Pro-Mix Premium Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix, 1 cu. ft.

Item No. SO-PM-UOM
Pro-Mix Premium Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix is OMRI-Listed and Ready-to-use. This peat-based mix is perfect for all your vegetable, fruit, and herb garden needs, whether in-ground or in containers. It is specially formulated with an organic fertilizer that provides gradual feeding to your plants,
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Pro-Mix Premium Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix is OMRI-Listed and Ready-to-use. This peat-based mix is perfect for all your vegetable, fruit, and herb garden needs, whether in-ground or in containers. It is specially formulated with an organic fertilizer that provides gradual feeding to your plants, gypsum for amazing tomato growth, and Mycorrhizae that will help produce vigorous growth and a bountiful and healthy harvest.

Standard Features

  • NPK 0.30 - 0.05 - 0.10
  • OMRI-Listed for use in organic gardening.
  • Gradually feeds plants for up to 3 months.
  • Contains an organic fertilizer that gradually releases nutrients to plants for healthy feeding and hearty growth.
  • Contains Mycorrhizae to stimulate vigorous growth and greater resistance.
  • 1 cu. ft. loose fill bag.

Crop Types

  • Vegetables & Herbs
  • Annuals & Perennials


  • Canadian sphagnum peat moss (60-75%)
  • Peat humus
  • Perlite
  • Gypsum
  • Limestone (for pH adjustment)
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Mycorrhizae - PTB297 Technology

Additional Information

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Replenishment System Purchase
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Reviews (22)
  • Love it!
    This is the first time I tried this soil for my vegetable garden and it's very good quality. No extra pieces of twigs, etc. I mixed it with worm castings and I'm already harvesting some greens! Will definitely buy again!
  • Really Like This Product
    I really do like this product and more importantly so do the plants I have started in it.
  • 5/5 A+ Great Business
    Pro-mix premium organic vegetable and herb mix is a great and healthy soil mix, that makes my plants grow strong and healthy. I will be happy to buy this outstanding product from green house mega store again. Thank you for the great business and fast shipping. 5/5 A+
  • Great Business 5/5 A+
    Thank you for the order. I will be happy to order again. 5/5 A+ Great business.
  • Outstanding Product
    Pro-Mix Premium Organic Vegetable and Herb mix is a great product. It works better than different companies Organic mix for my plants, growing healthy plants and 2x the size. I will be happy to order again. Thank you for the outstanding Organic mix. Great Business, 5/5 A+.
  • 5/5 A+ Great Business
    thank you greenhouse mega store for the organic soil. This is a great company with trusting customer service. 5/5 A+ Great Business, thank you.
  • Good soil, price &delivery
    Good soil, Excellent price, Got it to us quickly, would definitely recommend to anyone. Only negative was that we ordered 22 cu ft and received 21 but that was a ups problem as one box was badly damaged and that was short the 1 cu ft. YES i will order more again
  • Very Satisfied
    Delivery right on time, fast. Planted herbs, scented geraniums and mints in containers. They are growing healthy and fast. Soil is draining perfectly. So glad I found this product at your store. Will be back.
  • I think not
    Seems lightweight enough, but this soil contains a lot of small pieces of metal, and a few unidentified clumps. My plants do not seem to like it as much as Jiffy...
  • Pro-Mix is Great!
    I Love Pro-Mix Potting Mixes!I have Two 4-Foot (By) 12-FootVegetable Raised Beds in My Backyard.I use the OMRI Listed SKU: SO-PM-UOM for Root Crops Such as Carrots and Onions. Along with ONLY using OMRI listed Fertilizers in My Root Crop Bed.I Use the Non-OMRI listed SKU: SO-PM-UCM in Crops such as Tomatoes and Bell Peppers where the Actual Fruit does not make that much contact with the soil; This method works Great for me; and ALL My Plants are Fed Appropriately; and I know my Food is Safe!
  • organic potting soil
    we keep an organic farm--I use this product to start my saved seeds. It is just wonderful. Celery which can take 23 days to germinate, already up in 7 days.
  • good propagation medium
    This is a nice quality potting medium. It's perfect for starting seeds or cuttings. I used it for both for a class I taught on plant propagation.
  • pro mix
    Very good mix. My seedlings are doing well. Sterile mix is the only way to start in the house. Best I have used in many years!
  • Fantastic
    Used it to start my veggie seeds i am impressed. I will use this product and see what else will help me.
  • Great organic medium for vegetable gardening
    This is a great price for a product I won't be able to live without. It is a perfect medium for an organic gardener. Plants love it and so do I.
  • Great Stuff!
    I love the texture of this and added this to old potting mix by another brand and a good handful of compost. This improved the potting mix and the plants are growing great! I would definitely buy this again.
  • Amazing
    This product is amazing. Switched some vegetables into this mix after using the vigaro stuff from Home Depot. Could not believe the difference. Would highly recommend.
  • great bounty
    I started my tomatos and peppers in this last year with seeds from greenhouse megastore. And here i am back again looking for the same products. My seeds started out great and i had the best garden harvest in years!. The weather helped but i really think the seed starting gave everything a huge advantage
  • Micro Greens grow mix
    Added Azomite & organic fertierlizer to grow micro-greens. Is growing great!!
  • Great going guys...
    Great service and fast shipping... I cannot rate the products quite yet because I had purchased them for the preparation of next Spring's garden.
  • Ultimate Organic Mix
    Wow!!! this soil mix is the bomb! worked very well in seed starting sets. Had germination within 2 days! Thank you Greenhouse Megastore for offering this product.
    I have been on a CONSTANT search for good REAL organic soil. My quest is over, and I have found a product I believe in so much that I have spread the word that it is truly a MIRICLE growing soil , unlike the brand Miracle grow this is a FOOL proof soil that will make ANY plants happy, and in turn u too will be happy. Believe me I would not be taking my time to promote this unless I truly believe it was the BEST! I should do sales for them ;) lol.