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Free Shipping See Details Dimensions 78" high x 72" wide x 72" deep Sidewall 5' 6" Frame Fiberglass Poles Color Dark Green Covering 100% Waterproof Gro-Tec™ Material (UV resistant with rip stop protection) Door(s) (2) Screened Doors Roof Vents 0 End Vents (1) in each door Side
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Dimensions78" high x 72" wide x 72" deep
Sidewall 5' 6"
Frame Fiberglass Poles
Color Dark Green
Covering 100% Waterproof Gro-Tec™ Material (UV resistant with rip stop protection)
Door(s) (2) Screened Doors
Roof Vents 0
End Vents(1) in each door
Side Vents0
Base n/a
Foundation Ground Stakes (included)
Warranty 1 Year
ManualSpringhouse Installation InstructionsPDF File

The SpringHouse portable greenhouse is compact and lightweight for easy transport, setup, and take down. Only minimal assembly is required. Two screened doors double as vents to provide optimum air circulation. The 100% waterproof Gro-Tec™ material is UV resistant with rip stop protection for longer life of your greenhouse. It's perfect for improving climatic conditions in all geographic locations. The greenhouse environment makes it easier to keep your plants green. Now your plants can bloom earlier with a head start on the Spring and Summer months and you can garden year-round!

  • Custom Fit Shade Cover
  • 4 portholes for hose, power cord
  • Carrying Pack
  • Weight: 25 lbs

Durability and Portability

All FlowerHouse™ greenhouses are constructed with the incredibly durable UV resistant, waterproof Gro-Tec™ material featuring rip stop protection. Revolutionary Easy Set-Up, Take-Down and Store in seconds with no tools required.

Lightweight to carry - Totebag included.

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Reviews (97)
  • Flower house greenhouse
    This greenhouse was easy to put up by myself(hope it is a easy to fold up). A door on each end is excellent! the zippers on the screens & doors are easy to use. The only thing I don't like is the lip at the entrance-a trip element if you forget its there.
  • springhose
    excellent product. easy to install and excellent quality.
  • stlmushrooms
    Loving the greenhouse so far, got it set up in my basement for growing mushrooms. Glad I was familiar w/ tension rods and camping tents because there weren't any instructions!!!
  • Hawkeye
    The Springhouse was easy to erect. It seals well against a concrete floor, and appears to be sturdy.
  • Excellent product!
    I love this greenhouse. It is super easy to put up. It has housed all of my outdoor plants and they are thriving. In fact, many have new leaves. It keeps a nice moisture level inside which helps the plants. I have not take it down yet, but I know it will be easy. I like that the greenhouse will compact into the small round sheath for storage. In fact, 2 of my neighbors are ordering this greenhouse after looking at mine. Buy it, you will not regret it.
  • Lo
    Easy to put up and working great!
  • Great Greenhouse
    We live in an area that experiences high wind from time to time so we needed a greenhouse that could hold up. We couldn't be happier with this product. It is easy to assemble, durable, and it's not going anywhere. We have our plants inside it for the winter, along with a heat lamp for our occasional freezes. We are thinking about using it for our chickens that are hatching eggs. They would stay warm, be protected, and have food. Overall, a very good product with many uses.
  • Spring house
    Great choice for our first green house. Easy to set up, good quality for the price.
  • Springhouse Greenhouse
    This greenhouse has worked out great for me. I am getting ready to purchase a 2nd one. Although a bit difficult to get it together, once it's up, it's good. My plants have successfully made it through our winter and have done extremely well.
  • great greenhouses
    we had been looking for a long time and the one we ordered from you was beyond what we expected. thank you . we received it within 5 days. very happy.
  • Great greenhouse, very inexpensive
    This is my 3rd Springhouse: the first one kept my large potted plants alive, outside (with a small electric greenhouse heater) through a very cold winter in Michigan. It only bit the dust the 2nd winter, when I was forced to try to fold it with temperatures of about 7 degrees F - the plastic was frozen and cracked. The other 2 are in my yard in Virginia, used for potted plants, seedlings and extra storage of gardening supplies and other items that need to be kept dry and protected from the wind. These greenhouses are fairly easy to assemble, but NOT as easy to take down and fold.. so I leave them up year-round. I am in and out of them almost every day, the zippers are holding up. It is worth putting a tarp/plastic sheet on the floor, to keep rain from permeating the soil from below. The only thing that does not make sense are the Velcro straps intended to hold out of the way either the screen door or the plastic door when rolled up - they seemed backwards, at least to me. I had to jimmy rig them to make them work.For the price, they are hard to beat.
  • not finished
    The top pouches that hold the x bars in place were never sewn into the cover. I have to hold them in place with duct tape. Incomplete manufacturing.
  • Great little greenhouse
    We love the greenhouse. The fabric is thick and the greenhouse is sturdy. There are 4 port holes for hoses or electric cords. Both doors are fully zippered and they each have a zippered screen. A shade cloth is also included. It took us about 30 minutes to set it up. I really recommend that you watch a couple of the many youtube videos for clear set up instructions.
  • Love this greenhouse!
    I am really liking this greenhouse. It shipped very fast. Easy to set up.We have had a lot of rain and its doing great. The plants are thriving. They get plenty of sun. Protected from the squirrels and bugs. I can have organic food and the squirrels and caterpillars don't get any.!!!! Anymore. Ha Ha
  • bud the wiser
    AWESOME...Has already Stood up to 50mph winds plus..Reminds me of when I was a kid and the first Coleman PopUp Tent was introduced..Only this is 100% better. Every Garden should have one.
  • Love it
    Well I am very happy with my Springhouse. It was easy to put up and is working well. I got it to winter my palms. It does get below freezing here so by spring I'll know just how well it worked.
  • Springhouse Greenhouse
    Well built and very functional. I got all my plants in and found a small heater and thermostat to maintain 60 degrees inside my greenhouse.
  • Great Temp greenhouse
    I have recently purchased this Greenhouse. The house was easy to set up. I even set it up in partial darkness. it is an easy to set up cover for my citrus plants. I put mine on my porch and used bungie cords to tie it down. 25 to 35 mph wind gust and it was really stable.
  • Saving tropical Hibiscus in the north
    Trying to save tropical hibiscus in PA for next summer. Indoor greenhouse with light and heater in the basement seems to be working.Excellent Product, good price and great delivery.
  • Phantastic purchase
    I am just thrilled with the purchase of the Megastore greenhouse and it's price. I really didn't expect to much and was very surprised about the great quality, it seems to be very durable. I use it for all the plants and vegetables I don't want to lose during the winter month. So far we had 2 freezing nights and they all survived beautifully.I put straw on the ground and sides and bricks on top which hold the heat from the day.My friends are ready to buy.
  • Great Buy!!
    I don't know when I have been so satisfied with a purchase!!This greenhouse is very-well designed, uses excellent materials, and is very well built!Seldom do you feel like you got a great deal but I feel that way about my new greenhouse.It is a little hard to erect but that is because the greenhouse is made so tight but after all is said and done, I'm very glad that I selected this company and this greenhouse!
  • N
    So far so good, have not had freezing weather yet but do have a small ceramic heater in it when it comes. Mainly used for house plants and herbs.
  • Great buy!
    I waited to write the review until I had put it up, used it and took it down. This product was more then what I expected it to be. It is made great and worked great. Taking it down was the hardest part mainly because of user error but we got it rolled back up and back into its bag for next year. I can't say enough about this product. It's durable, made with the user in mind and has many small touches that just made it easy and enjoyable to use. Some have said that they had problems with the rods breaking and being hard to put in. If you have put up a tent you can do this. Yes it takes a little umph to get the last pole in but if your careful your fine. Never had a problem with it pulling up and blowing away because I put cement blocks on each corner. The stakes that come with it are ok I just wanted the extra insurance of it staying in place and it did. The one and only complaint I have is that I should have went for the bigger one. And will do so once this one wears out. You won't be disappointed in this product!
  • Disappointed!
    I am giving this product a 1 because I am very disappointed in the quality and durability, not to mention the extremely poor instructions. After I assembled it, I attempted to zip the mesh door closed and the zipper broke. It also had a tear near one of the seams and one of the interior velcro anchors pulled right off. Lets just say if I had purchased it at a local store I would have returned it.
  • Master Gardener
    Love this. As a volunteer on steroids, (that means I grow plants, work like a dog for numerous projects), this is just what I needed. I was able to put 50 extra pots of cannas-after putting replacement perennials and some annuals for my projects (OK, some of my own dahlias and annuals)in the greenhouse. Mini heater for the nights -AWESOME!
  • Good Product So Far
    A very easy product to setup. It took my wife and I 10 minutes with NO broken poles. The trick on setting up the support poles is to put the ends in place first then connect the poles to the center sleeve. For our first greenhouse it is the perfect size. Sometimes the zippers on the screens do not zip smoothly but that is the only complaint I have. The only downfall which I expected when I purchased this greenhouse is after a couple of hot brutal summers in the South Florida sun it will begin to fall apart.
  • Great little green house
    Was a little concern about the actual setting up since most times you can't always believe what you read or see. When reading the reviews here, one stated to watch the video on youtube and I did that before I received it. I was glad I did, because it made so much easier to put up. My one concern this week was that after we put it up, the weather turned again and we were expecting high winds. Well since we set it up on our deck, I had no way to really tie it down. What we did was use bungee cords and bungee it to the deck rails. We then used a couple of old walkway bricks we had and used them on the corner's. I was happy to see when I returned home from work, that it wasn't only still there, but there were no tears in it. It held up to 35 to 55mph winds. Very pleased with the construction.
  • Like it
    One person set up in about an hour. The tie down stakes don't work in my sandy soil but I have it tied well enough to a fence. Decent size for a starter or small space. Like how compact and portable it is. Can't wait for veggies.
  • Not just for greens
    I use my Springhouse as protection for my telescope when not in use. When I want to use it, I just unhook 2 of my tie-downs and flip that end up over the telescope. At the end of my session, I just flip it back again. It has withstood winds over 50 mph with no problems, and a wet snow just made it sag but didn't it collapse. This thing is strong, lightweight, weatherproof, and the cost was great. What else could you want? I highly recommend it.
  • As described
    Just like described. I do recommend watch the how to video - U-tube, etc. -- on setting up. You do have to use force on the support rods.
  • Customer
    Used Google to find the Greenhouse Megastore. Ordered the Springhouse and received it in just 3 days! My husband and I had it put together in 15 minutes. Just the right size for my projects. The two doors make it great for a cross breeze. I am using the greenhouse to start milkweed plants for the Monarch Butterflys. So far, it is wonderful. I highly recommend this company and the product.
  • Springhouse
    We love this little greenhouse! Unfortunately,after 5 or so years the metal supports have torn through the reinforced corners. No matter, we are ordering a new one today!
  • Great Product
    Ordered this product to protect my outdoor plants. Assembly was super easy! I added a couple of plastic shelves to increase the number of plants I could house. A small space heater is keeping the interior temperature above 55 degrees even when temperatures are below freezing. Overall a great value!
  • Good Product
    Great greenhouse and easy to put up. I would give it a five star but the zipper sticks a lot about half way down when zipping door. I have tried everything in instructions but it still is a fight to zip up. Other than that it is awesome - bought a heat lamp and hung with clamp from rod at top - keeps everything toastie!
  • Happy with my Springhouse!
    No complaints at all about the Springhouse. Delivery was fast, set up time was 15 minutes, according to my husband.LUV IT! However, the Springhouse Clear that I bought 2 years ago is another matter. It was hard to set up then and is still a B_ _ _ H to set up! Poles too long, no give at all, busting through seams, not holding in place. This year it was was more difficult to set up than the first.
  • Ease of set up and value
    I was impressed with the quality of this greenhouse and the straight forward setup. Make sure you follow the directions especially the guidance on putting in the last supports. The covering and fastenings are sturdier than expected and I can't wait to start putting in my plants.
  • Withstood Hurricane Sandy
    without knowing a hurricane was coming, I ordered this little pop-up greenhouse to store pots and landscaping material in a semi-protected area over winter. My 13 year old son put it together in under 30 minutes and the thing held tight even though other things blew away. Great value for the money.
  • Springhouse
    Easy assembly if you read the instructions first. I did it by myself, then read the instructions and reassembled correctly. Even with my goof, it only took me thirty minutes. We have had some pretty strong winds this fall that have not budged the Springhouse. Will stake it, though, to make sure it stays put. Roomy for its size.
  • J gardener
    Just got this a week ago.Loved how easy it was to set up, only took two of us 10 minutes.The structure is strong & durable. The zippered doors on both ends make ventilation easy.Who ever designed this knew greenhouses.
  • Excellent!
    My roommate helped me set it up and we had it secured in about 15 minutes or so. Easy to do. The stakes are VERY long and would not go all the way into this rocky ground up here in the foothills of Colorado. I bought new short stakes. I put the greenhouse beneath my clothes line and tied each end to rope that I secured at the clothes line posts. The idea was to hold it down in strong winds and keep it from flying across the yard. I did not use the tether lines at each corner because I was afraid the deer would run into it (or me!). I put heavy rocks on each corner, inside and out. We get really strong winds up here but it has held tight! I put a small heater in it and it has survived our first 4 snow just fine. Successful way to finish off my 420 plants! Ready to harvest :-)
  • horticulturalist
    Just received the spring house. Easy set up all, materials seemed robust. After reading other reviews I was in doubt but I feel it is good quality and strength. Tie downs were a little trouble as they could create a trip hazard but overall I'm pleased. Let's see how it holds up in the south Florida weather!
  • Stood up to scorching TX sun
    I pulled this out of the box a couple of years ago and never looked back! I thought I would put it back in the carrying case each summmer, but never bothered. It's stood up for 3 winters and 2 HOT Texas summers in the direct sun. I am buying a bigger one (the Farmhouse?) because my collection of Amaryllis has outgrown the 36 sq feet. Maybe with 81 sq feet I won't have to haul pots to the side yard every summer. Looking forward to our expansion! Really good value.
  • Poor Construction
    It took two men and a teenage boy to put this thing together. The main issue was the poles not quite fitting the outer covering. One pole cracked and another would never fit into the pocket it was supposed to fit into. But we still got it to work, really should've sent it back for another. Nevertheless, it seems sturdy enough and the plants are happy in there. I don't plan to take it down so hopefully it will endure.
  • Fantastic greenhouse
    I am very pleased with my green house. It was easy to put up. I placed 4 pallets under it for air flow purposes and bolted my green house to it using the anchor holes. My plants could not grow as big out in the sun.
  • Excellent
    Ordered product and received it 3 days later, can't beat that with free shipping. It was on sale at the time, and would buy another if needed, even at regular price. Put it up myself. Easy to keep warm inside at night with lamp or heater. Sunshine keeps it well warm in daytime. Perfect for starting my tomato and other garden seeds early. Just the right size for me. I highly recommend this product to those shopping for a small greenhouse. Plenty of headroom.
  • Great product
    Everything about the Flowerhouse exceded allexpectations. So many nice extra's netting doors, vents for electric etc. With a small heater kept my plants safe in freezing weather. Many thanks megastore!
  • great product
    I could not be happier with my new greenhouse. It went up in about a half an hour and was working the next day. The package arrived in good condition and in a very timely matter. When I upgrade I will definately use this company again.
  • Awesome Greenhouse
    It was so easy to put up although it was certainly a two person job. Once up it withheld the wind and rain that night. My plants flourished nicely. Very happy with the purchase and the price was exceptional. Thank you for a great product.
  • Love it
    This little greenhouse exactly meets my needs. It was easy to assemble and was shipped promptly. Ilove it!
    So far I love it! I put it together in less than an hour by myself without the directions. If you can put up a tent, you can put this up. Construction is very good, everything was secure and well put together. Can't wait to start filling it with plants!
  • great little green house!
    We bought this greenhouse to protect tender patio plants from the occasional winter freezes we experience here in Austin, TX. We love it! It's big enough to contain our really tall plants and is sturdily built. We had no trouble putting it together (be sure to pay attention to the instructions), though I would recommend 2 people put it together as it would be difficult to do by yourself. The zipper doors are easy to use and the 2-way zippers allow me to rig the doors so I can easily and quickly get into just the top of one side to turn off the clamp lamp I've installed to provide warmth on our coldest nights. This little greenhouse is great quality and value for the money! Very well designed.
  • Great Little Greenhouse
    This is the second time I have purchased the Springhouse. It is easy to set up and works well to keep plants growing in winter. It is sturdy and great for small plants!
  • Not Yet
    The box is in its storage spacc until I open it in the Spring. Howeveer, I expect the same quality that my Flower House(TM) was and that was excellent! I used it year round for several years and it only broke down when someone fell off of my roof onto it and broke the center brace - and the mans fall. Fortunate for him. Normal deterioration had taken place, but the never ending garden was a blessing in no disguise.
  • great product
    I am taking mine down after three winters of use. (I use in cold weather and pack up in late spring each year.) Just beginning to see minor signs of material degrading -- which considering the extreme sun we have here in Texas, I consider to be pretty good for the price. With a little clear duct tape repair to the areas that are wearing, I should be able to get 1-2 more years before I will have to replace.
  • Not for large plants
    I purchased this greenhouse last month and my plants are already about to hit the ceiling! Its good for small plants but if you're planning on growing large plants like me-do not buy this
  • mrs
    I am enjoying the greenhouse. You definately need the strap to zip the door- it's a snug fit!
  • limited lifespan
    Living in northern Wisconsin I use the Spring House for seedlings from April through mid-June and again late Aug through Oct for patio plants, trying to extend the vegetable harvest through the early season frosts. The unit was relatively easy for me to set up and take down, although folding up to fit into the carry bag is a different story, possible but not easy. If at all possible one should hose off all the dirt and mud from the bottom skirts and dry before storage, which difficult for me because it's usually freezing weather when take it down. After five seasons the UV deterioration was so bad I got a new one for this season. I'm contemplating taking it down for two months in mid-summer to reduce UV exposure. Not only did the fabric disintegrate but the tie down cords also deteriorated. I noticed in the new S. H. description there is mention of a way to reduce the tension when zipping the doors closed. If that works it would be a great improvement since the extra strain put on the fabric when zipping just sped up the deterioration. And the zippers would jam and pull apart.
  • Diane
    I received the spring house four days after ordering it online. I was able to set it up by myself with no problems at all. The description did not include the tie downs it came with. I was very pleased to see these, as we have windy weather quite often here in eastern New Mexico. I did not have good luck with the plastic locks on the tie down holding, so I just had to tie knots in the cord.
  • Springhouse
    Setting up the Springhouse was probably one of the easiest projects my husband and I have ever done together. It reminded us of setting up a tent. We now have it full of vegetable seedlings (the strawberry plants have already begun to flower!)
  • I love it!
    I was able to put the SpringHouse up myself. It may have been easier for me because this is not my first FlowerHouse product. I also have the 12 ft row cover. It went together easily by just following the picture diagram and easy instructions. It is mid February and I already have plants coming up in there! One note, as the instructions say, make sure you have that strap across the doorway buckled before you try to zip up the screen or door. It goes much easier that way and I suspect less stress on the zipper. I look forward to many happy years with this SpringHOuse.
  • Fast Shipping & easy set-up
    The green house arrived in 3 days and it was super easy to set-up. It is made of very sturdy material and should hold up well through the hot summer and the icy winter.
  • Springhouse
    great service and seemly a good product , easy to erect.
  • Springhouse
    This is the third winter I have used this greenhouse to cover my 120 gallon fish pond. With a lightbulb for warmth in the house and a small heater in the water I have not had to replace plants. This year with three snowfalls the water has only dropped to the upper 50's. The greenhouse material has been very durable. After three winters of constant moisture for about 5 months at a time, the screens are the only materials to tear. This is a great product.
  • Excellant
    I had this in my mind 2 yrs. ago but on a smaller scale 2'x3'. I had almost as much invested in that home project as what I paid for the Springhouse. The Springhouse went up good until I saw those pockets I didn't find on the ridge pole(missed the hint)after changing that everything went very well,even for an old codger of 75, who doesn't remember everything he read. Wife is very proud of her new hot house, she has it ready to grow. Thanks for an easy way out of a plastic situation, Paul
  • COOL!!!
    Got my springhouse really quick! It was an easy set-up, with minimal labor. Definetly worth it!
  • love this
    perfect size.Once you have one of these you start alot more from seed because you can. We set this up on our deck in March with a heater which is rarely needed. Pays for itself in electric costs of the grow lights I would otherwise use. The first one we had lasted 10 years. It would cost a fortune in electric bills and space to grow what we do with this. Also, once transplantable, the plants do not need to be hardened off. At this price you can't loose.
  • Springhouse
    It was frustrating to assemble...poles difficult to get in pockets without a real strain on my arms and on the thin little poles provided. I think I heard one break. I would like to have used it for several years but don't feel it will last more than 2 years. No floor, but that was never mentioned in the description. It comes with a carrying case but there is no way it will ever fit into that small case once it has been removed. One more thing for the landfill...
  • Great value
    Online it looks simple, but this greenhouse is sturdy and well made. The plastic is woven and thick. The construction is quality. The design is great. It is too early to give this greenhouse a '5' rating but I'm really pleased so far.
  • Better than expected
    On unpacking and doing an initial setup this greenhouse is more robust and thoughtfully constructed than I expected. The wall plastic is heavy duty. It seems a serious design and quality materials.This is not a toy greenhouse. So far I've just set it up inside the garage but when the wind and snow let up we'll get it up out on the side yard.
  • Springhouse
    We received our springhouse just before several days of below freezing temperatures, we got all of our plants inside after placing a few shelves. Most of our plants are tropical and need to stay at moderate temperatures. The springhouse works great and would recommend it to anyone wanting to keep their outdoor plants from the dangers of freezing.
  • Happy Orchids!
    This is a great product! It is sturdy and strong, and relatively easy to set up between two adults. Last year, South Florida experienced several nights of freezing temperatures. In the process, I lost many orchids. This year, I purchased the product, placed my orchids on shelving, added a heater and they have lived through the cold nights at a comfortable 60 degrees with plenty of humidity. If you love plants it is worth buying.
  • Very Satisfied!
    just 'cause we're in Florida doesn't mean it doesn't get cold, especially for our tropical and sub tropical plants. I purchased the 'SpringHouse'...I appreciated the free shipping! it was easy to set up. one of the poles was defective so I called the company and they sent out a replacement, it got to me in about 5 days. I put a radiator style heater inside set on very low (1.5) and so far my tender plants have been doing well with temps in the mid to upper 20's.
  • Great value
    Sturdy and nice sized. A great value for the price. Highly recommend this product!
  • Perfect!
    Believe this or not but we are using the Springhouse as a temporary pump house! We had a new water well installed and the weather condition were falling below freezing over an extended period of time. This unit has 2 entry zippered doors, extremely easy to set up. With a portable heater placed inside the Springhouse, I have no worries of my new water well pump freezing.
  • Flowerhouse
    The Springhouse is attractive and efficient. One 75 watt lightbulb keeps it cozy in our part of the country. Although it took two of us to assemble it because the rods are tightly engineered, we are quite happy with the result. It's a good product, especially for the money.
  • Springhouse
    Just put it up this weekend. Fairly easy, but not something you can do by your self as it required 2 of us to pull it open. The metal supports are difficult to get in the pockets, but the support does seem to bend so once you realize you will not break it, it is easier. Also zipping is difficult, at least the first time. Can't imagine that it will really fold down and back into the bag, but will have to find out in spring. Otherwise think it is a great, low cost alternative to a permanent greenhouse. Have weathered by first at freezing nights with no problems. So far, so good.
  • Springhouse
    Excellent product for the money...shipping was quick
  • Best Item For The Money
    I had been looking for a Greenhouse that I could use inside or out and I found it,the best price and delv. at no charge at Greenhouse Megastore. I put it up in my house then in the spring I will be moving outside. One of the best thing is the size 6'x6'x6.5'high fits in any spare room. Again Thank You, Dore LogsdonBailey Colorado Have Fun Growing!!!
  • Great product, wish I had known about it years ago
    Love the spring house!I do not have to bring my plants in for the winter. They are still green and doing great! I can't wait for the spring to start my tomatoes & other veg. early. Shown my friends & they will be ordering.
  • Love my greenhouse.
    I love my green house. It just fits the bill.Only one cold night so far. But it has done fine.
  • Flowerhouse and accessories
    As the reviews said, it was easy to assemble with 2 people. I have a thermometer/humidity indicator in there and it has not gone below 50 degrees but we have central New York winter ahead. Bought a Stanley heater with a thermostat.The plants seem to be doing well.
  • Good service, quality product
    We received our greenhouse promptly and it was easy to set up. It should serve us well for the winter months.
  • Super Springhouse
    This was the perfect size for our small backyard here in West Texas. The greenhouse was used to keep my outside plants alive in the winter (I used to store them in my hot water heater closet with a grow lite). I also started tomato, marigolds, etc. from seeds and made some cuttings from other plants. They grew very well...I am extremely impressed with the ease of assembly and dis-assembly, too. Important to have a small heater, fan, and humidifier (out here in the desert) inside. Thanks for a great product!
  • Fantastic greenhouse
    Assembling was hard for one to do. But its great!
  • Great Product, must have
    Been wanting as greenhouse for years and have been watching this product for months. When it went on sale, immediately purchased it. This greenhouse beat my expectations and has improved my seeds production. It was easy to assembly & stake to the ground. Really love the 2 door system with screens, makes it easy to check on the humidity and heat level. Space is perfect inside for numerous racks and trays. Was worried about the zippers, but they are sewn on great and are easy to handle. Would recommend this product to any home gardener.
  • Incredible deal and product
    I had planned to buy this elsewhere - for $199 - but when I saw that it was only $124 here I jumped on it. Could not be happier. Great product. I'll be visiting this site a lot !!!
  • Great value for the Dollars
    We received the greenhouse in a couple of days and set it up. Was fairly simple, but it did take 2 of us. We just got through the biggest snow fall on record with cold temp. for our area and the greenhouse held up extremely well and with the heater, was never below 50--even set on low. I have another greenhouse we built, so to keep the electric bill down I used this one for my tender plants and keep the ones that can take a bigger swing in temp. in the other. My only regret is not buying a bigger one since I ran out of room before I had finished loading it up with plants.
  • Best Purchase Ever
    We bought our first Springhouse two and a half years ago to save money. Every spring we would drop a few hundred dollars to replace plants that had not survived the winter. We had tried wrapping some of our favorite plants with strips cut from the pool solar cover, but the blue-wrapped pots looked ugly and many of the plants still didn't make it. Finally, we started researching portable greenhouses and found the Springhouse. Assembly was a piece of cake, but best of all we watched our precious plants thrive throughout the entire winter. This fall we finished our outdoor kitchen and bought a second Springhouse for the herbs, tomatoes, and Japanese eggplant we had been growing all summer. The two greenhouses, which are attached and sit on the cool decking just off the patio kitchen, have actually added to the ambiance of our cooking and dining area. The aroma from the herbs is really lovely, and we have saved so much money! No more replacing plants every spring and running to the grocery store for fresh herbs and tomatoes. Last month we bought a third Springhouse at a great sale price...this one for our daughter and her husband. Assembly is as simple as putting together a small tent or beach cabana, and once folded and returned to its bag at the end of the season, it is compact and fits nicely in the pool shed. Just make sure you wash it down and let it dry completely before folding and storing it. We have two small ceramic heaters, one in each room that are set on automatic to maintain the temperature and, except for windy or snowy days, we open or partially unzip the doors to keep the rooms ventilated. This is truly one of the best purchases we have ever made.
  • good value
    I live in central Texas where we have a short winter and I do not need a permanent greenhouse. The springhouse fills the need to winter over my plants and citrus trees. In the spring I will store it in the attic. Assembly was fairly easy, it helps to have a helper. Overall quality is good ,but I'm a little concerned that the zippers will tear out. So far they are fine. This is a good product for what it is designed to do.
  • Great Value, easy to use
    Living in North Texas I no longer have room in my home to bring in my 3 large citrus trees for the winter. I found the Spring House Portable Green house online for a fantastic deal and ordered it immediately. Set up was easy and with the use of a small portable space heater my citrus trees and other plants have a comfy home for the winter. On warm days I open the door wide and the bees are able to easily get to the trees. I no longer have to hand pollinate the trees as I did when they were indoors in the past. Love the product and have already recommended it to other friends who live in this area.
  • Great Little Greenhouse
    This greenhouse is perfect! I purchased it for my son, who loves to garden and has been asking for a greenhouse for years. We pooped it up in about 45 minutes and he was using is that night. It has plenty of room and the plastic is GREAT! You can really see why they guarantee it.
  • Excellent classroom greenhouse
    I participated in an outdoor classroom project as a Master Gardener volunteer, and we used this greenhouse to store our plants and materials for the outdoor educational experience for the week. Elementary students from schools throughout the area came to the camp to learn about nature and gardens. This greenhouse was ideal and a wonderful teaching tool for the project. I recommend this portable greenhouse for any classroom.
  • Good value
    I was surprised and very pleased at the quality of the fabric and the ease of set-up, although it took the strength of my husband to put the supporting rods in their pockets!
  • 2008 is the third season
    Each year, at the end of March, I put up this greenhouse. I allow it to heat up by natural sunlight for at least a week and then start my seeds. The material gets a little crinkled after a couple of years but still looks good and the zippers still work. The instructions are a little iffy on setup and impossible on take down. We have not been able to get it back in its case. I am able to fit 8 sets of wire shelves that hold my flats with room to walk down the middle. My plants thrive. I take it down towards the end of June which gives me back the room in the backyard. This is a great option when you don't have the space or location for a permanent structure.
  • Greenhouse problems
    This product is tricky to assemble because once frame is in place it is difficult to stretch plastic edges to conform around frame. The zippered doors can be difficult to operate once assembled due to curved design of doors and stress on plastic once stretched.