Winter Frost Covers

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The Winter Frost Cover is great for extending spring and fall growing seasons, or for providing winter frost protection for plants and shrubs. Made from UV-stabilized and tear-resistant material, the Winter Frost Cover is built to last. Installation is a breeze!
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The Winter Frost Cover is great for extending spring and fall growing seasons, or for providing winter frost protection for plants and shrubs. Made from UV-stabilized and tear-resistant material, the Winter Frost Cover is built to last. Installation is a breeze!

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Reviews (24)
  • This saved my peonies
    Bought 4 and used multiple times already for erratic April freezes in TN. Super easy to cover plant and dome top is perfect for plants already budding. Going to be buying at least 10 more of various sizes.
  • Perfect Protection
    We love the winter protection covers for the plants. And since they are all ready to set up it makes it very easy to use. Gives perfect protection from frost.
  • Shrub covers
    Good covers, the stakes won’t hold these down when the wind blows.
  • Should have been green
    The product is great ! Except we received white domes instead of the pictured green ones so they look like igloos in our yard
  • Winter frost covers
    These allowed my first season in ground shrubs to survive our cold winters. ALSO, I have some to cover tulips and daffodils when early snows fall!
  • Awesome solution
    I purchased my first covers when in North Carolina. They are very easy to set up and work great. I moved to Florida and found that I also needed them here, which was surprising, so I purchased more and my neighbors all are asking where to get them. The only thing I dont like is they now how them in white and the green is so much better for curb appeal.
  • Sharon
    Working out very good happy with them
  • Tabs not very strong
    Had wind gust and ripped tabs from cover, have 2 that survived but 1 didn’t. Not sure how I could’ve reinforced to help.
  • Worked Great Last Winter
    Protected a tiny Catalpa twig that I bought online. I planted it in late summer in Zone 5 and knew it was too tender to survive the winter without some protection and this item worked perfectly. I removed it in Spring and only the last 1/4 inch was dead. The twig rebounded and is growing beautifully.
  • plant covers
    Good for large plants Just have to make sure they are secured well with wind issues blowing them away
  • Owner
    These covers worked down to 21 degrees. Easy to store. Ordered the large ones to cover pots on the patio.
  • Best ever
    I have used other products to cover my plants in winter in my patio. Have always struggled with them. These are the easiest by far. I simply place over my potted plants and lift when it's time to water. Protection is great. I'm able to use one large tent to cover 3 pots. I totally recommend.
  • Good product
    Served the purpose of protecting my plants from snow damage last month . Also very convenient in the sense you do not have to worry about moving your plants indoors for winter .
  • They work
    Doing great so far! Second storm.
  • defense against snow & ice
    We ordered a number of these in various sizes along with a pair of hoods. We had spring in Feb. and many of our hydrangeas were leafing out along with numerous other smaller blooming shrubs. Winter came back with full strength and these saved all of our blooming shrubs not once but three times. They are very easy to set up and install and held up very well in the high winds we just had on Friday.
  • Very handy.
    Easy to use, beats strugling with lengths of fabric. The loops of ribbon which can be staked into the ground are not sturdy enough. We had 5 fly away to heaven knows where. The loops stayed behind on the stakes. So for my second attempt I cut a foot long slit in each triangular section near the top to give the wind an escape. We also ran a single rope over the top of all 5, which were side by side in a row. This time they stayed put. I think I will bend an eye into the end of each of the four wires and put stakes through the eye instead of the ribbon loops. I will buy them again. Wish I could get them in white.
  • Shrub cover
    Material was flimsy and fell down under a little bit of snow
  • Home Owner
    I have a couple succulent plants. They suffer so much over winter. I bought these to protect but allow the sun to get through.
  • Excellent plant protection!
    These mini greenhouses are easy to use, easy to store, and effective. They are helping me winter over my hardy porch plants.
  • Flimsy
    Four of the eight grommets ripped out in a 15mph wind and the fabric ripped along the edge. Worthless.
  • Plant covers
    These items are flimsy and they do not last here in the East due to the winds. This product is poorly made I have had 5 ripped tents so far. Worst product the pegs for the ground even break easily. Please find a way to improve your products other wise it is a waste of time and money.
  • Items poorly made
    Two of the 10 items were badly damaged and unusable. Poor quality. Otherwise shipping was quick and no issues with the website. In all fairness, I did not contact this store to request replacements for the 2 damaged items so I have no one to blame for not getting replacements but myself. But I would not recommend these items as they collapsed with high winds.
  • Plant protection tent
    My search for the perfect plant winter weather protection has stopped. It has anchor legs to keep it from blowing away, height and width for plants and it won't collapse on the plants and break branches.
  • The Weather Outside is Frightful
    Northern MN winters can be brutal on plants. In the past I've used styrofoam cones to protect them. With the frost tents I do not have to prune my plants so drastically allowing them to be stronger and healthier come springtime. They are lightweight, durable and easy to store. I plan to order more!