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      Seeds for Gardening

      Have you been wondering, "Where can I order seeds this year?" Our online catalog is bursting with possibilities! Sow these seeds in a greenhouse, in patio containers or directly in the ground for a lush growing season.

      The Best Garden Seeds

      Greenhouse Megastore has hundreds of seeds for sale from Wetsel Seed™ and other leaders known for generating more productive yields. Feed your family and potentially many others using our medley of fruit and vegetable seeds. From standards such as lettuce and tomatoes to Japanese onions, cantaloupe, eggplant and kohlrabi, we have premium seeds to kickstart gardens. Plenty of herb seeds are available as well for spices or essential oils.

      If you're looking to make a yard more eye-catching, use our flower seeds. Shop annuals, perennials and wildflower mixes full of color. If you want crops and landscapes to be even more prominent, consider packets of heirloom seeds and organics. These eco-friendly seeds are known for marvelous results. Microgreens are offered as well for hydroponics and urban gardening.

      Seeds that Bear Results

      With a Low Price Guarantee and full product support, you get more blooms per dollar at Greenhouse Megastore. We provide all the important information about each seed type, including the recommended USDA grow zones, germination time, typical plant size and blooming season. Our inventory can change based on seasonal availability, so check in every time you're getting ready to plant the next round. Need the right germination chamber or greenhouse for seedlings? Find everything in one place with free shipping on qualifying orders.