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Gro-mat brand electric seedling mats produce a uniform radiant heat for quick propagation of your seedlings. Integrated metal rack holds your tray slightly above the mat to provide a gentle, even heat that will not dry out your plants as quickly as other mats. How It Works Gro-mat has been
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Gro-mat brand electric seedling mats produce a uniform radiant heat for quick propagation of your seedlings. Integrated metal rack holds your tray slightly above the mat to provide a gentle, even heat that will not dry out your plants as quickly as other mats.

How It Works

Gro-mat has been pre-tested and set to the correct temperature for use. The mat and rack have been designed together so warmth travels upward through the open space between the flat and the mat, and circulates into and through soil.


Gro-mat contains an electric heating element that produces uniform radiant heat. It is themostatically controlled so that the heat will be maintained at a constant temperature. The heating element is molded within the rubber to eliminate the danger of fire or electrical shock (As with any new heated rubber product, the rubber odor may be quite noticeable when plugged in the first time. This is temporary, and will dissipate quickly.


Use Grow-mat in an area that is not affected by another heat source - avoid placement near a washer, dryer, television, or heater. Keep the mat out of sunlight that comes through windows in morning or afternoon. While light is good in helping seedlings from getting too leggy, you must be careful of the heat effect.

Take care as to what type of surface you place the mat on; some delicate surfaces can discolor or crack from the heat. If you are not sure about the surface, place some cardboard under the mat for insulation.


Take care to keep the soil moist and watch the flats closely in the beginning - the added heat causes the soil to dry out faster.

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Reviews (19)
  • Awesome grow mat
    I bought 2 back in the late 1980s and they are both going strong still and have helped to start many flats of seeds for many many years now - when these give up on me I will replace them with the same thing! Love my gro-mats
  • Long lasting
    This looks like the same one my mother gave me over 30 years ago for Christmas. It finally gave out last year and was a real workhorse. I like the "cage" feature because the seedlings don't sit directly on the mat. I've used other heat mats but this has been my favorite.
  • Love these
    So far these have really sped up my growing garden plants from seeds. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to save on the cost of garden plants by starting their own.
  • Large Gro-Mat
    I haven't seen another product that even comes close to the quality and dependability of Grow-Mat!
  • Carla in Montana
    Love them, I have 3 and they work great. No thermostat to worry about.
    I have had several of these mats and one finally gave out and so just ordered another. I love them. The heat is constituent and I am able to start my plants with the constant heat I am looking for. Thanks!!
  • Large Grow Mat
    Excellent product that fully met my expectations. I would definitely buy again. I have a separate settable temp monitor, so the one that's part of the heat mat is not really used for me. Great product.
  • Grow Mats
    Although haven't used these grow mats to the fullest potential, our findings so far are very good. Granddaughter has a science project about seeds and her beans srouted in 2 days and after 1 1/2 weeks they are 14 tall
  • ?
    I have used these items this week. They are working well.
  • Very Pleased!
    So pleased with my grow mat. My seeds seem to love it, too! Attention to my order was prompt and I received it earlier than I anticipated. Thanks for a good well done.
  • Georgia Master Gardener
    This is my first time using a heated gro-mat and thus far it has proved to be very satisfactory. It is wide enough for three 72 cell starter trays. After the initial break in period of about a week ,which has a burnt rubber smell, the mats are oderless now.The constant temperate generated keeps the soil at 70 degrees or more and germination of my tomatoe seeds have taken about 4-5 days I feel safe using this product in my home and would recommend it to fellow gardeners.
  • cool gro mat
    I'm a novice at starting seeds at home, so after much research I chose this gro mat. I really liked that the mat had a grate for airflow under my trays. I think it helped even out the temperature with no hot spots. I would recommend this for the novice and on up.
  • Mr.
    Excellent product, really helps with seed germ and rooting hardwood cuttings
  • Gro-Mat
    Grow mat works as advertised. My tomatoes germinated in just three days. Best ever, a must for every gardner who starts from seeds.
  • Gro-Mat
    Keeps constant heat. Large enough for 72 small peat discs. Has a small enough footprint to be at the end of my table.
  • Gro Mat
    Started out with one Gro Mat for hibiscus seeds and now have 3 Gro Mats for the seeds that sprouted and are now 6 inch tall plants enjoying the bottom heat
  • GROW ! Grow GROW!
    This GRO-MAT is AWESOME. I already see new growth on my cyclamen. It just needed the proper heat. I am anxious to start my seeds on it after Christmas! Thank You Greenhouse Megastore! :)
  • Forgot to Mention !
    My Gro-Mat was the best price I could find also. I did my homework and the price was well below many of the other Greenhouse Supply Stores. Thanks AgainFawn
  • Gro-Mats do the job!
    I now own 4 of these gro-mats. I use them to start Lotus and Dahlias inside as we have a short summer in Minnesota. The only complaint I have is the rubber will smell when new and takes some time to finally mellow out! Otherwise these do a great job of heating pots and flats!