Wonder Soil Potting Wafers

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Wonder Soil instant potting mix is an advanced potting medium compressed into a small wafer or pellet. When mixed with water these small discs expand to an amazing 15 times their volume creating a rich potting soil ready to use. Mix contains a proven formula of coir and peat combined with polymers
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Wonder Soil instant potting mix is an advanced potting medium compressed into a small wafer or pellet. When mixed with water these small discs expand to an amazing 15 times their volume creating a rich potting soil ready to use. Mix contains a proven formula of coir and peat combined with polymers and nutrients to feed your plants as needed. Reduce costly shipping expenses with the amazing Wonder Soil wafers!


  1. Seal drainage holes or place pot in saucer. Drop in wafer(s) or pellet(s).
  2. Slowly add 1 to 1 1/2 cups of water per wafer.
  3. After full expansion, stir to aerate.
  4. Uncover holes; plant as usual.

How much does it fill?

  • 1-3/16" wafer will fill a 3" pot
  • 3/4" pellet will fill a 2" pot
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Reviews (14)
  • Package Count
    I would have rated this product a 5, however the product description indicates 40 wafers per package. Of the 4 packages I've used so far, there have only been 36 wafers in each.Other than that, the product is easy to use, however make sure you do not just drop the wafer in a container of water as it will quickly separate and become impossible to remove and use. Gradually add water to one wafer at a time in an empty container. This keeps the expanded wafer together in order to scoop out and transfer to your plug or container.
  • Fills container as specified, usually
    I wouldn't pay much attention to the other reviews claiming that these don't fill the above-claimed spaces - they do. The only issue is that, as with any product produced in large quantities such as this, there are some consistency issues, mostly - in this case - due to the wafers breaking on the edge, and having less volume to expand as a result. I'd say 90% of these fill the exactly specified space, and the ones that don't are with 20% total volume of the space, and not woefully short.
  • Don't waste your time with the pellets
    Good product that is easy to work with but the pellets did not seem to fill as much space as advertised. I ended up throwing about 10 pellets in a 3 cup measuring bowl, mixing the stuff and then putting it into two 3 inch peat pots. I would have been better off (financially) buying a brick of the stuff. For me, the pellets didn't fill as much space as advertised.
  • Magic Soil
    I have been using these soil pellets for years and I love them. I have used them to replace those rather expensive sponges in my little biodome seeding trays, as well as in small dixie cups for my larger seedings like squash. If they don't quite fill up your seed cell, simply rehydrate a few pellets in a small container and use that soil to top off your cells. Until they are ready to use they take us a small amount of space in my garden shed which is a big plus as well.
  • Nice mini pellets!
    These are small pellets that hydrate quickly. I use them to demonstrate how coir products expand with water. You just need to add a little water to these and you can watch them expand! This product allows you to rehydrate small amounts for a single use. It's ideal for small projects. If you need more, get order brick. A small brick will rehydrate fill a 2 gallon ucket. A large brick will fill a wheelbarrow.
  • Great for seed starting!
    These wafers are amazing. As promised, they perfectly filled the plugs in a standard 606 insert. They didn't need nearly the 1 cup per plug that is mentioned above, but they filled the plugs nicely with a great seed starting medium. It was much faster than peat pellets, too. Probably 15-30 seconds on average to fill a plug. Great value and quality!
  • Amazing little Soil Wafers
    I don't think I will ever go back to using those expensive growing sponges for my little grow domes. One small 3/4 wafer of soil and a little water and it was like magic as it filled each growing chamber enough to just drop in my seeds and then cover them with just a pinch of additional soil. I am having a good germination rate using this product. Economical and easy to use. What could be better!
  • Poor packaging
    Too many broken pieces. At least 25%.
  • not working or what I expected
    Didn't really fluff up like the brick that I had before. Didn't appear to be the same product as was advertised.
  • Soil pods
    Terrible waste of time
  • Wonder Soil Potting Wafers - 3/4
    These little wafers are great to use on small pots. They are great for planting seeds also. Just place them in the pots you want to plant your seeds and then add water.
  • So Easy!
    This stuff is quick, easy, and trouble free. I'm new to gardening of all sorts, and this stuff is super easy. Just add water and fluff! It doesn't smell bad like some potting soils. It works great for the herbs in my kitchen, and I'm about to try it with veggies in containers. I have great faith that it'll work just as well for that.
  • Will Never Buy Soil Again
    I absolutely love these and will never buy regular soil again. I am over 50 and live in the city so dragging home and storing bags of soil is not pleasant. With these I can store tons of soil in a small space and use as needed. I have even taken them to the office to pot plants -- you try that with regular soil on the subway! My only problem with them is that when starting seeds they tend to grow mold and attract gnats quicker than regular soil. A layer of perlite helps or the soil pellets. The water retention factor is also excellent. The topsoil can be dry and the bottom is still moist.
  • love it!!!
    These little wafers perform head & shoulders above the little peat pellets I used to purchase locally. They are very convenient. I was able to set up a tray with cells and quickly drop a wafer into each cell...I then added water & walked away to work on other projects. When I came back each cell was perfectly filled with soft, nutrient rich seed starting medium. I especially like the water storing polymer in the medium. My seedling and transplants absolutely LOVE this stuff! I will buy these over and over again. Thank you Greenhouse Megastore!