Monitoring & Measuring

Monitoring & Measuring


      Tools for Monitoring Soil and Water

      Giving plants the perfect growing environment means knowing exactly what's around them. Our garden monitoring and measuring tools take stock of soil conditions and tell you what plants need. It's like a regular garden check-up so you nip potential problems early.

      Greenhouse Gauges and Devices

      Take the guesswork out of gardening with the right plant monitoring supplies. Every serious gardener should know their soil's sunlight, pH, moisture and fertility levels. Our soil meters let you test these variables in seconds. A portable four-way soil analyzer quickly measures the essentials with no batteries needed. For the most precision, get dedicated gauges such as pH testers and thermometers. Many systems, such as the Rapitest Light & Moisture Meter, include reference guides for common plants.

      If you're mixing potting soil or adding fertilizers and hormones to a garden, you'll also need to measure them accurately. We have in-line fertigation monitors, mini bench scales and other tools for DIYers. For outdoor gardens, keep a rain gauge on hand so you know how much you need to supplement Mother Nature. Need to see if your water filter is doing its job? Use the TDS-3 Tester Pen to determine the water's drinkability.

      Reliable Garden Measuring Equipment

      We carry the latest testers from Bluelab, Luster Leaf, Garland and other brands dedicated to better plant growth and safety. A sales associate can help you decide which garden monitoring tools are right for your needs - call us Monday-Friday at 1-888-281-9337. All devices purchased for hobby use come with an unconditional one-year warranty.