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Plastic Sheets

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      Plastic for Greenhouse Construction

      Many commercial and DIY growers are turning to clear plastic sheets when they need durable materials. Our selection of greenhouse plastic lets you add ultra-strong roofs, side coverings, windows and dividers at an affordable price.

      Choose the Right Plastic Sheet

      We offer three types of greenhouse plastic, each of which is best for certain objectives and needs:

      • Polycarbonate clear plastic sheeting is up to 250 times more impact-resistant than tempered glass, has excellent insulation and is easy to custom-shape.
      • Acrylic sheet plastic is 10 times stronger than glass, has excellent transparency, can be polished to restore clarity and is less expensive than polycarbonate plastic.
      • Polyethylene film rolls have the best insulation and light transmission with the lowest upfront cost, though they are more prone to damage and yellowing.

      Each is available in a variety of panel sizes and thicknesses. Some polycarbonate panels even come in multiple colors to change how the light diffuses. Order pre-cut sheets of plastic or ask us about custom sizing to make building your structure even easier.

      The Leader in Green House Plastic

      For more than 30 years, Greenhouse Megastore has worked with growers to provide the best plastic board. These thermoplastic materials can also be used as glazing for sheds, enclosed patios, courtyards, outdoor pools and much more.

      We have a Low Price Guarantee on all greenhouse plastic sheets. Remember to order the right installation hardware such as screws, profile ends, spacers and corner trim to build a gorgeous structure. If you need assistance, contact our sales staff Monday through Friday.