XL High Dome Propagator

Item No. CN-GAR-155
This large unheated propagator with no drainage holes is perfect for filling with smaller trays or pots or multi cell inserts. Specifications Dimensions - 15.75" W x 22.8" L x 8.86" H
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This large unheated propagator with no drainage holes is perfect for filling with smaller trays or pots or multi cell inserts.


Dimensions - 15.75" W x 22.8" L x 8.86" H

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Reviews (16)
    This is a great little propagator. I wish they had a larger one and taller but exactly the same in durability, strength, etc. i liked it so much, I waited months for them to be back in stock to gift another one for a budding seeds-woman.
  • Generally a good product
    This is a good product, however it is not as tall as the specs note(Only 6" tall not 7.5"). Seedlings really don't have a place to go at that level.
  • Works Great
    I purchased this as a replacement for those cheap soft plastic ones they sell at box stores. Due to it's design, it does not drip water outside the bottom, the vents are easy to operate and it holds most inserts. And since it is rigid, the entire thing can easily be taken outside to harden the plants before transplanting. I have this on a heating mat and use a timed light above it, all my seeds germinated much faster with this setup.
  • Great product
    Great product and great service. Thanks!
  • xl high dome propagator
    i was impressed with the stoutness of tray and dome, so you see are flimsy, not these, am using for an orchid hospital and cutting propagator to maintain high humidity. first set of cuttings have rooted already, in icu mode has kept two orchids from dehydrating and dying, great product
  • Sturdy
    The dome is solid and fits in place well. I like the optional humidity vents in the top. I ended up drilling a hole in the side of the base so I could fit the cord of a seedling propagation mat and still close the dome, then taped over my hole.
  • Sturdiest Domes on the market!
    These Domes are absolutely the sturdiest domes I have found!! This XL Propagator will hold Two Large propagators allowing for two trays of different plants, flowers of your choice to be started easily. If you have a Grodan Gro-Smart Tray Insert it will fit the XL with room for additional small styles of starters.
  • Convenient way to start seeds inside
    The done is high enough to let the plants get fairly large in case there is a late spring. The whole product is sturdy enough to last for years which is not typical of seedling starting trays and propagators.
  • AWESOME dome
    I never knew such a sturdy seedling dome existed. Love it.
  • Brian
    Works great. Built very strong. Has plenty of room.
  • Sturdy and roomy
    this unit is sturdy and has plenty of room for seedlings to grow. easy to use. I like so much, I ordered another one.
  • High Dome Propagator
    This propagator makes rooting plant cuttings easy and successful. It's very sturdy and the vents on top are a good feature to control humidity.
  • Best Propagator
    I ordered your XL High Dome Propagator. I couldn't be happier with it! The quality of materials is the best I've seen and it's large so it holds all of my vegetable garden seedlings. I would recommend this propagator to anyone!
  • Quality Product From the U.K.!
    Many of what I consider to be the best gardening products are available in England, but not here in the U.S. I was glad to finally source this U.K.- made humidity dome, here. Much better and larger than the throw-away ones that are available here, I expect to have these for years. Nice that the Greenhouse Magastore is stocking some of these higher-quality items.
  • High Quality Product
    I bought this propagator because I wanted something that would last and this is not one of those cheap flimsy products it is well made from the lid to the tray thick and durable will last me years...used in combination with the seedling heat mat and had no problem getting 2-3 day tomato germination and 3 day eggplant germination its a great product and I won't be running to the store to replace the cheap shatter top ones I used to buy 5 stars from Champaign, IL!!
  • Good
    Nice heavy duty construction for the price. Would recommend.