Nature Harmony Greenhouse

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Free Shipping See Details Dimensions 96-1/4" L x 72-3/4" W x 82-1/4" H Sidewall 52-3/4" Frame Aluminum Color Green Covering Single Layer Polycarbonate SnapGlas Covering Door(s) Hinged (67-1/4" x 22") Roof Vents 1 End Vents 0 Side Vents 0 Base Rust Resistant Galvanized Steel Base Foundation Options -
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Free ShippingSee Details
Dimensions96-1/4" L x 72-3/4" W x 82-1/4" H
CoveringSingle Layer Polycarbonate SnapGlas Covering
Door(s)Hinged (67-1/4" x 22")
Roof Vents1
End Vents0
Side Vents0
BaseRust Resistant Galvanized Steel Base
FoundationOptions - Stakes; Treated 4x4's; Concrete Piers or Slab
More foundation information
PDF File
Warranty5 Years
ManualNature Greenline (Harmony) 6' x 8' Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Enjoy the durability of a rust proof aluminum frame and the glass like clarity of our single layer polycarbonate SnapGlas covering - all in one greenhouse. Attractive green powder coating finish will compliment the natural surroundings while the SnapGlas covering offers high impact resistance and 100% UV protection.

  • Classic "Apex" roof design provides plenty of head room
  • 100% UV protection: protects glazing, plants, and you from harmful rays
  • Very easy to read pictured assembly instructions
  • Only 4-5 hours estimated assembly time
  • Corrosion free materials
  • Requires very few tools to assemble: pliers, wrench, and screwdriver
  • Product made in Israel
  • Rain Gutter Kit included
  • Shelves not included

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Reviews (62)
  • Cheap material, horrible instructions, disappointing
    I have had my greenhouse for 6 or 7 years. Every year, with the storms and wind, something is always loose or falling off or the door is banging because it has never locked. Just this weekend with our heavy winds, it finally collapsed and is now destroyed. I'm a little disappointed because of all the time it took to figure out how to put the darn thing together. There were only pictures and none of the parts were labeled. I am hoping to salvage some of it to perhaps make a cold frame. The metal and plastic panels are twisted, bent and ripped.
  • Great Greenhouse
    Great Greenhouse - I have owned it for 4 years and its still going strong. I am in a hurricane gale force wind area since I live on the coast and this has withstood those winds unlike other greenhouses on the farm. That is mainly because of the secure foundation and installation. We used a concrete base. Only issue I have is the heat in the greenhouse. I have to install solar or electrical so I can have a fan inside,. as louvers don't cut it.
  • Harmony 6 x 8 greenhouse
    The greenhouse has not been assembled yet, but looks great. I was shorted one part, but Greenhouse Megastore was very prompt in sending out a new piece. Looking forward to this project.
  • Did not hold up
    I would rate this green house at -100. It was a great loss of 599.00 for the green house when the wind torn it apart two days later. the green house is not meant to be used unless you have it assemble in your home where the wind can not tear it apart. The assembly and directions was great and enjoyable to do although, we were missing one part. I contacted company and they shipped so we could have it the next day. Dealing with the company on the missing parts was wonderful.However it was assemble for less than 2 days when the wind tore it apart and left it in pieces with enough damage to not be able to reassemble.
  • Good product
    Bought this as a gift for my wife.Before purchase I read many reviews. I put this unit together myself and found the instructions very helpful. The biggest suggestion that I can give is make sure your base is square and level. You do this and everything fits just right. I also suggest caulking in each panel. It cuts down wind noise.
  • Excellent and Strong Hobby Greenhouse
    I set up myself with only help from a miniature dachshund. I did not keep count of hours as I was doing as a fun project. I was worried about winter survival, but after a 36 hour high wind blizzard and 30 inches of snow the greenhouse was undamaged. I would caution to take as much care in the base it sits on as the erection. I built on a pressure treated pallet like base. Going into my second winter very satisfied with durability.
  • Green House
    The greenhouse materials were in good condition but a couple of the posts were slightly bent. It appears to be strong and durable. I am using this product as a greenhouse. I would suggest the panes be just a little bit thicker so it will be stronger.
  • High winds not so good
    Everything was great until high winds came through and literally destroyed the thing in an hour. I had an automatic vent and everything and everything was great until change of seasons and more greenhouse. Didnt even have it a full year.
  • a few tips
    Make sure you take the wind possibility seriously, and set it up only on a calm day! Takes about a day's work in all- with a good sturdy foundation - make sure it is bolted onto the foundation. The braces we got in the packages were too short , so we had to email for the correct braces that were 50 long . They arrived within 5 days. The correct length braces were still 1/2 too short- so we had to improvise. Make sure you don't lose any bolts and nuts or any of the screws or small bits- they are all specific- hard to replace. Some of the polycarbonate panels were cut crookedly and we had a hard time with some of them to get them to fit properly. Now that it is up it is sturdy and great!
  • Not so great
    Wind knocked it down in about 2 seconds during a spring storm here in Texas, granted it was a high wind, which is normal here in spring time Texas. I had it anchored to concrete and all nuts and bolts tightened...but it went quick.
  • Harmony Greenhouse
    Some of the plastic parts were cut too short. Difficult instructions with only pictures. Some parts were not labeled.
  • Perfect
    Great Greenhouse, was unsure to start because other reviews said took 4 days and mutilple people and still not together. I don't understand this, my wife and I built this in 5 hrs and was simple. This is our first green house but it seems very stable and strong. Could have a stronger base for high wind areas but still seams sturdy. Hint: while assembling use extra square head bolts left loose in tracks. This will give additional options for later additions. Also might need to trim poly panels a little bit. Not a big deal easy with razor knife.
  • Lucy
    Love it! I was a little worried from the other reviews about the difficulty of putting it together. It took us less than 4 hours and we only had a few scratch your head moments. Important to note that the long polycarbonate panels do have a top and bottom. It will matter when sliding on the next pieces. Note that my husband is very handy, which helped. Very sturdy and beautiful!!!
  • Darryl
    I got this Green house for my wife for XMAS. she loves it. my Son and I put it together in 6-7 hours, only thing we ran into was a slight issue with the roof top window, it took a couple tries to get that part in. I finally just slid it in from the very end and slid it into its correct spot then put the stops in. It went together well. looked a bit flimsy during the fact but once its all together, she is very sturdy. I should have went bigger I can already tell we are going to run out of room. there is so much we can with it now. growing veggies in the winter is AWESOME. Thanks
  • Harmony Greenhouse
    I have built a 8x16 kit from same manufacture, so I thought putting together the 6x8 Harmony would be no problem. Wrong! Instructions difficult, many parts not marked with part numbers, parts mismarked, two parts both 7009, not in kit as well as a (I think number correct) 252 brace. Much massaging necessary to get together.
  • Too Hard To Put Together
    Oh how I wish I had not purchased this greenhouse. After 4 hours (and four people) the first day, we got about 35% of the way through installing the thing. Day two lasted 2 hours before we gave's now about 45% of the way complete and we don't have the mental strength to keep going. Our plants are now in the garage for the winter, which is what we wanted to avoid. A terrible waste of a lot of money.
  • Instructions
    I rate this a zero- It is 4 days now that we are trying to put this greenhouse up- the directions are pictures with no text the panels are cut wrong and nothing fits together the way it should- and no where is there any help on it
  • Green House
    Product is good quality all items mfg perfectly.Deed not arrive complete came into shipments with no notification from supplier. Some of the al frame was bent, however this is probaby UPS and not the store. Instruction not good, pictures only took longer to build then should have and labeling on items terrible. Some parts were not even labeled. Over all build 7-hrs.I would recomend wording on the instructions and better part labeling.
  • Sparky
    Except for the door seal not being sent, the green house went together fairly easily.It took about 5 hours from start to finish. We mounted ours on pressure treated 4 X 4 and secured them to the ground with 5/8 rebar, driven at angles to hold the green house down(we expect fairly strong winds) and want to make sure the house stays in our yard. Before assembling the green house make sure the base is square and level. Good luck with yours.
  • Love the greenhouse
    easy to put up. well made. will be super in the winter a little too hot for most plants here in the summer - was 135 degrees in there yesterday.
  • Excellent Greenhouse
    Overall excellent greenhouse. Took 6 hours to assemble. The main problem was the window polycarbonate was not cut correctly at factory so the panels did not install without some cutting and fiddling. It looks flimsy but once assembled it is strong. Very happy so far.also one piece missing but customer service responded to my email within 20 minutes with a solution.
  • Great
    Put the greenhouse right over my hottub, and connected it to the house throw the back wall to the back door, we have used the tub more this winter then ever before Thank You Great Product
  • Written Instructions
    The instructions also need to be written, not just the pictures. Would make constructing the greenhouse, so much easier.
  • surprised!
    I was skeptical when the two boxes arrived. I did not believe it contained a whole greenhouse. BUT IT DID!! We had a few issues, such as some of the polymer panels were not cut level and the insert would not lock into the frame, but the finished product is attractive, and I am well please with the appearance. I am accustomed to written instructions and there were none, just pictures. There was a little confusion at times but we eventually worked them out. My advice: Do not get ahead of yourself. Follow the instructions with out skipping anything.
  • Solid product for the price.
    Nice product definitely worth it. It will take you the full 4-5 to assemble. The one flaw with it and every other greehouse its size was the height. I built mine on top of 3 layers of 6x6 landscape ties and it is now the perfect height.
  • On an Island
    Staked and ready to withstand the storms coming out of the Gulf this fall. We are enjoying our greenhouse with Tomatoes begun. I am fighting my wife with her flower space:)
  • Installing a greenhouse
    After some hesitation my wife finally decided thst she really did want a greenhouse. I searched the internet until I found your array of products and we selected the 6'x8' model. After we ordered it we were amazed when it arrived a couple of days later. We decided to install it on a wooden platform and proceeded with the installation. The assembly instructions were very clear, with a few minor exceptions. It helps to study the instructions very carefully before proceeding, something I rarely do; so I had to do a little rework to correct my oversights. All in all the project went very well and we are very happy with the end product.
  • Great Greenhouse!
    My husband and I love it! It's sturdy, water tight and very warm. I do wish a small guide for growing plants in a greenhouse was included -- I toasted a couple plants before I recognized how warm it stayed.
  • Easy as 1 2 3...
    I put this greenhouse up by myself. It took 3 days with approximately a total of 9 hours. The hardest part was leveling the ground and frame. The only things I would do different from the instructions is assemble the back first before working on the front with the door. I would also attache the hinges to the frame before I worked on the entire door and front part. I also did not put the hinge on the vent in the roof of the house. I left the little rubber stoppers out, so the window slides in both directions instead of lifting up to vent the house. I did this because of the heat here in the desert. Otherwise it was a breeze to put up. Well worth the price and compliments to the staff for replacing parts that had been damaged in shipping. Would highly recommend this hobby greenhouse. I took my time and really enjoyed the assembly and time it took to put up. The concord grapes, herbs, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and flowering plants are doing very well. Will truly enjoy it in the winter months. I see a second house in the very near future. Thank You so much for providing the public with this wonderful product.
  • Veggy House
    We love the greenhouse. It is very sturdy and so far has stood up to the Wyoming wind. We are excited to see how our veggies prosper. So far so good!!
  • Mr.
    Excellent product, easy to assemble,need bracket for hanging a fan.
  • Green House
    Took some time to put it together, not hard at all. Thanks, may order another !!
  • Beautiful and sturdy
    Needed a building to go over a wet weather spring that we were using to water our fruit trees. This fit the bill perfectly. The water goes into a holding tank with a trap door in the foundation the greenhouse serves 2 purposes. We have started some tomatoes from seeds ...doing better than we have ever grown. The building was easy to put together. Seems very sturdy. Functional and beautiful.
  • Very Happy with our New Greenhouse!
    Our previous greenhouse was twisted in Superstorm Sandy so we were looking for a better built replacement. The panel tracks look to be significantly more stable and it is very attractive. It took most of a Sunday to assemble with 2 people. Getting many compliments on it!
  • Nice Greenhouse
    Attractive, assembled fairly easy (I assembled by myself in 1/1/2 days)The braces did not fit, redrilled. Tomatoes and strawberries doing great. Temp today is 42.
  • Easy
    The instructions were easy to follow and all parts were well marked. My son and I had the kit completed within 6 hours. Let the growing begin!
  • Decent value
    Every review I saw found the directions to be a problem. They weren't great, but not that bad either. It does take two people to construct and it shouldn't be windy. Once put togehter it is a nice looking, functional greenhouse. I actually constructed a secure base of about 18 inches in height so I could move around inside without banging my head into the roof.
  • An Affordable Solution
    The Nature Greenline arrived promptly in two large banded and well packaged parcels. My wife and I assembled it on top of a 4x4 pressure treated fir base secured by re-bar and steel stakes. It took us a day to prepare the site and 3 days to assemble the structure. We purchased several stacking vinyl shelving units from our local hardware store and they sit on the pea gravel floor. Our seedlings are beginning to come up and the rabits and other wildlife in our area are not able to steal our hard work anymore. Thank you Greenhouse Megastore for an affordable solution.
  • Karen
    Great starter greenhouse for my son. Fairly easy to assemble and plenty of room for all his flowers and vegetables.
  • Nature Greenline Review
    The product seemed very well made and virtually all parts were numbered appropriately. It took two of us about a day to assemble everything but the door handle and vent window which took me another two hours or so the next day. So far very happy with the outcome of the project. The only thing keeping me from giving it a higher overall rating is the lack of written instructions for some of the more complicated steps which one simply has to intuitively figure out. This is especially true for the vent window which I finally figured out has to slide in from either end of the greenhouse.
  • Harmony Greenhouse
    The pictures only directions were scary at first,but if you take your time even someone like myself and husband put it up over a weekend.It is very sturdy. I like all the finishing details.Great for the price,could recomend to a friend
  • James
    Love the greenhouse. Looks great the only reason for 3 out 5 is the directions are terrible. Words to accompany the pictures may have helped. I would recommend to anyone looking for a greenhouse
  • product
    Overall product is good; appearance and functionality are what you would expect for this level of a greenhouse.Assembly is just as others have said. I used a handyman, who took about 6 hours with a helper to put together. Instructions only have pictures, not words, so following the multiple steps can get confusing.Delivery was prompt.
  • Growing Green In Mississippi
    Instructions were easy to follow (pictures instead of written instructions)Took two people one day to assemble. Everything went together very smoothly. The greenhouse has stood up to wind and heavy rain. I have put my plants inside to keep them out of the cold. Anxious to start my seeds.
  • Nice product
    This is a great starter greenhouse. Great company. Aneita from customer service was very professional.Thanks-
  • Great product!
    Great product, can't wait to get some plants out there. Took all day to put together, but my brother did it all by himself (in the snow). Only negative is that the plexiglass could be a little heavier but it's still a great quality greenhouse. I would definitely recommend this.
  • Greenhouse
    I was a little intimidated when I got my Greenhouse, but after I started putting it together I was able to get it up within about 7 hours. It looks great and my orchids love it.
  • David
    The picture of this product is a bit misleading - while it is shown on-line and on the box - with shelving nowhere in the information does it say that it is not included.
  • Nature Greenline Greenhouse
    I put together an earlier version of this Palram greenhouse in 2008 and was quite pleased to find out when I bought this one that all of the shortcomings of the earlier model had been addressed. It went together perfectly and withstood 50 mph gusts from Hurricane Sandy without a hitch! This is one really great product!
  • Patricia
    Very impressed with the quality of this greenhouse. Easy assembly instructions! My husband and I put this together over the weekend. Looks great and the detail is amazing! Ordered this on a saturday, arrived within 3 days.
  • 6x8 greenhouse
    It looks great now that it is assembled. Very pleased with it. Had many, many parts and took longer to put together than I had expected.
  • 6X8 Greenhouse
    We were very satisfed with the look, quality, price and ease of installation.
  • Best product ever
    I just recently purchased the Nature greenline greenhouse and I must say that it is of good quality, sturdy and it looks good in my back yard. I am 63 years old and I was able to put it together by myself. It took longer than the five hours. It was also fun to do.You if anyone out there is looking to buy a small green house for the price you can't beat this one.Hurry before you miss out. You can't go wrong. I am so proud of my green house untilI have to look out my window often just to admire it. No kidding.
  • Very happy with greenhouse
    Very easy (for my husband) to put together. Constructed with durable materials. Alot of thought went into the plans when created. I've had it two weeks and its already half filled - love it!
  • Can't wait to fill it up!!!!!
    I'm so excited about the greenhouse! It did take a bit of time to construct, but I'm sure it will be well worth it. Thank You. By the way, the remnants of Isaac came through here, two days after construction. It did fine, in the wind gusts.
  • Larry
    Greenhouse took about 6hrs to put together over 3afternoons after work. Plastic sides a little lighter than expected but will do the job. It looks appealing in the back yard. Cannot wait to fill it with vegetables this fall and winter.
  • Greenhouse
    Really expected the product to equal the $$ amount. The framework is acceptable, but the plastic panels are below the quality I expected for the price. Would not purchse this product again. Also had to drill holes into bottom of frame in order to attach to existing would decking. Fortunately, I was able to place the greenhouse in an area protected on three sides from wind, because if it was not, the panels would certainly be damaged if not competely blown out during winter months. Did not expect that I would have to disassemble unit in winter weather. The point was to be able to use year round, I will be keeping it erected year 'round in hopes that the area of erection will provide enough protection. I am located in the Pacific NW and we get enough sun in the winter to utilize a greenhouse. I will let you know how it fares after the 2012/13 winter.
  • Nature Greenhouse
    I was satisfied with my order. Price was good and it arrived in a timely manner. It was not difficult to assemble, did most of it by myself. Takes longer than the time it says on the paper but was not bad.
  • 6 x 8 Greenhouse
    It would have been easier to assemble without a man helping (hahahah) but it was relatively easy and I LOVE IT! Just the right size for my first one and I am in heaven fillling it with new plants!
  • Nature greenhouse
    Greenhouse purchased as a gift for the man who has everything. He loved it. First he got to assemble it and now he gets to grow things in the winter. Assembly is not easy, 12 hours of time but it is all together and standing. Great gift.
  • Beautiful Greenhouse
    I chose this greenhouse after looking at many of them over the past year. I call it beautiful because of the green framing of it. It sets it apart from all others. It really looks great in our backyard. The directions say set-up time is 4 to 5 hours. I recommend that you not try to set it up in one day. Take your time and do so much over one or two weeks. Less stressful that way. I got it done by myself in about 10 days doing a little bit each day. The only thing this greenhouse lacks is shelving, but i knew that when I bought it. The price and color is what convinced me to go for it. I'll make my own shelves in the coming months, but until then we already have planting pots on the ground along both walls. So, we're ready to go!Thanks!
  • Nature Greenhouse
    I love my new Nature Greenhouse! It was not too hard to put together and we had fun.It will be well used and looks so good in my backyard!