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      Greenhouse Lights

      Lighting is an important consideration for any growing operation. You need light to see, and plants need light to grow. Whether you're starting seeds, growing indoors or just looking for some supplemental lighting, Greenhouse Megastore has you covered!

      Many greenhouses are in areas without enough natural light for year-round growth - especially during the long winter months. Or maybe you've added shade cloth to help control the temperature but now need a way to replace the sunlight it blocks. We have more than 30 years of experience building and designing greenhouses, meaning we understand greenhouse lighting needs. An expert will work with you to find the right solution and provide meaningful technical assistance after the sale.

      See Clear Gains with Better Greenhouse Light

      With the recent technological advances in grow lights, you can experience better efficiency and growth rates than ever. Additionally, browse our LED grow lights and grow panels for top efficiency and low heat emission. Most importantly, with our grow lights for indoor plants, you can see quick improvements in your plants' growth rates. We also offer light stands and hangers to set up an LED or fluorescent greenhouse lighting system.

      If you need ambient lighting, install LED general-purpose lights in many sizes. They're excellent for garages and workshops as well as greenhouses. Replacement light bulbs are available for old, new and retrofit systems - including LED bulbs that can be added directly to a halogen or incandescent fixture. We are an authorized dealer of SUNPACK, Miracle LED and other brands known for high-quality greenhouse lighting. When you shop at Greenhouse Megastore, you're covered by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.