Wonder Soil Brick Plus

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Wonder Soil instant potting mix is an advanced soil-less medium compressed into an easy to handle 1.2 lb. 8" x 4" x 2" brick. When mixed with water this brick expands to an amazing 8 times its volume creating 8 pounds of rich potting soil. Expands to 2-1/2 gallons of soil. Mix contains a proven
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Wonder Soil instant potting mix is an advanced soil-less medium compressed into an easy to handle 1.2 lb. 8" x 4" x 2" brick. When mixed with water this brick expands to an amazing 8 times its volume creating 8 pounds of rich potting soil. Expands to 2-1/2 gallons of soil. Mix contains a proven formula of coir and peat.


  • Faster germination and seedling rotation.
  • Excellent air porosity and water retention.
  • Lignin content maintains volume longer than peat moss.
  • Eco-Friendly - reduces destruction of natural wetlands.
  • Coir pith is free from soil diseases because it orginates above ground.


  • Place brick(s) in a wheelbarrow or large bucket.
  • Add 1 gallon of hot water for each brick used. Allow 20 minutes for block to absorb the water.
  • After full expansion, stir off any excess water.
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Reviews (38)
  • Container gardens
    Works great
  • Soil Brick
    Coir block did not expand as much as I expected. Won't buy again. Great Company to work with, though.
  • Wonder Brick
    Great product. The best growing medium this season.
  • self
    it is good for starting new plants in and can also add it to the soil when repotting the new plant
  • Great Stuff
    Most seed types sprout in record time. Great at keeping the medium moist.Be forewarned though. Using it as is out of the brick means you'll need to start fertilizing seedlings once they start getting bigger. If they start to look yellowish - feed them before they go into decline! There is no nutrition in coco.
  • Garden Girl
    These bricks expanded into great potting medium - almost all seeds I planted sprouted quickly. Holds water well, easy to work with, easy to plant in - and the bricks are so much lighter to transport than bags of potting soil!
  • Love them
    For the fist time I wanted to start my own plants from seeds this year. After some research decided to give these blocks a try. Loved the compact size, ordered some last fall and they took up close to no space until I was ready to plant. The blocks expanded to an unexpected large amount. I mixed the material with perlite and vermiculite. To my surprise, after what seemed a very short time, every single cell in my trays has sprouts showing!!! Will order more.
  • Wonder Soil Brick Plus is awesome!
    Love the texture of this soilless mix. I used this to amend some potting mix. Plants loved it! I would definitely get this again!
  • Wonder Soil Brick Plus
    I use wonder soil to mix my own potting mix, great product.
  • Good stuff
    I like handling this coir and peat mix much better than other soil-less mixes. I found that some of the bricks expand less quickly than others, may need more water to get plumped up. I would like to see these packaged in bulk without all of the individual plastic wrapping-- so a person could just grab one and use it and not have to unwrap and have a receptacle for the garbage.
  • grow mats
    Never had plants germinate so fast. Great.
  • Go brick!
    So compact, easy to use, best dirt I've played in!
  • soil bricks
    this seems to be just like any other soiless growing medium . plants are doing fine in it too. but I did notice that they are from India. I will not order them again as they are not made in the us. Just wondering what we might be importing from another country.
  • effective and fun to use
    These are so much easier for me than lugging large bags of starting mix back and forth. I just set two of them soaking in a 5 gallon bucket, add a few amendments when it's done, and plant away. First year using them, but seeds are sprouting everywhere.
  • love it
    I love this product, it is so compact and there is no mess until I need to use it. Only bad part is that it is very hard to cut if you only want to use half, other than that it works GREAT, I will be ordering more
  • Amazing
    Cannot say enough positive about this product. Super smart packaging, quick preparation (kids love to watch the brick absorb and expand!), and great water retention and support for seedlings. There is little/no compression (shrinkage) in trays allowing maximum root area to grow. I have sprouts (pac choi) 4 days after planting....freakishly quick. Love this product.
  • Wonderful stuff!
    This stuff is great! I use it alone for starting seeds and mix it with potting soil for my container plantings. It's lightweight and easy to store. Greenhouse Mega Store has the best price on it too. Love it!
  • perfect for new plants
    Excellent for early purchase with little space needed for storage. Nice product with great results for plug seedling transplants.
  • Wonder soil bricks
    My first time using Wonder Soil,so I tried it in different forms (shredded, block and pellets) I like the blocks best and plants seem to like it. It re-hydrates exactly as the label states. I mixed it into potting soil for geraniums and begonias and used it straight for seed starting. I think it's intended more for lawn repair but I used it indoors - it works fine - and I like the ease, cleanliness and convenience of the blocks.
  • bricks
    I have never had seeds germinate so quickly and look so healthy. Very good product.
  • mmmmm
    I received two of these the other day and was surprised how much soil there really is. It will be great to start my plants. Will be buying more soon.
  • Coir Brick
    Great way to get alternative to peat moss. I have had problems with mold on top of seedlings, even with bottom watering, in a humid mini greenhouse environment. Like its packaging, easy to expand with warm water, but better used as a soilless additive to potting mix.
  • Way better than common potting mix
    These bricks really are the size of a standard brick, but make a nice big batch of ready-to-use mix. Water is absorbed in almost no time so it's quick and easy to use. I was pretty impressed with how the stuff works --- I used this and some standard bagged mix for the same project and felt bad for the little plants that were in the standard mix. They didn't like it as well... :)
  • it is what it says it is
    I used 3 different products to fill the trays. this one worked just as it said it would,that makes it a perfect product for me.
  • What a Wonder
    I really like this prduct because it has multiple uses, one is for my worm bedding and the other is for my soilless potting mix. Thank you
  • buy, buy, buy!
    hi, i found this soil worked very well,and it was as said.thank you.and i will buy again.
  • Gardening Sue
    These were fabulous! Took no space at all until used. Very easy to prepare. Directions were simple and foolproof. Loved the fact that the resulting mixture was consistent, easy to use, (put into inserts) and kept moisture around plants perfectly. EVERYTHING germinated that I put into this mixture.
  • Wonderful Wonder Soil
    I'm using these to start seeds this year. I am amazed at how easily this stuff reconstitutes into a very large bulk. Storage is so nice with the well wrapped compact bricks too. The water absorbing polymers seem to prevent overwatering issues. This far I haven't had any negative concerns.
  • Purp
    I absolutely love this product. I placed it into a bucket of warm water and right before my eyes it swelled up immediately! I have been using it to start my winter sowing seeds. It is easy to work with. No smell. I added it to some peat moss, seedling mix and vermiculite. Lite and fluffy. I will follow up in a few weeks when things start to grow. (Wish there was a diet product like that - one that really, really works!)
  • Best soil
    I love this soil. It is so compact and portable and when you want to use it just add water. The soil expands to a nice fluffy mixture. It also retains water better. I am a beginner and like all black thumbs was very over zealous in my watering thus drowning half my plants. Thanks to this soil I now know that my plant can take as much water as it needs, and excess water gets stored in the expanding crystals mixed with soil. My plants are thriving !!
  • Wonderful Buy
    At first, I didn't know what to think about such a compact chunk of soil. I opened it and started to pour a gallon of water over it. It amazed me on how much it grew and how easy it was to do. After it was fully expanded, you could really see how rich it was. I would recommend this product to anyone.
  • What a space saver!
    This is a very cool item. Not only is it easy to ship, (that is very important to us since we are off the beaten path) and it multiplies like magic. I store a few extra in my barn and it takes literally almost no space. Then add water and presto, you have yourself plenty of potting medium!
  • Daylily
    I like to have these handy to use in plug trays for my daylily seeds. Buying ready-to-use soil is expensive at best and the shipping is outrageous, but with this product you have less expense in shipping, minimal storage, and still have excellent quality when you mix it with water! I'd recommend it!
  • SO-WSB
  • Great Product
    This is a great product. It is perfect for starting seeds, making my own potting mix and as bedding for my pet composting worms. It is lightweight, easy to prepare and earth friendly.
  • This stuff is Amazing!
    This is the best stuff for starting seeds and transplanting seedlings. My tomato seedlings just LOVE this stuff. It is so fluffy and soft that I am able to plant 4 or more seeds per cell, let them get 4 or 5 inches tall and then easily separate the seedlings from each other & transplant them to their own individual pots. I will purchase this soil-less medium over and over again! Thank you Greenhouse Megastore!