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      Greenhouse Plastic Sheets

      Harness the power of plastic for your greenhouse with our panels and rolls for siding, roofs and dividers. Our acrylic and polycarbonate greenhouse plastics are lightweight and strong while offering efficient insulation. Both are an affordable way to protect plants and help maintain ideal growing temperatures in any environment.

      Polycarbonate vs. Acrylic for Greenhouse Plastic

      Several factors determine whether to use polycarbonate panels or acrylic plastic sheets for greenhouse construction. Polycarbonate and acrylic are both stronger than glass. Acrylic has 10 times the impact resistance of glass, which is sufficient for most DIY greenhouses. Polycarbonate has 250 times the impact resistance of glass for withstanding extreme weather, vandalism and accidents, though this means the material is also more expensive.

      When it comes to appearance and light transmission, acrylic plastic has a high-gloss finish and is more transparent than polycarbonate. The difference is negligible at first, but the gap will widen as polycarbonate yellows due to sun exposure. Over time, both will lose visual clarity; the difference being that acrylic can be polished to regain it and polycarbonate cannot. Also, it's worth noting that polycarbonate is easier to cut and shape than acrylic, which is important if you need to customize sheets for a unique structure.

      For growing plants in a greenhouse, polycarbonate may be the better choice because it is much more resilient. But for aesthetics, such as a home-attached structure, acrylic may be a better choice if you want something stronger than glass.

      The Best Sheets of Plastic for Growing

      Whichever plastic you choose, we have a great selection to build a durable greenhouse. Shop for plastic panels in clear, opal white, bronze or gray colors with several thickness options. We also have corrugated panels, twin-wall polycarbonate sheets, polyethylene rolls and much more from leading brands. Greenhouse Megastore will match any online competitor's price and has a one-year limited warranty on all plastic sheets for personal gardening use - call us Monday-Friday to learn more.