Wonder Soil Expand and Plant, 10.5 lb cube

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The most effective PREMIUM COIR based growing medium. Reduces growth cycle by an average 10%. Thus realizing a huge savings in energy costs every growth cycle. Guaranteed low salts. 70% less colony producing micro-organisms than Atami Coir. Simplifies daily watering routine,
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The most effective PREMIUM COIR based growing medium. Reduces growth cycle by an average 10%. Thus realizing a huge savings in energy costs every growth cycle.

  • Guaranteed low salts.
  • 70% less colony producing micro-organisms than Atami Coir.
  • Simplifies daily watering routine, through reduced leeching.
  • Promotes high mass root systems.
  • Promotes superior aeration.
  • Expands in minutes to 2.5 cubic feet.
  • Renewable resource.
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Reviews (16)
  • Fantastic Soil/Additive
    Love this stuff. So far I've used it alone to plant seedlings and cuttings and then added it to planting soil for bare root plantings. Won't know how really good it is until later in the season but it really seems to help seedlings.
  • wonderful soil
    This soil with some added vermiculite worked wonderfully for my seed starting trays
  • It was fabulous now it is a boat anchor
    It is now over-compacted. It will not expand like it used to. After soaking for a week it takes a pick ax to break it into chunks that can be broken apart (if your hands aren't arthritic). A wonderful product ruined.
  • Good Soil
    This soil takes some work to break down after it arrives but you get a lot for the money and it works well. All my plants are thriving in it. I did amend it with 1 bag of vermiculite.
  • Great product, roots breathe well, cuts watering
    This is the great soil substitute out there. I tried many different and this one exceeds all. It keeps water extremely well which cuts down your watering times and saves you lots of water. Some of the packages have more gel some have less, I guess it depends on the batch because different times I received deliveries the amount of gel particles was always different...but even without the gel particles the coir holds water significantly better than for example moss based mixes. Though pots become a little heavier so I assume in nursery operation it is a problem but I'm sure if a nursery switches to this product the plants would thank the owner and the water bill will get cut in at least half. Highly recommended.
  • Wondersoil
    Excellent coir a top quality product.
  • Awesome!
    When it comes to soiless potting medium this works great! I have been using it for my indoor plants for the last couple years mixed with perlite and vermiculite and its just awesome.
  • coconut coir
    will never ever buy this product again. I used Epsoma organic soil and I never have problems with gnats..now my plant is infested...I will never ever recommend this product at all to anyone..otherwise they will just create a huge problem and kill their plants...like mine!!!! WHAT A NIGHTMARE ..WILL NEVER RECOMMEND BUYING FROM YOU..SEEMS THESE PRODUCT ARE OLD STOCK TOO 'CAUSE IT SMELLS BAD, I THOUGHT IT'S NORMAL BUT APPARENTLY NOT...TOO LATE FOR MY PLANTS. NO WONDER IT SOLD FOR LOW PRICE...NEVERRRRRR AGAINNNN! WILL NEVER EVER RECOMMEND YOUR STOE AND THIS PRODUCTS,,
  • Coco-Fiber
    I love this stuff! This expands to huge proportions. I mix it one part compost to three parts coco fiber and it makes a fabulous potting soil that is economical.
  • Excellent!
    I bought 2 of these to repot 18 plants. There was enough dirt with both to do just that in pot sizes ranging from 15 to 7. The only thing I added was half of a big bag of Vermiculite to each brick after it was expanded. This has worked well for my plants. Just be careful when potting that you have something under the plants and do not water for a few days. If you expand this according to directions and use it immediately, it will have enough water to run out of the bottom. It is an amazing product.
  • Unbeatable Bang For The Buck
    This stuff truly is Wonder soil! We use it in a potting mix; 40% wonder soil, 30% compost, 20% peat moss, and 10% perlite. Mix in an appropriate amount of your favorite slow release fertilizer and water crystals, and it's unbeatable! We use it mostly for vegetables and herbs, best producing plants BY FAR we've ever had. Feed with Jacks Triple 20, then blossom booster when the time is right.
  • Awesome Product
    Easy to use, easy clean up.If taken apart it will expand more quickly saving time in the long run. My plants grew like weeds.Greenhouse Megastore has the best final price around online and fast service too.I won't buy anything else other than Wondersoil.
  • Wonder Soil
    Great stuff at a really good price.
  • Fantastic Product at a Fantastic Price
    Potted up 50 strawberry plants that had no leaves using Wonder Soil Plant and Grow. The next day 48 had beautiful green leaves on them.Wonder Soil P & G is the greatest. Not dirty, economic, environmentally friendly, easy to use, and, to me, almost worth its weight in gold. I will never buy anything else again UNLESS the price and shipping get ridiculous.Kudo's to GMstore for having a reasonable price and shipping, fast ship, great service.
  • great product
    Packaging and delivery were good. Product is wonderful. Expands to a lot of soil and retains water a lot longer than peat. It is a fine texture and great for germinating seeds. It is everything as advertised so far.
  • Great Product
    Love the grade of soil the lightness the drainage ability ....Very Nice...I need more as we speak actually...I'll do that right now