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New Products

Chrysoforce R
Chrysoforce R

Green lacewings (Chrysoperla rufilabris) are nocturnal predators that prevent and control aphids and other soft-bodied pests. These green lacewings...

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PVC Coated Green Garden Wire
PVC Coated Green Garden Wire

The PVC Coated Green Garden Wire provides 164' of 1.2mm PVC-coated garden wire which is great for use around the home and garden.

Price: $5.00

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Garland Urn Planter 21
Garland Urn Planter 21"

The Garland Urn Planter features a Mediterranean-inspired design, and is a great way to add style to any landscape.

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Brushwood Hanging Basket, 14
Brushwood Hanging Basket, 14" Round

Crafted from natural materials, the 14" Brushwood Hanging Basket is designed to look as good as the plants it holds.

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