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Pruners, Trowels, Weeders, Dibbers, Sieves, Potters

Digging in the dirt has never been easier! Our durable selection of garden tools will help with making your gardening tasks fast & fun. Get everything from paper potters to soil sieves, easy-to-use weeders, long lasting pruners, and stainless steel trowels.

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DeWit 11" 5-Tine Cultivator
Item No. TL-DW-0903 Low Stock, Order Now
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Mini 4 Soil Blocker
Item No. SO-LAD-MIN4 Low Stock, Order Now
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Compost Scoop
Item No. SO-GAR-2020 Out of Stock
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Wonder Grip Nearly Naked Gloves
Item No. CL-GWG
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Thorn Resistant Gloves
Item No. CL-GTR
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Nitrile Tough Gloves
Item No. CL-GTF
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