Cooling, Exhaust and Circulation Fans for Greenhouses

Cooling, Exhaust and Circulation Fans for Greenhouses

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      Greenhouse Fans

      Without proper cooling, the plants in your greenhouse are in deep trouble. Choose from our extensive line of cooling and circulation, exhaust and shutter fans to help you and your flora beat the heat. Our fans are also great for garages, workshops, warehouses and anywhere else that needs to be kept cool.

      Why Use a Greenhouse Fan

      Unless you’re raising plants that thrive in hot weather, you’ll need a fan in your greenhouse. By letting fresh air in and circulating the air already there, the greenhouse temperature will be cooler and more stable. Fans also help manage humidity levels. Many pests and diseases flourish in damp conditions, and removing moisture from your greenhouse, makes it less attractive to these plant-ruiners.

      Types of Fans for Plants

      Our huge plant fan collection keeps air moving so plants keep growing. Exhaust fans are an excellent cooling option that’s simple to install and inexpensive to run. They exchange inside and outside air to lower the greenhouse temperature and humidity. By getting a shutter-style greenhouse exhaust fan, you adjust or even close off airflow as needed.

      You should also look into a horizontal airflow (HAF) fan — sometimes known as a circulation, stir or basket fan. They give your greenhouse a more uniform temperature and eliminate “hot spots.” Available for greenhouses of a variety of sizes and with ceiling, wall or freestanding installation options, we have the greenhouse fan solution for your structure from hobby to commercial size.

      Greenhouse Megastore offers a complete ventilation package for your hobby or backyard greenhouse. With custom quotes on large orders, we serve the professional greenhouse community, too. We’ll match any online competitor’s price* as part of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.