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Free Shipping See Details The HarvestHouse Plus is a tower-style greenhouse with an inventive new design that allows for easy set-up and offers a convenient storage solution when not in use. At 6.5' H x 4.5' W, the HarvestHouse Plus provides plenty of room for plants to grow. The HarvestHouse Plus
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The HarvestHouse Plus is a tower-style greenhouse with an inventive new design that allows for easy set-up and offers a convenient storage solution when not in use. At 6.5' H x 4.5' W, the HarvestHouse Plus provides plenty of room for plants to grow. The HarvestHouse Plus comes in 2.5' deep and 4.5' deep models.

The new X-Up shelves lift and lock into place, creating a sturdy frame, especially when coupled with the included stakes and high-wind tie downs. This allows the HarvestHouse to be set up on both soil and hard surfaces. When the growing season is over, the HarvestHouse is easily folded down for compact storage.

The clear PVC cover lets light and warmth through while still providing plants with the protection they need.

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Reviews (12)
  • Gets the job done
    I live in the northeast and our growing season is short. I bought this to help with the hardening off of my baby plants. Set up is simple with 2 people and it took less than an hour. It holds a temp of 6-8 degrees higher than outside which was exactly what I was hoping for. The cover is a bit lightweight I am hoping to get 2 years use on the cover which I think is a reasonable expectation; I was very happy to know they do make replacement covers. The frame is sturdy and well designed and using it for my purposes it should last several years. I am happy with my purchase tending to seedlings under lights in my garage is a hassle this was just what I needed.
  • flower house harvest house
    recently set it up and it looks well made. great price when on sale and quick delivery.
  • One Season Cover
    Although this design has an awesome amount of shelf space and is easy and fast to assemble and take down, the cover only lasts one season. I guess this vinyl isn't meant to be used outdoors as it degrades so quickly. Therefore the ad is misleading.
  • Product durability
    Nice greenhouse for the price but the cover did not last a full season. I have contacted the company about purchasing another cover but have not heard back from them .....that was last year. Don't buy this as you will only get a years use and cannot replace the cover separately.
  • covering for greenhouse
    the assembly of the unit was very easy however the clear plastic was VERY hard to separate it neededto have a silicone applied to keep it from sticking to itself I had to leave it in a cool room untangle it before I could put it in place
  • Torn Cover
    Loved this Greenhouse. It was very easy to install but started ripping at the seems where Velcro and cloth securements were located, then proceeded to Tate other locations as well . I don't see any wat to replace the plastic cover. Since this appears to be a repeat problem, I'm giving it a 2 star rating. If the company can reinforce the seams, it could be an amazing product.
  • update on greenhouse
    This is an update to a previous review. The company did send me a replacement cover for the greenhouse which is much appreciated and therefore I increased my rating to 4 stars. Hopefully the new cover will not tear.
  • Can't regulate temp and huge tear in seam!
    I setup the HarvestHouse Pro with my husband and sister-in-law in minutes and was pleasantly pleased with the how easy it was to setup. We looked for instructions but really didn't need any. I was super excited to get my seedlings going. I had a very hard time regulating temperature on the unit. It got over 120 degrees at some points. I decided to setup some fans to cool it down and noticed that there was a big rip in the seam near the front left corner. I had only had the unit setup for 3 days! Even with the huge gash in the clear PVC cover it was still to hot to propagate seedlings. So several weeks after setting up I have an empty torn greenhouse in my backyard. It's a sad looking greenhouse.
  • cover is torn after only 2 weeks
    I set this up 2 weeks ago and the plastic cover is already torn at the corners and is spreading. I set this up on my back porch, close to my house. It is also protected from high winds (not that we had any) by a 6 foot fence. In addition to the tearing the ceiling ties were incorrectly sewn in and therefore are useless. I have written the company and am waiting to see if I can get a replacement cover. Hopefully the replacement will be carefully inspected for quality construction. I will update this post when I get a response. The design of this is good, but as a greenhouse this unit will be useless unless the cover is of good quality.
  • Great Greenhouse
    This is my first greenhouse, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I like it. I like that it's adjustable and lightweight. What I do not like is that in strong winds, it will blow over. To fix that problem, I put bricks on the bottom shelves and now I no longer have that problem. I'd recommend it to others.
  • Mini greenhouse
    Great for those few cold months we have. Used 2 75w PAR bulbs to keep temps up.
  • Great Product
    My brother, sisters and I gave 2 of these to our mother for Christmas. She loved them! Very easy to assemble! All of my Mothers plants fit with room to spare. She will probably buy more plants to fill it up!