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Protection & Environment

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      Garden Protection Supplies and Environmental Controls

      Give your plants exactly what they need for healthy, bountiful growth. Like people, every plant has different demands and preferences. We're here to help meet them no matter what you have for a garden space with these plant protection and greenhouse environment supplies.

      Customize Your Growing Environment

      Greenhouse Megastore has a Low Price Guarantee on supplies and accessories from trusted brands. Is the natural soil lacking or non-existent where you live? Shop for soil and fertilizer products to give it a boost. We have Espoma compost, Magik-Moss starter soil, garden straw, coco coir chips and much more. Every plant has its enemies, and with garden pest and plant disease prevention supplies, you can keep those enemies away. Options range from organic insecticides to deer netting.

      Indoor growers should browse our collection of greenhouse climate control systems. Venting kits, heaters, fans and evaporative coolers are just some of the ways you can get the temperature and moisture levels just right. When planting outside, you can still protect against environmental swings with ground and plant cover products, including shade cloths, winter frost tunnels and weed barriers. With plant automation and measuring accessories such as thermostats, timers and pH meters, you can get precise information while letting technology do the hard work.

      Take Control of Planting

      We know you want your plants to grow their best, and we provide the right solutions whether you're new to gardening or a professional horticulturalists. If you need assistance, call Greenhouse Megastore toll-free at 888-281-9337 to speak with a knowledgeable sales associate.