Environmental Controls

Environmental Controls


      Greenhouse Environment Controller Components

      Once you've installed the right equipment to manage the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse, you need a way to control it. From programmable power monitors like thermostats, timers and fan controls to full greenhouse controller systems, we've got everything you need to monitor and maintain your growing environment.

      Take Charge with Greenhouse Controllers

      It can require a lot of gear to establish the right habitat for plants, including exhaust vents, heat lamps, dehumidifiers and lighting. However, they are only as good as the controllers you use to operate them. The right greenhouse controller takes the guesswork out of determining the current temperature or how fast fans should blow. So finish off your greenhouse climate control systems with the right supplies to control them.

      Our collection of greenhouse environmental control equipment includes ways to set the right levels manually or automatically. We have ventilation fan speed controllers, temperature sensors, humidity monitors, wind speed instruments and much more. With a complete environmental controller such as the iGrow 800, you can independently oversee everything from HAF fans to shade curtains using the same unit.

      Best Control Systems for Greenhouses

      Greenhouse Megastore has entry-level and commercial greenhouse control systems from leading brands like J&D Manufacturing, MicroGrow and Link4. You'll always be in control of your growing environment - and if you every feel things starting to spiral, call our sales team at 1-888-281-9337 for expert assistance.