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Leveraging nearly 30 years of indoor horticulture experience for the cannabis market.


Whether it's upgrading your lighting to state-of-the-art LED technology, implementing a fully automated light deprivation system, or adding to any of the other dozens of systems in a cannabis facility, the experts at Greenhouse Megastore have the in-depth knowledge needed to crunch the numbers and present you with a variety of budget friendly options.

Warehouse Grows

Indoor warehouse growing provides the maximum amount of control over your growing environment, yielding only the highest quality crop that demands the highest prices in the market. Greenhouse Megastore is no stranger to equipping indoor warehouse grows with all the systems needed to produce bumper crops, from designing your bench layout to a full turnkey implementation.

Cannabis Greenhouses

It's in the name! Greenhouse Megastore has forged an iron-clad reputation in the horticulture industry for our custom turnkey greenhouses, and over the past several years we've brought that same reputation and expertise to dozens of projects in the cannabis industry. We've worked with some of the biggest names in cannabis and our work speaks for itself.


Not to be outdone by it's euphoria inducing cousin, hemp might actually prove to be the biggest cannabis market segment! The CBD derived from hemp is already proving invaluable for treating a variety of medical ailments, and the hemp plant can be used in a variety of ways that make it a huge potential cash crop. The systems and structures are the same for both plants, so that automatically makes us experts in hemp cultivation facilities too.


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Forging strong, lasting relationships with cannabis growers is my passion! We established our Sacramento, CA location in part to service the growers of Northern Californa. As VP and Owner, I personally guarantee you simply won't find a better partner to work with than Greenhouse Megastore.


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Trusted by the Top Names in Cannabis

Whether your product is intended for medical or recreational use, Greenhouse Megastore has the expertise to help you design and outfit your cannabis cultivation facility. Perfect for production of cannabis for both CBD and THC, a cannabis facility has very specific technical and legal requirements that our representatives can aide you in navigating. With dozens of cannabis cultivation projects and hundreds of horticultural greenhouse projects under our belt, no one else can bring you the level of combined experience that Greenhouse Megastore can.

Whether it's a light-dep retrofit into an existing grow or planning from scratch an indoor warehouse grow, the experts at Greenhouse Megastore can help you navigate the murky waters of cannabis regulation and implement a solution that meets all legal requirements and is the absolute best for your plants within your specified budget. Don't leave even one dollar on the table, call the pros at Greenhouse Megastore today!

And when it comes to custom cannabis greenhouses, there simply isn't a better option! Greenhouse Megastore has been doing greenhouses for nearly 30 years and has hundreds of satisfied customers. Don't risk your entire operation on some fly-by-night cannabis company that's trying sucker you for a quick buck. Go with the experts. The one and only, tried and true, Greenhouse Megastore.

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Structures, Systems, Supplies and More for Your Cannabis Facility!

Light Deprivation

We offer purpose built light dep greenhouses with automatically controlled full blackout curtains so you can precisely control the vegetation and flowering stages of your crop. Additionally, we also offer retrofit light dep systems that can be installed into any grow and feature the same benefits as the ones that go in our greenhouses!

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Cannabis Benches

Benches or grow tables are a must for any cannabis cultivation facility. They elevate the crop off the ground level, making it easier to work with and protecting from disease and damage. We offer both fixed and rolling benches, the latter of fully utilize every square inch of grow space, and specially designed benches with specific features for cannabis growers.

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Irrigation & Fertigation

Plants won't grow unless you feed and water them, so your irrigation and nutrition strategy is a big part of your success. We can help you design both an irrigation and fertilizer delivery system for your crop. Known as a fertigation system, this integrated system delivers everything your plants need right to places it's needed ensuring maximum success!

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