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Sprayers & Foggers


      Backpack Sprayers, Bleach Sprayers, Thermal Foggers, Chemical Applicators

      Easily apply bleach or other common greenhouse and gardening chemicals with our selection of sprayers & foggers.

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      Fogger and Sprayer Equipment

      Commercial greenhouse sprayers and foggers make it easier to care for large swaths of plants. Use them for weed-killing chemicals, herbicides, bleach and even fertilizers so you get more done. A fogger can also be used as a humidifier for a greenhouse. Shop leading brands such as Jacto, PulsFOG, AquaFog and SOLO® for all your needs.

      Greenhouse Sprayer vs. Fogger

      People frequently ask us whether a sprayer or a fogger is better for applying chemicals. The answer depends on the situation. Portable sprayers are great for targeted applications in small areas, letting you focus on plants that need care. They can handle long-lasting fertilizers and pesticides. An electric fogger does general applications over large areas and can be fully automated. However, most have a short-acting effect, and they are less discriminatory in their coverage.

      Greenhouse Megastore has a huge selection for greenhouses, hydroponics and even outdoor growing. Our plant spray collection ranges from handheld trigger sprayers to battery-powered backpack dosers and rolling sprayers. The largest chemical sprayers hold up to 50 gallons of solution. We carry several hydro fogger designs which can be expanded with additional fans. If you are working in a heat-sensitive area, use a thermal fogger. Call us at 1-888-281-9337 for knowledgeable assistance in choosing the right equipment.

      The Best Gardening Applicators

      Foggers and sprayers are made of premium corrosion-resistant materials, and most have adjustable nozzles based on what formulas you're using. You'll do less work while getting better results from your chemical, fertilizer and humidifier efforts. All products have a Low Price Guarantee.