Snap and Grow Greenhouse

Item No. HG-SNG-06
Free Shipping See Details Dimensions 6' 3" W x 8' 4" L x 6' 9" H Sidewall 4' Frame Aluminum with Rigid Polypropylene SmartLock Connectors Color Silver Covering Clear, Single-layer SnapGlas Polycarbonate Panels Door(s) Innovative Split Door Roof Vents 1 End Vents 0 Side Vents 0 Base Integrated
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Free ShippingSee Details
Dimensions6' 3" W x 8' 4" L x 6' 9" H
FrameAluminum with Rigid Polypropylene SmartLock Connectors
CoveringClear, Single-layer SnapGlas Polycarbonate Panels
Door(s)Innovative Split Door
Roof Vents1
End Vents0
Side Vents0
FoundationOptions - Stakes; Treated 4x4's; Concrete Piers or Slab
More foundation information
PDF File
WarrantyFrame - 5 years; Covering - 5 years
Warranty InformationPDF File
Manual6 x 8 Snap & Grow Assembly ManualPDF File

The Snap & Grow Silver 6' wide x 8' long greenhouse has been engineered from the ground up to get you growing quickly. It features the innovative SmartLock connector system that allows you to assemble the heavy-duty, aluminum frame quickly and easily without a lot of hardware. The innovative split door and vent windows are even preassembled out of the box! The tough, crystal-clear SnapGlas panels simply slide and lock into place without any complicated tools or hardware.

Heavy-duty Aluminum Frame

Corrosion resistant aluminum frame will go up quickly with the SmartLock connector system.

Clear as Glass Polycarbonate

Crystal clear SnapGlas polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable.

Includes Base Kit and Ground Spikes

Snap together galvanized base kit will provide an easy way to properly anchor your greenhouse.

Adjustable Ventilation

An adjustable, preassembled roof vent and the unique, split-style door provide excellent ventilation. Preinstalled weather-stripping will help keep your plants safe.

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Product Video  (8' Wide Model)

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Reviews (25)
  • Horrible for many reasons
    This came missing many of the parts. We reported it and the manufacturer (through Greenhouse Megastore) sent them a piece at a time. It's January 16 and we still don't have all the parts. In addition, the top panels, which did have all the parts, slid down or blew off every time there was wind. We purchased a greenhouse of @ the same size from Canada at the same time. What a difference. This is a very POOR quality structure, flimsy and the customer service is BAD!
  • Good product except the instructions
    6 people 7 hours and still not done. 5 people finished the next day. The instructions are terrible! The snap together part was great. 8x16 additions instructions non existent. We secured railroad ties to the ground and secured it to them. All level and squared up. Doors still need tweaking. We will see!
  • 6X8 Greenhouse
    We were surprised at the lack of instructions; there were only pictures to guide assembly. Definitely a two-person job. The quality of the panels is disappointing; they are very thin and not likely to withstand our Wyoming winds and/or winters. For the price, we were expecting something with a bit more quality. We will see!
  • Good product but not easy
    I would hate to see the normal greenhouse that isn't just snap together. With three people it took 8 hours to assemble. However, as a whole a good product.
  • Home Owner
    This project was the worst I have ever undertaken. The parts didn't fit properly, the snap on pieces did not snap as you said. It was difficult to assemble and took over 20 hours to get it done. You said 4 hours. NO... I will not recommend this product to anyone. It is cheaply built and hard to assemble even for a person with the knowledge and know how to do it. I am not happy with you product.
  • Fine product once you get it set up
    This greenhouse is the perfect size for us. It arrived within a week and it took my wife and me about 7 hours on Saturday and an additional 4 hours on Sunday to get it set up. Instructions were fairly easy to follow but there were a few little things we had to improvise with to get it up. Product is sturdy once it's completely put together. I just wish it had openings at each end for better cross ventilation.
  • Disappointing experience
    Buying this product was poor experience. From poor design. Parts that didn't fit.,call for help staff didn't provide information to make this product work. When I reference parts number staff they do not have this parts.i sent the boxes back waiting for refund.
  • Retired homeowner
    I am 73 and my husband is 84 and the two of us were able to assemble the greenhouse with very few problems, but it took us a week instead of a half day. My husband then built 2 bird houses with a decorative ridge grill that runs the length of the roof. We love it!
  • Not worth the money
    Horrible to put together. Most of the pieces didn't fit together right. Door is off center. Even took back apart and put back together and it still didn't fit right. Lots of the pieces were broken upon arrival.
  • Mixed Blessings
    Delivery good and only one piece broken. This was replaced after a lot of phone/ email tag with Palram which was a forewarner of their customer service failings!Everything fit together nicely until I tried positioning the 10 columns up from the base frame. While the 4 columns that fixed straight to the metal frame fit perfectly, the 6 that had to locate over the base frame joints simply did not locate correctly due to the plastic molding of the base joints obstructing the attachment lips on the columns. I spent hours puzzling over whether I should be locating the columns either side of the joints, but the instruction manual seemed to indicate a position directly over the joint, and logically that had to be the way to go. Phone calls to Palram are met by an answering machine, and calls are not returned! Greenhouse Megastore rep was much more helpful and sympathetic but only confirmed what I knew - the columns had to go over the joints, but that is physically impossible given the design!! In the end I had to get a drill, hammer and chisel and remove the offending plastic from the joints in order to secure the columns. Happily that worked. The second narrowly averted disaster was that 2 of the A frame end of roof supports were incorrectly labelled - this way up was actually this way down, and I had to knock them out and turn them around to make the whole thing work. Once those challenges were overcome (plus a lot of fiddling to get the door unit fitting straight) the greenhouse is up and seems good and sturdy. All in all a success, but be prepared for a lot more work and frustration than predicted. I still can't believe that a mainly well-engineered kit has one such basic design flaw. Palram clearly don't want to believe it either, which is why they won't discuss it with you!
  • Tough Assembly
    Assembled the frame in my garage using the sloppily molded plastic fittings. Some shattered. Parts that were pre-fitted at the factory had all sorts of plastic ooze that needed to be removed with a knife. After building my foundation using composite 2x6's nailed to the leveled perimeter, how this flimsy arrangement of metal framework would support anything is beyond me, let alone a finished greenhouse. I may discard it and screw the frame to the foundation as they did in the video, which had nothing for a foundation. The directions lean to the bizarre, especially the lateral bracing photos, which do not resemble the # 256 parts included. No angles on a cross brace? They don't even come close to the bolt hole. As for the shipping by UPS, the ends of both boxes were just about destroyed by arrival. One plastic part was broken. I intend to try to make this work but I should have just built my own with real composite panels and wood framing.
  • Snap and Grow Greenhouse
    Always wanted a hobby greenhouse! Installation was relatively straightforward and preparing the foundation took longer than actual assembly. To give additional height, I built on top of 6 x 6 treated lumber, digging them down so the greenhouse itself sits approximately 2 above my patio. This added height really helps! I installed two 2' by 3' raised beds (20 deep) on one side and double planting shelves on the back and opposite side. The floor is decorative stone with flagstone walk down the middle. While it is slightly cramped, I started tomatoes, spring onions, carrots, and baby greens, all from seed in the two beds. This was in October. It is now February and I have tomato plants full of flowers, have been eating fresh greens, am waiting for the peppers and carrots. Ten different kinds of herbs on the shelves and some seed started veggies for the garden come spring. An electric heater keeps the greenhouse in the 50 to 70 degree range. To help with insulation, I covered the greenhouse with a sheet of 10 mil clear plastic. I could use a lot more sunlight, but being winter in Pennsylvania, I'll take what I can get. All In all, I'm very pleased with this product. The important thing to remember is the foundation. Don't skimp, even though the construction is fairly substantial, I don't think it would take a hurricane to take it down!
  • Snap & Grow
    Great engineering and thoughtful design. Assembles to a sturdy final construction. Assembly time - warning - there is as much preparation time needed as there is assembly time ie: foundation, level surface, identifying and sorting parts, etcetera. Definitely a 2 person job, but it is easy work- someone to hd things in place through the frame assembly portion. DON'T assemble anything out of order........ They figured it out for you already - no need to reinvent it. Suggest writing label numbers on the part in addition to the labels that may be on the part once you identify it. The print is very full and the sticky isn't really stuck onto the part. Great customer service. I received two part errors and I had them replaced in 40 hours. (Double Check your parts before assembly day) I'll be ordering the automatic vent now I that know how much the automation is needed. Nice workmanship and materials. Measurements are spot on - made me look like a professional contractor even though I am not!
  • Durability
    The strap that holds the top of the door open broke in less than a month. When we had a problem with a broken part, it was promply replaced.
  • Great Project
    After reading many reviews I committed to the Snap and Grow. Awesome! All the pieces were there along with a few extra pieces. Everything fit like the diagrams showed. I took my time only needing an extra pair of hands once installing it on the foundation I made. During the assembly I was always amazed at the precision and engineering of this unit. On the foundation and with the final pieces assembled it's solid. The only piece of engineering I'd change would be the roof vent attachment and actually I did by installing a couple of hinges. I had this complete in a week, spending an hour or so doing the actual assembly and another hour making sure I understood the diagram instructions. I expect this greenhouse to keep the critters out of my garden, thanks Palram.
  • Do yourself a favor and do not buy this
    Very poor design and assembly directions, difficult to assemble, flimsy... sorry I bought this product.
  • Perfect!
    I bought this greenhouse to keep my ornamental plants safe during the few freezes we have in north Florida. It was a snap to assemble! It is mounted on a 4 x 4 cedar frame with pea gravel on the floor over a layer of weed control matting. For shelving I used cinder blocks laid down horizontally with three cedar 2 x 4's positioned next to each other across the blocks. I am very pleased with this item and will find more uses for it as spring approaches. It is shorter that I expected but works for me as I am only 5' 6 tall. I have head room but my husband has to bend down a bit while inside.
  • Snap and Grow green house
    I am very happy with my greenhouse. It takes two to put together but it is not complicated. My plants are growing very nicely. I just had to put a fan inside because of the heat, but I had already planned that with the heat we have. I highly recommend this greenhouse.
  • great hot house
    I found it easy to assemble and the picture direction were ok, a few notes could use more. House is stable KS and High winds were concerning me, only 3 weeks and two storms later no problems. Mounted it to 6 x 6 treated lumber burried in gravel with stone/pavers on top. you will need the shade and the automatic opener. Great product for the price. I would buy it again
  • Snap n Grow Greenhouse
    The greenhouse is awesome! My husband assembled it and said it was very time consuming, however simple. Small but will do a wonderful job.
  • Did not snap ( and grow)
    Bought 8x6 snap and grow to keep plants in for winter. Works like a charmMy only problem was it did not snap ( putting it together). Some parts were a bit off and required some pounding. Overall very pleased with product!!
  • Snap and Grow Green House
    Just recieved my snap and grow green house and I am pleasantly surprised at this structure and how easy it was to put up. To early to start planting seeds but in the next 2 weeks I will have seeds started and in the green house. So far I am very pleased.
  • Snap & Grow Greenhouse
    After seeing other greenhouses in this price range, the Snap & Grow is certainly one of the best for quality, appearance and use. The panels are secure, the construction very well designed and this unit can withstand all kinds of weather. The instruction manual is primarily graphics, but it is well done and I would suggest one take their time with the assembly and study the drawings and double check their work. The manual states to allow a half day for assembly but this is very optimistic. It is a process that requires time. Also, the base preparation may be time consuming -- I used a 2' perimeter of patio bricks with pea gravel in the center. I completed the construction single handedly and would recommend that after assembling the basic frame to move it on the base assembly. The instruction manual waits until #27 to do this but I did it after #10. Great little unit to extend the growing season!
  • good buy
    I was excited to find it was easy to put together and found that I had more space then I imaged.
  • only one mishap
    This very pretty greenhouse arrived quickly in two large boxes; easier to have a helper around. Assembly went quickly and easily following the picture guide. All parts are clearly labeled. Again, it is better to have a helper on the other end of the longer parts. The only mishap was that it is a lot easier to put the frame on the base before glazing, since even one person can easily lift the whole frame once assembled, but not once glazed. The photo guide has it the other way, perhaps since the base does make it all taller. I am very pleased, and the tomatoes and seedlings are happy. I think the automatic vent opener will be my next purchase before summer.