Weed Barrier, 20 Year (4.1 oz)

Item No. GR-WB20
Free Shipping See Details This 20 Year Weed Barrier is the best in the industry for cost conscious professional and commercial installations. Its is also ideal for retail consumers who demand professional quality products. Our Weed Barrier is a 4.1 oz., woven polypropylene, needle-punched fabric
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This 20 Year Weed Barrier is the best in the industry for cost conscious professional and commercial installations. Its is also ideal for retail consumers who demand professional quality products. Our Weed Barrier is a 4.1 oz., woven polypropylene, needle-punched fabric with reinforced fiber for extra durability. Colored stripes located 12 inches apart make for easy plant alignment.

Additional Features

  • Stops weeds
  • Allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through
  • Superior light blocking
  • Conserves soil moisture
  • Available in retail sizes
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally safe
  • Great for commercial
  • Landscapes
  • Professional quality
  • Striped for easy plant alignment
  • Choice of professionals
  • Great for permanent landscapes
  • Great for xeriscapes


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  • 12' wide x 250' long bulk

Additional Information

We recommend this product be covered by mulch or another material to extend the product's life. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will reduce the lifespan of the product and void the warranty.


20 Year Weed Barrier Specifications

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This video is for instructional purposes only. The landscape fabric featured in the video may not be the exact fabric shown above.

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Reviews (133)
  • Easy Use-Weed Barrier
    We used in our children’s garden and our children ages 6-12 were able to work and cut to size very easily. Didn’t need to use the metal clips to keep in place. Nice felt backing was very amenable to staying in place.
  • Not used Yet
    I haven't used this yet. Had more of my other material than I thought. Did open the package and think I'll be pleased when I do use it. Feels tough and should last much, much longer than the material I've been using. My tomatoes and various peppers will be planted through X's cut in the material. The material will rotate with the tomatoes/peppers to my different beds.
  • Works like a charm
    Very durable and weeds even Johnson grass don’t get through
  • Weed Barrier after 2 years
    I installed the 3' weed barrier a couple of years ago. There are some instances of weeds growing through, but that is usually because a hole got punched in it by me walking on it or dirt has gotten on top of the barrier. You also have to deal with any vining weeds that may cross over to the wee barrier and put roots down through the fabric from on top. But overall, this is a tough fabric that looks like it would last quite a while. It is a tad tough to cut, but I just use box cutters cut the fabric after I put the fabric on a piece of lumber.
  • The most expensive weed fabric liner is the worst
    Weeds started to grow Thru the fabric liner in a few days.Very unhappy with the quality of the product
  • Excellent Product
    Purchased 7 each of the 4' x 250' rolls (4.1 oz) to cover our 1/2 acre back yard with a 2 DG overlay to prevent weeds from continually popping up every time we get rain. Eventually we'll begin the process of sprucing up our yard, but this is an excellent product to buy us some time. Highly recommended!
  • Easy to put in place and use
    Great ptoduct!
  • So far so good
    Laid it down on paths around raised beds about a month ago and covered with fresh wood chips. So far nothing is getting through, and we had some super tenacious dandelions, grasses and other weeds.
  • Pam in PA
    Nice thickness, easy to work with, I would buy again.
  • Great Product
    We have tried many different landscape fabrics in the past only to be disappointed. In my opinion it should be thicker than tissue paper. When I say the 20 year warentee on this one I thought it was worth a try. It is everything I would expect out of landscape fabric. Heavy and well made. I had a hard time cutting it so I expect it will last for years to come. And priced less than the tissue paper at your local big box store. I would definitely buy it again.
  • Already using.
    I plan to take it up in the fall and till ground in the spring . Looks good now.. I hope it last several years.
  • Works great
    Works perfect for keeping weeds under control helps maintain planting area and looks great
  • weed barrier review
    I am only writing this review because I was invited to do so by vendor. But as I have only had the product for a few weeks,it is difficult to talk about durability. However, it is very nice fabric, thick and with two different layers of material, well woven, with cushioning, with guidelines for cutting and laying down. Also I happened to notice at a nearby McDonalds restaurant that they were using this very same quality of weed barrier under their gravel-landscaped areas. So it must be well-recognized as doing a good job in that respect, acting as a weed barrier, under gravel, in areas where there is foot traffic on a regular basis. It was easy to use (the flimsy varieties seem to blow away while trying to lay it down) and substantial. I'm actually very hopeful. Stores in a good plastic liner and comes in a good box for storage. Good service. No glitches. Well packed.
  • Weed Barrier, 20 Year (4.1 oz) - 3' X 50' roll
    Fit the area planned out perfectly.It is a good quality product, easy to put in place, and secured with tent stakes I already had.
  • BobD
    Heavy. Has lasted three years now.
  • Great weed control product
    Best I've ever found for weed control
  • Excellent weed barrier
    I am on the second roll of the 20 year weed barrier from DeWitt. I found it to be easy to work with, durable, and effective. I am using the weed barrier under bricks as a foot path around my flower beds and under the mulch I have in my garden in areas that are particularly weedy. I started my projects 5 years ago and my barrier still looks great today.
  • Wouldn't be without it.
    It is work to lay it down, but far less than weeding! Can't say it will last 25 years; have only had it for 5 so far. It is the only thing I found that keeps really noxious weeds like bind weed out of my large in-ground and raised bed garden.
  • Weed Barrier 4.1
    Black out all the weeds. Works good for garden rotation. Use the 7 inch staples to secure.
  • Weed Barrier
    So far so good, Seems like high quality product. Shipping costs were a bit much and ridiculous for expediting, but other then that I am overall Happy.
  • Weed cloth
    I placed the cloth over a 550 sq. area for tomato growth 3 weeks ago. Area was tilled and treated for weed prior.Upon planting today .. I have grass and weeds popping thru at a few spots.I will advise if this continues.
  • I hate pulling weeds
    To early to know if this product is a good buy. Ask me what I think of it in five years. Did not have instruction or suggestions for installing weed barrier. You could do better in regards to prep and tools needed.
  • Better than I thought!!
    I purchased this product and am amazed by how thick it is!! I like the felt backing, as it holds down to the ground much better than cheap stuff sold everywhere else.
  • great material
    I love this weed barrier, keeps the tumble weeds away from my raised beds. Unlike most, I use this UNDER my raised beds and garden, on top of a layer of cardboard to really deter the weeds. I don't mind pulling some little weed here and there, just tired of battling the tumble weeds and deep rooted grasses invading my beds. Expanding my vegetable beds so I needed more, with the special price it was better to buy 250' than 50' multiple times.
  • Landscaping Cloth
    So far so good.
  • weed barrier
    My weed barrier arrived quickly. I was surprised at the texture. It's unlike any other I have used. This weed barrier gaurantes me to be weed free for 20 years. I have just laid it in my yard. Now I will have to wait.
  • Nice and thick
    The material is light to carry and thicker than I expected. I am sure that it will work. I have a professional landscaping company removing all of the old stuff, resurfacing and following the manufactures instructions so I am sure that it will do the job. Fast shipping, reasonable cost and great service. Thank you, Jayne
  • Landscaper
    I used the product before. It works well and is easy to work with.
  • Great Weed Barrier
    Fabric was the excellent weight that I was looking for!
  • 20 Year Wee Barrier
    So far so good. Easy to handle and install.
  • Saving myself some back breaking work
    Can't speak to the longevity of the product because I just got it a couple of weeks ago. Out of the box it seems to be of good quality. I am using it in the garden and plan to take it up and store for the winter. Hopefully will get several years out of it.
  • WHY didn't i buy this stuff years earlier!!!
    I purchased the weed barrier 20 yr 4.1 oz for my extra large garden. I was VERY skeptical, not believing it would stop weeds & let moisture through, however, this stuff is truly amazing, my veggies are thriving, not a weed in sight and the water goes right through and does not pool underneath after a heavy rain. I was able to plant more veggies the next day after 7 days of rain... not too mushy to walk on! I am a believer! thanx for a great product!
  • R
    Great quality and price
  • Good value
    I am using this product to cover part of the floor of a small greenhouse. The quality of the material was better than expected. The felt backing is a plus. I rated it a 4 because I don't know about it's longevity yet.
  • 4.1 oz Weed Barrier
    Can't say whether this is a good weed barrier, as I just installed it this past weekend. I have river rocks on top, and so far no weeds, but they usually don't grown that fast around here. Easy to cut, was a little tough to poke the staples through but not too bad. Feels so much thicker than the best stuff I have found at the local home centers.
  • No more weeds
    It works well with weeds being addicted to your lawn. I love the product and wish I could wrap it around some of my friends!
  • Weed barrier
    Very easy to install.
  • Best Weed Cover ever
    I have been using this weed cover for my paths in the veggie garden for the last two years. I ran out and bought another roll. It holds up exceptionally well. I always lay cardboard underneath first so no weeds ever come from underneath. Like all weed covers seeds will germinate on top if there is any soil on it but are easy to remove.
  • Weed Barrier Compliments
    This I think is our 6th roll we have used. Easy to work with, does the job. We have turned a 1/2 acre of overgrown weeds into a showplace. Created raised garden beds, landscaped both front and backyards. Great stuff. If I could attach before and after photos, you would be amazed.
  • 20 Year Weed Barrier
    We have just started using the barrier. It is easy to cut if necessary and stays put well. We are using it around our Pool cage so the sand does not splash up on the screen. The plan is to put stone/gravel on top of it also. I am also planning to use it in front of the house and put plants in but it is a little hot and humid to do that currently.
  • Great product
    Nice heavy duty product. Quick shipping.
  • Battling bindweed
    Well made, long lasting.
  • This fabric is amazing!
    I use this fabric in my vegetable garden. I burn holes in the fabric where I plant the seeds. This seals the fabric and prevents fraying. The Quality of the product has been exceptional. The edges are not fraying and the fabric is a successful weed barrier.One tip I have for using this fabric for multiple years is to use blocks or stone instead of fabric staples to keep the fabric in place.
  • Best weed barrier
    I live in farm country. I try to garden organically. My garden is approximately 75' x 60'. Without this weed barrier gardening would be impossible unless I wanted to dedicate 10 hours a day pulling weeds! I've found this product durable and 100% effective keeping the weeds from hell from taking over. The barrier strips I put down last year are still in perfect shape. As long as the fabric is secured properly with metal anchoring pins, neither wind nor frost heaving displaces it. Raking stones or soil over the edges further secures it (in my shale infested area, I have plenty of rocks).
  • Outstanding barrier
    Strong, durable, can be walked on, weeds do not penetrate, good buy
  • You Get What You Pay For!!!!!
    I have in the past used so-called weed barriers from the big box stores. Needless to say, that because of their inferior products, I was continually battling weeds. That was until I happen to go through my emails and went online to the greenhousemegastore. My weed fighting troubles are now OVER! This is a superb and superior product to any that I've used before. We have 3 acres and I'm planting veggie and herb gardens as well as various flower gardens and this product has made my projects a joy to work on and look at. Yes, you truly get what you pay for and this is truly an excellent product for the home gardener who wants to take their gardens to the next level.
  • Weed frabric
    I love this stuff works great I. The garden for controlling weeds which is less work for me and a better harvest as well.
  • Weed block
    Started to use this type of weed block about 2 years ago. originally bought the five foot by 250 foot roll to use around a water garden that I was just installing. It has worked as described, and has virtually stopped all weeds from sprouting. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase this item again.
  • A garden must!
    This works great, no more weeding or hoeing for me. Put this down and just watch the plants grow, not the weeds.
  • ground cover
    Great product, has already saved me hours of weeding.
  • Weed barrier
    Works very well easy to use have some that is several years old and still going strong, bought some more for another area of our citrus grove
  • A Gardner's Best Friend!!
    We struggled for few years with constant, back-breaking weeding until we decided to convert to raised beds with this in between the beds and over areas that we are leaving fallow. Using the long ground staples it stays securely and has eliminated weeding, allowing us to enjoy the harvest. It is very affordable compared to other suppliers and superior to the weed mat you get in most neighborhood garden stores. I absolutely love it!
  • Weed barrier
    The true test will be in a year after it's been down for a while. It is very thick. Better than anything I can buy at a hardware store here in town for the same price.
  • Great company
    Great product but the roll arrived a little short than what was advertised. GMS said no problem and sent me a whole new roll!!!!Great customer service. Will do business with again for sure.
  • Great durable product
    Put this down summer of 2014 in a large area for a swing set. Was so easy to work with. Very easy to cut with sharp razor or scissors. Area was badly overgrown with weeds and grass. Dug out and leveled off area for play area. Had the 10 ft wide product so I was able to overlap a foot or so with each row of barrier. Walked all over this stuff while building swing set. Super durable, only punched a couple holes where I didnt see sharp rocks sticking up.Covered with a nice layer of playground mulch and was totally weed free all last year. This is a heavily used play area and this product did way better than I thought it would. Going to order more of this to do more in our yard this year. Forgot to mention I also used the big staples to hold down the edges. Where material was overlapped it was actually hard to push staples through, very tough stuff.
  • Good Product so far
    This is the most affordable weed cover. We installed 4 months ago, in September over short grass and weeds. We covered with cedar shavings. So far, no grass or weeds are showing. I found the material easy to work with when I had a new blade in my cutter.
  • Can't Stop This Gras
    So I raked and cleared the ground of what weeds and grass I could see. Put down the weed barrier and in only two weeks I have the same problem I was hoping to stop. The grass is growing straight through the weed barrier fabric, not good...
  • Weed Barrier 20 year
    Quality product. I am using it for weed control around my 4 x 12 x 2-1/2 foot containers. Just finished putting it down around two of my four containers. I highly recommend this product.
  • So far so good
    So far we have used this in the veggie garden to keep weeds at bay-worked great. Have also used this for garden paths with gravel. With all the rain we get here in the mountains-the weeds take over in a day. This has helped soooo much. I have since purchased more.
  • 20 year yard fabric
    Wow! Easy to work with, goes down easy. Great coverage. So far no weeds but its only been down a few weeks.
  • 20 year weed barrier
    I can't comment on my latest purchase of 20 year weed barrier as it is sitting in the garage waiting for me to prep a garden. I can comment on the same product which I purchased last year. It's strong, survived a brutal Maine winter and is ready to go right now with no signs of wear or tear. Weeds were non existent last year and that is a first for me. On a different topic, the steel hold downs being sold work but rust like no tomorrow. Perhaps stainless steel hold downs?
  • none
    great product, reasonable price, fast delivery
  • Ground Cover
    It is very heavy duty. I like the fuzzy underside, as it won' be inclined to slip. Good product!
  • Mr
    bought the 20 year ground fabric. Best ground cover/weed barrier I have ever used....and the price is right too!
  • Very tuff stuff
    I used this product as a weed block around several new fruit trees. This stuff is very easy to work with and much higher quality than anything available at the home improvement centers. Would definitely purchase again.
  • Property Owner
    As I have just begun the process of installing the product I can only comment on my experience thus far. The strength and overall quality of the product appear to be high. My need for this product centers around weed control for landscaping purposes and not gardening. Living in a mountain type terrain trying to control weed production is a challenge. I'm pleased so far about this product's ability to do the job.
  • Weedbarrier
    I have tried many different weed barriers and this one is the best! Absolutely nothing grows through! I used it under gravel and in a vegetable garden as well as under mulch! Shipping was super quick!
  • The best landscape fabric
    You won't find something of this high quality at big box retailer. This was well worth the price.
  • AAA+
    I was not happy with having to pay such an extensive price for 25-year weed barrier paper, especially given my experience with it not working for more than a year or two. This fabric is rugged and I believe it will last.
  • scooter
    Product appears to be high quality, but I have not used it as yet.
  • great product
    Nice heavy duty material looks like it will last for many years. Just what I was looking for
  • Weed Barrier-20 Year
    After much research the Greenhouse Megastore Weed Barrier - 20 Year seems to be the best available. This will be a time will tell installation.
  • VictorianGardenGirl
    I purchased the 20 year Weed Barrier to use in my vegetable garden. I was tired of using layers of newspaper with grass clippings on top as my garden is fairly large. I feel that the quality of this product is commercial grade and will last for years. Installation was quick and easy. I would recommend this product to others.
  • Weed Barrier
    Too early to give a good review on this 20 year weed barrier, but product appears to be tough initially and was applied with ease (biodegradable anchoring pins are another story). Had no problems cutting holes in it for my strawberries and is holding well now.
  • Very good weed cloth
    The weed cloth that I purchased is very tough but still allows moisture to go through it. There are no weeds and my flowers are thriving!
  • A to Z LLC Natives
    Love the Weed Barrier materials, High quality easy to work with (m make sure you get the anchors to go with it) and works great, no weed !
  • Avid Gardner
    I use it in between rows of raised planting beds in the tomato garden and other places as well. Great for stopping weeds. Great to walk and not getting muddy on rainy days too
  • Lines not squares
    Just put this product in the garden. It is rated for 20 years and I will be interested to see how long it holds up. Using heavy rocks to secure since the staples do not hold it securely in tilled ground. I was disappointed that it only has lines every foot going lengthwise. That is handy, but prefer the competitor's product that gives you 1 foot squares which would have kept me from having to MEASURE.
  • Satisfied customer
    I love the product that I purchased from this company. This is the second time I bought the same kind of landscape fabric from them and I am happy with the result. The price is reasonable. Highly recommended!
  • Weed Barrier 20yr.
  • Would recommend
    Great product. Worth the money. Strong enough to hold up to 170 pound boulders placed on top. Thank you for a great product.
  • Great quality Weedcloth
    Excellent quality heavy duty weed barrier, much better at reducing weeds that the 'professional quality' weed cloth available at the big box stores. Expensive, but worth the $ in terms of work saved weeding. Highly recommend.
  • tough stuff
    We are very impressed with this weed block and will never go back to the home improvement center version. It is easy to work with and seems like it is going to hold up well. Time will tell.
  • So so
    Creeping grass grows over it & tries to root. Other grasses grow right through it. Disappointed after only 3 months. Weeds growing through it into pathways and raised bed gardens.
  • 20 year weed barrier
    I purchased about 1000 yards of this 20 year weed barrier in the past year. It works!!! No weeds get through the tough fabric and felt material.Very easy to put down. This product is a winner! Service by Greenhouse Megastore was fantastic.
  • Using Weed Barrier
    This product is far superior to any weed cloth we have ever found in the local stores. Usually, we mulch with organic material. We use this weed barrier for plants that are permanent such as our 300 Provence and Grosso lavender.
  • So far, so good
    Eventually MY stubborn weeds will get through iron, but if this product lasts half the time advertised, I'll be satisfied. It was easy to put down and pin.
  • Too Soon.
    Easy to work with and seems fine but it is a 20yr product and it's been only a month or so; i.e. too soon to tell.
  • Esquire
    We have a Desert grass here that has nodules 6 -8 deep that grows through plastic, I was surprised to see the grass even grows through the 20 year landscape cover I purchased. Roundup does not even kill this grass. The fabric will stop the creeping grass I guess.Thankyou.
  • Weed Barrier
    This barrier is very easy to put down and remains in place very well when staked. Holds up nicely while spreading gravel or other ground covers. Hopefully it will keep the weeds down as well as advertised
  • Excellent heavy-duty weedcloth
    Much better quality than any weedcloth you can buy in the hardware store. I've tried an assortment of so-called 20-year weedcloths - they are so flimsy that anything that germinates punches right through. This heavy woven weedcloth, although not perfect, is much more resistant to this and is still flexible enough that it is easy to install. Worth the extra money.
  • Weed Barrier, 20 year
    Fast shipping, well packaged, beautiful product. Have purchased twice, will again. Highly recommended.
  • 20 year weed barrier
    Looks like it will last 20 years.
  • Great
    Great product to work with. Better than the junk they sell in the big box stores.
  • Really good product
    If you have alot of ground to cover buy this product.
  • great material
    This material is great, we don't have to weed hardly at all anymore. The material does shrink a little so plan on overlapping.
  • DeWiy 20 Year Landscape Fabric
    Product seems durable, just started to use the product a few weeks ago, too early to tell just how effective this cloth is against weeds. Hope product lasts at least 10 years before having to replace
  • Superior weed barrier
    I have been buying and using the Weed Barrier, 20 year, for the last couple of years. Water soaks through the fabric, and weeds have not grown through the fabric. The material is easy to work with. Unlike the cheaper stuff I had been purchasing, this weed barrier lets in the water and it remains pliable even after months in the sun.
  • Weed Barrier, 20 Year
    Really too soon to rate the product. It doesn't seem to be as heavy duty as I expected and I just put it down. How can I really know how long it will last? If it lasts 10 years I will be pleased if I am still around by then!
  • No Weeds!
    You can't go wrong with this product. My garden is 15X55 and I have NO weeds and what I plant grows great. Can use every year. Thanks!
  • Byron
    Weed control fabric works very well.
  • Customer experience
    Ordering from your website was easy and product description was very clear. Shipping was much quicker than I expected. However, I have not had a chance to use it as the weather has been too bad.
  • 20 year weed barrier
    I put down this weed barrier 19 years ago. It is still as strong and tough as the day it was installed. My landscaper used it on 500 feet of shrubs along side of our driveway. I more rolls to complete additional landscaping. Excellent results.
  • Weed barrier
    The weed barrier cloth arrived three days after ordering. It seems sturdy and the 8' width made my job easier. In sum, I am satisified with the cost and durability of the product.
  • Excellent product
    Great stuff ... we'll see about the 20 year thing. ;-) Has a good backing so it all holds together nicely when it's cut.
  • This product really works!!
    laid this weed barrier down and no weeds for over a year. loved it so much decided to purchase more and do a larger area
  • Heavy Duty
    This is heaver than I thought it would be. Rolled out easy fuuzzy side down with no problems. Plants are growing fine. Hope it lasts the 20 years it is advertised. I probably wont.
  • Weed Barrier
    Great product easy to work with. Much better that product sold at Home Depots. Would highly recommend.
  • Quality Top of The Line
    strong and durable easy to work with and handel the rocks with out tearing
  • Is this a second?
    I am about half way through my roll of weed barrier, and I have found a section of about 10 feet (so far) that was not woven correctly and has been taped. I have used this product before and generally love it. I did not, however, expect to find inferior workmanship hidden in the middle of the roll.
  • GREAT !!
    prompt service; excellent product, easy to lay though wish we could have done so on new beds rather than overgrown areas; so far, so good! very superior to local products available...
  • 20 year weed barrier
    Excellent commercial weed barrier for the same cost as the weed barrier sold at the megastores.
  • Weed Barrier--20 Yr
    Great product. Tough, will not tear or stretch. Best stuff I have bought.
  • Great product
    Used this as a weed and grass barrier in our new raised bed garden. Also bought the anchoring pins to tack it down. Worked well. I was impressed with the quality of the weed barrier. It was easy to use, and well made. The one drawback, the fuzzy side goes down acording to directions. However the fabric was rolled the other way and I had to fight with it to try to unroll it as I layed it. Would have been much easier and saved time had it been rolled correctly.
  • survey
  • Zeroscape
    We converted our yard into a drought resistant xeroscape. Pulled out all turf w/out the use of herbicides. So far no grass/weeds have penetrated. High quality product. It is superior to any others we found elsewhere.
  • 20 Year Weed Barrier
    I use the 20 Year Weed Barrier to wrap my fig trees for the winter months. I put four stakes around the fig tree and wrap the weed barrier around them and then fill the enclosure with dry maple leaves. I have used the same lengths of the weed barrier for 7 years and still no sign of wearing out. I like it better than burlap.
  • Best Bang for the Buck!
    Been using similar ground fabric for over twenty years but was having problems finding it in my area. Greenhouse Megastore had it and the fabric was an improvement over what I had been using.
  • Tough Product
    We installed this weed barrier under a landscape of river rock. We placed approximately 8 tons of river rock in 2500 sq. ft. I am very pleased with the ease of use. The product is very durable. I would definitely recommend this weed barrier.
  • Work Saver
    We love our 20 YEAR WEED BARRIER material. It was fast and easy to apply to our garden and has not only improved the appearance, but has eliminated the need for mowing and trimming all the grass from around our gardens. We got the idea from a local garden center that had used a similar material over the entire garden area and in their greenhouses. Great product. Thanks
  • fuzzy
    this was different cover than others i have used that look like it. it was fuzzy-which could be good if you were putting mulch on top. actually we use it between pathways and I'm not sure how long it will hold up under those conditions
  • Lifesaver
    I had been looking for something to cut down the weeding I do in my vegetable garden - something other than the ineffective landscape fabric sold in garden centers. Finally, I ran across the DeWitt products. I put the 20 year weed barrier down this year and my weeding has gone to virtually nothing. Great product!
  • best weed barrier ever
    I have used several products that I brought home from the big box stores. Weeds grew over it, under it and thru it. The fabric would start to deteriorate within weeks of installation even with a cover mulch. This weed barrier was easy to install, and from the get go, I knew it was going to do the job. It has been down now for about a month and I am seeing absolutely no evidence of any of the problems I have had with the other stuff. And yard for yard, it is really not that pricey considering it will last for years and years.
  • Best Weed Cover I've Used
    I use weed barrier fabric to separate the rows of a large traditional vegetable garden. I usually get 4-5 years out of the fabric and we take it up and put it down annually in order to till. This cover is heavy, completely blocks weeds, preserves moisture well and is much easier to lay than lighter, cheaper fabrics. This is definitely the fabric I'll stick with. Highly recommended.
  • NO MORE WEEDS . . . . EVER!
    I used this fabric 18 years ago and was not able to find it in ANY stores. It just now needs replacing. Works great if you want a carefree and weed free garden or flowerbed. Great investment in your garden and your free time you will have for years to come.
  • Great product
    I really like this product. It holds up great and does a good job of controlling weeds. This is the third roll that I have gotten I keep expanding the area covered. The pins are a great addition also.
  • GR-WB20
  • GR-WB20
  • Been looking for this
    I first saw this on a hunting trip in SD where it was used for a tree line planting barrier. It is perfect for my 1 acre vegetable garden as a weed barrier; easy to cut to size, easy to lay and fasten (with plastic tent stakes) easy to pick up and store.
  • Best Landscape Fabric Yet
    I just bought my second roll of this fabric, it's very good. I had bought a different type of fabric before about three years ago and it is okay, but grass grows through it. I have to say it is easy to pull the grass out, but I am a senor citizen with several health issues, so thought I'd use this product to see what happened. NO GRASS in two growing seasons and I love the feel under foot when walked on. This is definitely a 5 star product.
  • Better than store one
    This product does a great job, although the directions say that you should cut and X, I cut a hole instead. This allowed for my plants to grow easier. I think the X is for pre-grown plants, and not seeds. I would highly suggest that if you are growing your plants in a large area, that you get the bigger size instead of laying several strips of this. It will save you time.
  • This Is THE Fabric...
    Super duty polypropylene weave with additional fuzzy material on the underneath side makes this THE landscape fabric. Here in South Central Texas, the weeds grow tough and are hardy and prolific. We needed a fabric that would allow rain to soak in while stopping the weeds from popping through and we are very happy with this heavy weight, 20 year fabric!