weddings. This makes a fantastic drape for ceilings and walls. Its strong rip resistant and will hold up to lights and decorations. When a pieces gets worn or stain we use them in our gardens and also for patterns for Quilt making. We love this product for so many reasons I cant recomend it high enough! Thank you for a great product at a fantastic price!
  • Mr
    Good quality for the money. It is lightweight, but adequate for my purpose.
  • Alexis
    Exactly what I needed. As described. Fast shipping. Would recommend. Saved my veggies from small hail twice in one week!
  • Row Cover Deluxe success
    I have started a deck garden, specifically things I can eat. I wanted early tomatoes, strawberries, summer squash and cukes. I only found out about row cover material recently. I ordered it and my tomatoes are at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The plants are doing great with lots of foliage and blossoms. I am very pleased with the ease of use of this material (and some tomato wire baskets and cheap plastic spring clamps). On colder days, the plants remain covered and are uncovered (for pollination) on warmer days. I am very happy to have discovered this easy way to start plants sooner in the season. The large roll should last me for years.
  • Frost protection
    I make a tube for around my plants for wind and light frost protection. Great for what I am using it for.
  • Row Cover Deluxe is Awesome!!!
    Super light, yet extremely durable material; it's allowed me to bump planting times a week or two sooner than usual! Will certainly get at least 2 or 3 seasons out of it!!!
  • exciting row cover
    It was everything I expected. The shipment was timely and in great condition when it arrived.We have already used part and it did a great job.We will certaunly keep you in mind for future orders
  • Very Satisfied
    I purcased this ground cover and started using it 2 weeks ago. We have 4 rows under it and it has held up quite well even under very windy conditions. We have a bad rabbit situation here and the mesh has served to deter them. I plan on using it throughout the season to beat the insects too. I'm hopefull it will meet all our needs and if so, will be buying alot more next season.
  • Pamela
    working well for us. Our beds are warm and the plants are growing even though it's a bit early to plant in this area. We're pleased.
  • Great Service
    I ordered the floating row cover and it came promptly and in great shape and far less expensive than other places.
  • Very happy customer
    Very fast delivery. I have used thus item a few times when temperatures dropped past 30 degrees, plants had no damage. Which is great since I put ny tomatoes out a little.early.
  • Disabled Veteran
    Another fine product works as they say!!!!
  • Row Cover Deluxe
    This is my first purchase of this type of material and it exceeded my expectations. Great value.
  • Delighted!
    I am extremely pleased! Product arrived in excellent condition within 3 days of ordering. The quality is as others have mentioned...outstanding. I would buy it for its quality alone...but when you consider the's an easy choice. I will definitely order from this company again.
  • Nice job
    Thanks. Order arrive quickly and in good shape.
  • A bargain
    When I first saw this item listed, I thought the quantiy was a misprint. Some sites charge this much for fifty feet. I look forward to getting a jump on my spring plantings.
  • Grow your own
    Huge roll. Great product. Using yard staples to hold it down and has not ripped. Have enough for a few seasons.
  • Teresa
    We used it for a wedding to cover up curtains and windows and also to drape across the ceiling. It looked beautiful and the price we paid for it was great. Thank you. I would definitely use it again to decorate for a wedding.
  • Row covers
    These are great. I have built a frame and will use snap on to hold them to the frame. It keps all the bad stuff off and lets the good stuff in!!
  • Excellent service, product, and price
    I had received a bad batch of row cover in Spring 2012, which Greenhouse Megastore promptly replaced with a good quality batch. Thank you. My crops are well protected this Fall.
  • row cover
    outstanding value for the amount received.I'm a small gardener,who sell's at the farmer's market.In west Texas,mass insects& high winds.This row cover allows me to grow good crops.Green house mega store is a life saver.
  • don't buy it
    We bought this row cover after using a different kind. We were horribly disappointed. It dicsinergrated in about a week. We replaced it, and it happened again. It was a waste of or time and money. We went back to our previous row cover, and it has held up for months
  • Blueberries
    The row cover was just what I needed, easy to cover bushes and take off after those 80 degree march days pushed my plants to flower followed by frost/freeze a week later ......thanks to the row cover I still have a full crop with no visible loss. a++
  • Row Cover
    This row cover helps keeping my asparagus from frost. I placed it onto PVC arc dome and secure it with PVC snap fittings. Our area is quite windy and the sheet torn apart showing many big holes. That is expected since it's so windy here and the sheet is quite thin. reasonable price for what I get though.
  • Row cover as advertised
    great price and excellent quality.The 1000 foot roll was perfect from the start of the roll to the last inch.
  • Row Cover Deluxe
    Very quick shipping. Easy to use website. Thank you.
  • 1st stab @ row cover
    I bought this primarily for additional cold protection inside my unheated high tunnel. (I also plan to try and use it to protect my squash from vine borers this summer.)The roll arrived in good condition and the integrity of the fabric is good. It is very light and flexible. I only recently have used it as it has been a mild winter in N GA. The last 2 nights the lows went below 20 and I used it to cover young freshly transplanted lettuce inside. It was cold enough for frost inside the structure but the covered lettuce came through without issues. I figure this gave another 3-4 degrees of protection easily.
  • Colleen
    Very easy to work with and does the job very well. Great value and price.
  • Great Quality
    A great quality row cover for a fraction of competitors' price.
  • flowpo
    good product at a good price it is lightweight but adequate for my needs. I was unable to find it locally in a large roll so I was glad to find this source for it.
  • must have
    These row covers will extend your season protect your plans from the sun from insects from rabbits. helps retain moisture allowing for faster warmer germinating environment
  • Deer fencing
    Excellent product, good value!
  • row cover supreme
    Very good product for the price, needs plenty of staples where windy otherwise works good
  • Happy Plants!
    This stuff is fabulous! We bought some tomatoes and it was a little too early so we just draped some row cover fabric over the top. We didn't have quite enough fabric to cover all of them and we noticed that the covered plants flourished and grew like mad, but the ones that weren't covered used all their energy against the cold instead of putting it into new growth. We're hooked on row cover fabric and bought a whole roll!!
  • Row Cover
    This product adequately meets the needs of my small garden and the price was the best value I could find either locally or on the internet.
  • Garden Harvest Vegtables in the Dead of Winer
    This year I expanded my vegetable growing efforts to raise an organic winter garden. I have been nothing short of amazed and the secret has been this Row Cover material. I have fashioned covers for my 8 X 4 grow boxes using this Row Cover material and have continued to harvest 30 different vegetables even after temperatures of 5 degrees. This cover lets the daylight through and allows breathability but traps the daylight warmed soil heat for slow release through the night. As usual, GREENHOUSE MEGASTORE pricing is the best on the internet and product delivery is perfect. Thanks for everything!
  • Row Cover Deluxe
    the cold has come early to florida and the cover has already come in handy to protect my plants. Delivery was quick and ordering was easy