Square Garden Tray

Item No. CN-GAR-045
This tough, injection moulded tray has a number of valuable applications. With a depth of 2.76", this is deeper than our standard trays. It has a 25 Litre (about 6.6 gallons) internal capacity and is ideally sized for standard greenhouse staging. Made from recycled polypropylene. These trays also
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This tough, injection moulded tray has a number of valuable applications. With a depth of 2.76", this is deeper than our standard trays. It has a 25 Litre (about 6.6 gallons) internal capacity and is ideally sized for standard greenhouse staging. Made from recycled polypropylene.

These trays also make excellent containers for growing wheatgrass as well as various other kinds of fodder and seed.


Dimensions - 23.62" W x 23.62" L x 2.76" H

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Reviews (76)
  • Very Well Made
    These trays are beautiful---very heavy duty. I am using them in my basement grow light garden and have plastic pots in them, watering from the bottom. You can lift a whole tray of plants and these trays don't bend or buckle. Great for the price---at $7/each (pack of 5 for $35) they are a terrific bargain and I've never seen any tray near this quality in garden stores. Luckily mine arrived unbroken (unlike the Belden pots shipped in the same order).
  • Great Tray, Really Big
    Love it! Built thick & tough. Fits (2) 1020 daisy trays. Depth is perfect for bottom watering, even with 4 pots. Gallon pots need to soak longer, but I just walk-away to do a project and they are ready when I return. I add an old flat piece of tile on the bottom to soak seed-trays so seeds stay in place, but you could just dump some water out. Birds love it. Algae scrubs easily off smooth surface. What else can I say. Very happy.
  • Outstanding product
    This is one of my most used items. The quality and durabilty are outstanding. I am very happy and have ordered them several times.
  • Square Garden Tray
    These trays are the perfect size for dog training pads. One tray arrived damaged and a replacement was sent quickly. Great customer service!
  • Alternate use
    I actually purchased the trays for litter for an elderly cat that was having trouble using a standard litter box.They arrived quickly, are very sturdy, and have proven to be an excellent choice. Definitely pleased with purchase!
  • Perfect Square Garden Tray
    I use my square garden trays under my huge plants in corners, during VBS as a sandbox and to hold wood. Love the square shape. Excellent quality plastic.
  • Just what I needed
    I needed something to put under my (elevated) chicken feeder to catch the feed that they naturally scratch out onto the floor. This works perfect!
  • Functional Square Garden Tray
    Love the strength and durability of these square trays. These trays are used to place water thirsty potted plants. I water from the bottom! Wish it was just a bit smaller to use under the kitchen sink.
  • 24 inch square tray
    Very well made from heavy gauge black plastic. I used mine to set the dishwasher in before sliding it under the counter to protect the hardwood floor from small leaks. Worked perfectly for what I purchased it for.
  • Great product. Order +1 for breakage
    Great trays. Super durable and very strong and easy to clean. We use them for rabbit poo catch pans. Buy +1 or 2 over what you need. We have ordered 2 orders and always have a few break in transit. Not a problem of the product, but the packaging.
  • 2' Square plant drip trays
    Generally, the product is what I expected, however, the packing was very poor resulting in the damage of one of the six trays. I will think twice about ordering again.
  • great tray
    I use this tray in my greenhouse. Very useful
  • Garden trays
    The black 24 inch square greenhouse trays are excellent. I will be ordering more they are heavy enough to hold orchids over gravel for humidity plus I found another use for them they are the perfect size to use for potty pads for puppies. The disposable pads fit perfectly in them to pottytrain young dogs.
  • No problem
    All good
  • Perfect for my oversized ficas trees
    Fit perfect, seems durable. Happy w the weight.
  • They worked perfect!
    I bought these to use as a pee pad tray for our indoor toy chihuahua and these 24x24 trays hold the 22x22 (actual measurement is 24x24) pee pads perfectly! They're easy to clean and durable enough that I think they'll last for years and years!
  • garden pans
    These pans work great for holding pee pads.
  • water plant holder
    great product and fast shipping
  • Product Quality
    Product is good quality and got here fast even with regular shipping.
  • Fantastic for Rabbit cage trays
    I raise show rabbits, and needed to add more cages. The trays commonly sold for under the cages to catch droppings and urine cost around 30.00! I was given the link to these trays by a friend and boy am I sold. I can buy 3 trays to the cost of ONE tray marketed for rabbits. They are stronger, sturdier, and deeper than the average plastic cage pan. I did have some arrive chipped but they worked fine. I am sold. I will never buy another duratray again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and manure pile!)
  • Product review
    Used the tray for our air conditioning unit because of leakage and the tray is perfect for it. We had looked several places without any luck before finding the one we order.
  • Square Garden Tray
    As with all the items made in the UK and sold by greenhousemegastore, this thing is built like a tank, strong, holds a bunch of 10x20 trays, a lot of the seedling trays, just about anything you need to soak, clean, sterilize, all without making a mess, highly recommended!
  • Square Garden Tray
    The trays are just what I'm looking for. Durable and washable!! I ordered 40 of them...and 7 were cracked on the corners so the packaging and shipping leave a lot to be desired but over all product is good!
  • Great product
    Very fast service
  • Plastic tray
    Sturdy well made I'm using it as a saucer for a huge ceramic pot
  • Excellent
    Really nice construction, high quality plastic. These hold 2 1020 trays nicely, allowing bottom watering.
  • Square Garden Trays
    Sturdy deep trays that we use for quail droppings trays. Great product.
  • Great Durability
    Used to start seedlings
  • Quality and Function
    Our 2 black planter boxes were seeping water and rusting our slate patio. I purchased 2 black drip pans and problem solved. Size, quality and function 5++.Highly recommend this product.
  • A useful addition for the home gardener
    I bought 3 trays to ferry my seedlings from sheltered porch to outdoors. The trays worked just like I wanted. Very sturdy and made the movement of 4 cowpots with plants very easy. They are very handy for for bottom watering as well.
  • Garden Tray, 24
    Lucky I found this quality, reasonable tray, perfect for my needs, bought 6.
  • Great Product!
    These trays are very sturdy and are an excellent addition to our gardening tools.
  • GREAT tray !!!!!!!
    Extremely well made. Very heavy plastic. Perfect size for 20 gal. grow bags and smaller ones too. Best trays on the market and the price is amazing compared to regular saucers at the nursury Wish they came in more sizes...
  • Wonderful trays
    I use these for 2 10x20 trays. Very solid quality. Clean nicely and a deep lip that allow plenty of watering. These keep me from tipping over my smaller 10x20 trays. I use inserts alone in the tray or with a daisy tray inside. Very easy to clean too.
  • Great Product!
    The 24x24 tray fits my smaller rabbit cages. It makes a perfect drop tray. It is very sturdy and easy to clean. The price is also very reasonable.
  • alternative use
    I ordered this to put underneath a litter box in a carpeted area. Even though the litter box sits on a mat made to attract excess litter it still gets everywhere. The lip on this tray is the perfect height to catch the littler but not deter the cat. FYI- I have the mat under the box inside the tray.
  • Great value for price.
    After searching the Internet for a decently priced 2 foot square tray, I found this Garland tray. Very thick plastic and sturdy. It will hold nine 6 or 7 square pots without any problems.
  • 24 X 24 trays
    I use these for a different reason and I'm absolutely thrilled. I breed rabbits and dropping pans run about $20 at tractor supply and even higher other places. These are $8 and AWESOME quality. Much much better than the tractor supply pans. I have told told all my breeder friends and they have also ordered a lot!! Thank you!! Wondering if you make them or could possibly make them in 24x18 or 48x36.
  • great
    Did the job perfect.
  • Quality Product, Service
    This is a high quality product. Will be using for pen trays for poultry cages. First shipment was damaged in transit. GHMS was prompt and courteous in seeing to the replacement. Highly recommended.
  • Big tray
    Exactly what I needed - very well made - 2'x2'x3 deep.
  • Square tray
    Great quality, very sturdy, just what I needed
  • Exactly what I needed!
    The garden tray was exactly what I needed! The quality is excellent, size perfect, and I would certainly recommend this, and your service to anyone! Thanks!
  • Custom drip pans
    I ordered a custom size for my home greenhouse room. Sizing was very important and these trays fit perfectly. They were much heavier plastic than I expected which was an added plus!! I will recommend your website to friends !
  • Great Product
    I bought these trays for bottom watering vegetables. These trays are so durable, I have found many other uses for them including carrying items to and from markets. I expect to be using the same trays for years to come!
  • High quality
    very nice and durable, using for mixing up plant soil, holding pots and feeding the birds.
  • Really nice tray
    We are using these trays under grow lights. We bought 2 and then ordered 2 more. They are very sturdy and 2 fit just right under a 2 x 4 ft light.
  • great product
    These trays were so much better than expected! I bought them to use as plant saucers for large tubs I grow on my deck. They are really heavy duty, and will last for many years
  • 2x2 Garden tray
    Very good quality, heavy plastic, perfect for bottom watering small pots.
  • Square Garden Tray
    Excellent. Sturdy, should last for years. Will hold 2 1020's.
  • Square tray
    When I first opened package thought they were metal they're so heavy. Will be filled with pea gravel and used to allow good drainage for my orchids. The roots can't tolerate excessive water which causes root rot. Will hold several plants making it easier for me.
  • Sturdy Tray
    This is a really great tray that I use under my double flat grow lights.
  • Quality Trays
    These trays were larger than normal, very sturdy and easy to move around. They will hold a number of plants in peat pots. I highly recommend them!
  • Superior durability
    Absolutely the most useful container I own. Two of the 1020 trays fit easily within this sturdy tray, which makes watering so much easier.
  • Square Garden Tray
    The tray is ideal for the PlantHouse Portable Greenhouse - 24 wide x 24 deep. It fits nicely within the greenhouse.
  • Durable, strong tray
    Very heavy weight, durable tray very reasonably priced. it sure is nice to see a simple item made with care and built to last in this age of overpriced chinese junk imports.
  • Big Tray Saves Carpet
    Great for indoor overwintering of BIG plants like Alocasia and Musa. Keeps leaf drips off nearby carpeting while catching any excess watering.
  • garden trays
    These trays were just what I needed for plants. They are very durable and look like they will hold up for many years.
  • I purchased a square garden tray
    I purchased this tray and donated it to The Pet Connection where I volunteer to be used as a special needs cat litter box. It needed to be large and still fit inside the cat condo. Using the clumping litter and it's very heavy but the tray is holding up very well, and easy to scoop out because it doesn't have any grooves in the bottom. It's very sturdy yet flexible and manageable. It turned out to be very helpful for the cat and the volunteers! I sent a message prior to ordering and the response that i got was that someone else had purchased the tray to also be used as a cat litter box and that it worked very well so i ordered it right away! Thanks so much!!
  • Mistress of the Manor
    Great product. Completely solved our problem of water leakage from plants on our porch. I ordered a few more of additional plants.
  • Sturdy Trays
    These sturdy trays hold a pair of 1020s for easy transport.
  • Sod Buster
    This is the best plant starting device since the 1020 tray was invented. Two 1020 web trays, your inserts of choice, and one of these makes watering young plants a no brainer. Great product!
  • square garden tray
    would rate it a 5 for quality nicely built . I will have to rethink my containers but this tray is great
  • Good square tray
    Very good price. Great for rotating plants so they don't get one sided. Makes bottom watering easy and hold a large water reserve. Built very strong and has many applications.
  • perfect for sprouting
    This is the size that was best suited for my sprouting operation. I use 4.5 pounds of seed which yields a little over 30 pounds of sprouts and i didnt want them any heavier these trays easily handle thirty pounds
  • Great Tray
    Purchased this large 24 tray to prevent stains on my beautiful deck..... growing tomatoes in a 20 gallon container. Installed a small drain pipe on one side of the tray to flow excess water over the edge of the deck.Works great !Products like this are not available in So. California anywhere.
  • Great product
    Great product at a great price. Beats any competitive product, hands down. They are light but strong enough to last a long time with normal usage. Can be used for a wide range of needs. Great for holding a water reserve so I don't have to water my hobby greenhouse so often.
  • sonshine
    these are worth 3 times what i paid. They are made for life, as long they dont get ran over with the fork lift. I am impressed.
  • home owner
    These are just the best. They are replacing metal watering trays and will have much longer lives than the metal. They are also being used as trays in which tropical plants are placed in front of a double French door with a southern exposure. These are better than perfect for this use.
  • Multiple uses!
    Life a few others, I got this box because I needed a large, low-sided litter box for my cat who is old and has kidney failure. She hanging over the edge of her old litter box. This box is PERFECT! It is good quality, sturdy, and perfect size, and she hasn't had an accident since I got it. I posted it on a website for other people who have litter box problems. Thank you for a great product!
  • Great plant tray!
    I had been searching for a sturdy, heavy-duty pan to put underneath my favorite huge plant to shield my carpet. This was a find! Meets all my expectations and solve a big problem for me.
  • Great as pet litter box, very inexpensive!
    Great product, great as litter box, didn't find a product that was cheaper! Sturdy and shallow, right for small dogs!
  • Just what I needed
    I am using these as drip trays for my 30 gallon Smart Pots on our roof deck- they are perfect.
  • Outstanding Product!
    These are incredibly good quality for the price. This size tray is so hard to find for so little money. If I had the money I would buy 100 more!!
  • Seriously Excellent Quality!
    These pans are top quality! I am very, very happy with them. The price is excellent too. The plastic is solid, smooth and flat, extremely sturdy, extremely easy to clean. I intend to purchase several more in the small square and several in the 47 size.
  • Great product
    This plantar/garden tray was just the answer! It's durable and didn't crack this winter while being outdoors. Very attractive looking, also!