Seed Starting Kits

Seed Starting Kits


      Seedling Kits for Seed Starting

      For many gardeners, the biggest challenge is getting the seeds to germinate. A seed planting kit makes the process easier and costs less than buying everything separately. Our seed starters are curated by horticulture experts who understand what's needed for successful propagation.

      Save Time and Money on a Seed Planting Kit

      Browse more than 20 seed starter kits depending on what you grow and where. A kit can include seed starter trays, form pots, potting mix, a humidity dome, grow lights and other supplies. Hydroponic seedling starter kits come with growing media to help regulate moisture and nutrient intake. Some packages even have the seeds, such as our Kitchen Herb Seed Starting Kit.

      These kits contain our finest in-house horticulture supplies as well as equipment from Garland, Espoma, SUNPACK and other brands. Ultimately, choosing the best seed starter kit depends on many factors, which is why we have so many options. Click on a seed kit to see what accessories are in the packages and how it's meant to be used. Whether you need heated seed starter kits for early spring preparation or a self-watering window propagator for a cluttered city apartment, Greenhouse Megastore has the answer.

      Simplified Seed Starting

      By ordering an expertly chosen kit, you can be confident you have the right tools to start a fruitful garden. Our famed Low Price Guarantee and free shipping on qualifying orders mean you get the best value. All customers receive a 60-day guarantee - we'll send replacement parts or a new kit if you're not satisfied.