Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation


      Drip irrigation is essential for helping flowers and other plants grow steadily. With a drip irrigation system, you'll be able to avoid overwatering and underwatering your plants. As long as the system is active and has access to water, drip irrigation systems will do the hard work of watering your garden or greenhouse for you.

      Looking to install a greenhouse drip irrigation system? Get the parts and supplies you need for your greenhouse watering system at Greenhouse Megastore. We sell greenhouse irrigation kits, individual irrigation supplies such as tubing and nozzles, irrigation timers and many other vital irrigation parts.

      Use our filter menus if you need help finding your specific irrigation component, or review our expanded gardening descriptions below to learn more about our irrigation parts. We look forward to helping you set up a drip irrigation system for your greenhouse when you partner with us here at Greenhouse Megastore.

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      Greenhouse Drip Irrigation

      Keep your plants watered with these convenient watering and irrigation systems. Drip irrigation waters plant directly at the root zone with 90% efficiency. With less evaporation and run-off, plants get to use the water you apply in a controlled measure, leaving almost none left for pesky weeds. When saving time and making the most of your water, there's nothing better for your garden or greenhouse than a drip irrigation system.

      Find the Right Drip Irrigation System

      Greenhouse Megastore is a leading drip irrigation equipment supplier for DIY and commercial growers. From complete irrigation kits to individual components, we're here to get your irrigation setup working correctly. Our pre-assembled drip irrigation packages include automated systems, raised bed drip watering kits and vertical garden kits.

      Drip systems aren't just for greenhouses, either. Get a patio drip irrigation kit for covered plants or a landscape watering bundle to supplement Mother Nature during dry spells. We also have micro-irrigation systems that are ideal for residential gardens.

      Best Irrigation Supplies

      You can build your drip irrigation system for a greenhouse or do repairs and upgrades with high-quality parts. Shop for various water emitters, drip line spools, spray stakes and all the connectors you could need.

      If you're new to drip system irrigation, call Greenhouse Megastore toll-free Monday to Friday. Our knowledgeable sales associates either have the answers you need or can direct you to someone who does.

      We also have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee as part of our mission to help all growers with their horticulture pursuits. For all of your greenhouse, nursery and other gardening supplies, we hope you'll shop with us here at Greenhouse Megastore.