Fungal & Weed Prevention

Fungicides, Anti-Fungal, Algaecide, Weed Killer

If you're looking to eliminate spore production, stop pathogens, or just for a general disinfectant, our variety of fungicides have multiple applications, from turf to ornamentals to greenhouse use.

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GlyPhoSel Pro 41%
Item No. CH-HER-GP
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Greenshield Algaecide, Gallon
Item No. CH-GS Low Stock, Order Now
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Decree, 2.5 lb.
Item No. CH-FG-DEC Low Stock, Order Now
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Banrot 40WP, 2 lb.
Item No. CH-FG-BANR In Stock
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Aliette, 5 lb.
Item No. CH-FG-ALT Low Stock, Order Now
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