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Every grow and every grower is a little different; there is no one-size-fits all solution. Rest assured, greenhouse benches and grow tables from Greenhouse Megastore are always custom designed to fit your specific needs. We can help you design a layout that works best for you, and recommend systems and supplies that will help maximize your production. No grow is too big (or too small), and we are able to accommodate even the most demanding of requirements. We've helped hundreds of growers get off the ground.

Greenhouse Growing

Growing inside a greenhouse is the most efficient, controlled way to maintain a grow of any kind, and greenhouse benches have become an almost mandatory system for any new or existing greenhouse. Available in a variety of styles, including rolling benches, stationary benches, and even unaffixed portable benches, the experts at Greenhouse Megastore can work with you and quickly determine a custom design that's right for you. Contact us today to learn more!

Warehouse Growing

While a greenhouse might be the ideal growing environment, it certainly might not be the most affordable up-front. In many places across the country, underutilized warehouse space is being converted into grows of all types, from indoor vertical farms to cannabis cultivation. These grows can be more demanding than greenhouse grows, and so require extra special attention to detail on design and implementation. That's where we come in! Contact us today to learn more about a custom grow table layout for your interior space.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Our Sales Representatives have a combined experience of over fifty years in the horticulture industry, with thirty in the cannabis industry specifically. That means when you work with us, you're working with folks who have seen it and done it all. This isn't some fly-by-night operation and there are no surprises when working with an experience Sales Representative at Greenhouse Megastore.


Commercial & Luxury Sales
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Commercial Sales
Helping our growers find just the right solution for them is the most rewarding part of my job!

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I have used greenhouse Megastore for 2 years, for all my hobby greenhouse/farming needs. I am 100% satisfied. Highly recommend this company.

Richard S.
Sussex, NJ

When you have multiple ship dates and large orders it is wonderful how you are kept informed and not having to wonder what has and has not shipped and when you should be able to expect each part of your shipment.

Frank I.
Ethridge, TN


Darlene S.

Only the Best Styles of Bench & Table Systems

Rolling Benches and Tables

Rolling greenhouse benches maximize productive square footage by reducing waste associated with aisle or walkways. The grow surface is mounted on steel rollers and slides horizontally up to 18". As a result, growers can realize up to 30% more grow space compared to fixed benches and tables. More growing means more production, something every grower needs.
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Fixed Benches and Tables

Fixed benches are secured to a concrete slab or set in concret piers and feature table tops that do not move. Fixed benches are great for spaces where maximum efficiency is not an issue, but ease of movement is. They are a great option inside a school greenhouse, or for those areas of your grow that require fixed, stable work surfaces.
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Rolling Benches w/ Built-in Irrigation & Trellising

These innovative rolling benches feature both an integrated ebb and flow system that distributes water directly to the root zone of your plants, and an integrated trellis rail system that eliminates unsightly and obtrusive aftermarket, bolt-on trellising rails. These benches are safe, labor-saving, and visually stunning all while encouraging water and nutrient conservation.
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Greenhouse Benches, Tables and Hangers

To produce the healthiest plants and fit the most into your space, you'll need a place to put everything. Our commercial and DIY greenhouse tables are designed to help plants thrive. Plants will look great as well, letting you show off their beauty in a backyard greenhouse or a retail nursery.

Customize Your Greenhouse Bench Setup

Greenhouse Megastore has hundreds of ways to make the most of your available space. Browse our huge selection of display benches and growing benches made of sturdy materials. These special greenhouse bench tops are made of heavy-duty plastic with drainage holes that make them easier to clean. With our multi-level displays and standalone table tops, you can create greenhouse shelving, turning the walls into a place for growing beautiful plants. We also have hanging baskets, rolling carts, A-frame displays and much more.

Potting Benches and Parts

A DIY greenhouse table isn't just for full-grown plants and seedlings. Potting benches are designed for transplanting seedlings or storing potting mix and other supplies. These counters are frequently made of wood or galvanized steel. We also carry greenhouse bench parts such as replacement legs, anchor kits, casters and stabilizer bars to support your grow projects.

Trust brands like Dura-Bench and Poly-Tex for the latest greenhouse benches and tables in many sizes. At Greenhouse Megastore, our inventory is matched only by our knowledge and commitment to great customer service. Call us at 1-888-281-9337 with questions about any of our bench products or if you need assistance deciding what the right option is for your indoor grow space.