Portable Potting Tray

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This heavy-duty plastic tray helps to avoid the usual "mess" associated with potting. Deep tray design easily contains soil, fertilizer and water making it perfect for seedlings, re-potting and transplanting. Features easy-grip side handles for portability, cut-away front for comfortable working
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This heavy-duty plastic tray helps to avoid the usual "mess" associated with potting. Deep tray design easily contains soil, fertilizer and water making it perfect for seedlings, re-potting and transplanting. Features easy-grip side handles for portability, cut-away front for comfortable working angle and convenient shelf to help keep items within easy reach.

The Portable Potting Tray is 23.5" x 21" x 6".

Standard Features

  • Keeps soil, fertilizer and water contained - no messy clean up!
  • Cut-away front creates comfortable working angle.
  • Easy-grip handles portability.
  • Convenient shelf keeps items within easy reach - garden tools, pots, gloves, etc.
  • Deep tray eliminates messy work areas and spills.
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Reviews (24)
  • Useful
    Very useful and keep dirt and trimming in one place, portable where you can move to different location.
  • Portable Potting Tray
    Very handy and just what I needed. It fits perfectly on a rack made for this purpose in my greenhouse and is large enough and deep enough to put a little soil in the tray rather than scooping it out of the bag for each pot. saving my back. I am very happy with this product.
  • Excellent Portable Potting Tray
    I am very pleased with this potting tray since it a bit larger than another tray I once had, so I can do more with it. It is quite sturdy. I can use it to pot indoors since all soil or debris remaining after the activity is contained within the tray boundaries, ensuring against making a mess. When I am through, I take the tray outside and dump any remnants in the grass. The tray also has an elevated surface for small gardening tools. I am very pleased with this product. Thanks to Greenhouse Megastore for offering it.
  • How did I live without this?
    Can't count the times I've made a huge mess while starting seeds in the basement or potting my deck plants outside. This is a large, sturdy tray that's SO easy to use and clean. Highly recommend this product.
  • portable potting tray
    I realize it's just a potting tray, but since I love growing flowers, I couldn't have been happier with my purchase. This will make everything so much easier. This is the first time I've ordered from this site. I placed my order on the 14th, received it the 15th. I told my husband he could quit going to Lowe's, everything he needs is right here. I only shop online, Thank you for your excellent service.
  • Great buy
    I was very happy with my purchase. It's great for separating seedlings and repotting into larger containers
  • gardener
    Just the right size for potting. Thank you.
  • Good, but could be better.
    Bought this for transplanting garden seedlings. While it seems to be well designed in general, if it was just a little bit wider, I could set 1020 trays fully in the potting tray. This tray would be much more useful if transplanting into individual pots.
  • Big help
    We could tell when we took it out of the box, that we would love it. It is good sized and sturdy. It made our filling of seed starting of 216 pots a breeze. I could sift the mix into it.
  • Nice Potting Tray
    This is a nice tray for potting plants, but the photo online made it appear as if it was more shallow in the rear where the shelf is located. I was looking for something more flat, but this will work for me.
  • indispensable
    how did i live without this thing?what a HUGE difference it has made for me.no mess when I pot and a way to really focus on what I am doing
  • Portable Potting Tray
    Bought or Wife, she loves it!
  • Melissa
    I've only had this a couple of weeks, have been using it for starting and potting up tomatoes & broccoli and absolutely love it. This allows me to do all of my seed starting and potting up in my kitchen with very little mess. I can't believe that I gardened for years without it. An absolute must-have!
  • A Must-Have
    I use this all the time. I love it. No complaints at all.
  • Fabulous Potting Tray
    This potting tray is very sturdy and well made. It's just the right size - large enough to work within but small enough to carry around. The design is brilliant, nice high sides to contain the mess but with the cutout in the front to you can work in it while sitting down. Perfect!
  • Excellent Product
    This is a very sturdy product of high quality for an excellent price. Highly recommended.
  • Portable Potting Tray
    I really like this potting tray--makes potting up seedlings much easier and keeps greenhouse bench cleaner.
  • Roderic
    This is a must-have accessory, and will last a lifetime. Simple, effective, and affordable. Couldn't ask for a better product!
  • Portable Potting Tray
    Great product, large enough for all my potting needs and keeps my greenhouse tidy, without a big soil mess. Love it.
  • portable potting tray
    the greatest for any gardener,2nd one I bought for a friend.
  • Excellent potting tray
    I bought this tray for my new greenhouse. I had seen a review that said that it broke, but when I talked to a salesperson on the phone, he said he would have a hard time breaking one. So, I purchased it (I've been looking at them for some time). When it came, I was very happy with it. It is not brittle, but a sturdy piece of plastic that I'm sure will last a long time. It is a great addition to my new greenhouse!
  • Great Item / Great Price
    I was a bit hesitant after reading the other review about the item breaking easily, but I figured for the price I would give it a shot. The tray is exactly what I needed. Its a great size for re-potting my seedlings and houseplants which I can now easily do in the basement where I have my seed starts set up rather than carrying everything up and down the stairs to work in the kitchen. No more mess, no more soil everywhere, easy to clean up and easy to use. There are other similar items out there that retail for up to $50. They have slightly more bells and whistles. This is just a tray, but the price is great and I'm completely happy! No problems whatsoever with breakage. I would definitely recommend this product!
  • useful
    This potting tray is a nice way to avoid making a mess. I am growing perennials in spare rooms in the house. Without the potting tray I always spilled at least a little soil mix. Now I can do my work in one room and minimize any spilling.
  • Don't bother
    I bought one as a gift last year but the plastic was so brittle that it broke off in pieces. You couldn't lift it without a big chunk coming off and leaving a sharp edge. Just went into the garbage. It seemed like a great deal, but with the extra shipping charges it definitely isn't worth it. This is the only product from GMS that we didn't like.