Irrigation Control

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Save time and money in your greenhouse or garden with an easy-to-use Irrigation Controller. Set watering schedules, program specific watering zones, and easily control watering amounts to guarntee that all of growing your plants thrive.

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Water Max Irrigation & Misting Controller
Item No. IR-3019
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Mini Mist Controller
Item No. IR-3015
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Rain Pro 4 Station Module
Item No. IR-DRRP-M4
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Rain Pro Irrigation Controller
Item No. IR-DRRP
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From:  $149.00 View details
Pedestal for Sterling Controller
Item No. IR-3026
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From:  $242.00 View details
Water Plus VPD Controller
Item No. IR-3021
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Sterling Irrigation Controller
Item No. IR-3020
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From:  $504.00 View details
Water Pro VPD Controller
Item No. IR-3017
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