School Greenhouses

School Greenhouses

The Greenhouse Megastore Partnership

  • Assistance navigating tax exemption setup
  • Guidance & info on grant resources
  • Over 30 years of school greenhouse design & construction experience
  • Proposal turnaround in as little as 48 hours
  • One-on-one consultation, including equipment, electrical, and plumbings needs (inc. sample drawings)
  • Multiple vendor options suited to scale or customization
  • Exclusive school greenhouse program discounts

Everything you need for your program

Greenhouse Megastore has over 30 years of experience supporting programs with a core mission of furthering the future of growing. Whether it's a university program, elementary school, independent horticulture education program, our expert staff have completed hundreds of structures and enhancements across the country to keep these programs able to focus on their primary goals - education.

How Greenhouse Megastore Can Help You

Navigating Tax Exempt Setup and Status

Qualified organizations are exempt from paying sales tax on purchases with Greenhouse Megastore.


Grant Resources & Information

There are several grants available to help fund your greenhouse dreams and we'll help you navigate them.


About Us

We've been building school and commercial greenhouses around the country and around the world since 1993.


Give us a call at 1-855-442-4769

Learn More About Our Complete Greenhouse Packages


      Not Just Structures! We Offer Curriculum Resources and More

      Complete Greenhouses for Schools

      The best way to learn about farming and plant science is by getting hands-on experience. We offer a variety of school greenhouses that let you teach horticulture at any time of year. These structures withstand cold, snow, wind and everything else to let curriculums proceed on schedule.

      Educational Greenhouse Packages

      A classroom greenhouse is ideal for high school and college students or to conduct research-based greenhouse projects. Each kit is made of durable materials with venting, heating and cooling supplies included to maintain the right growing environment. They're ADA-compliant as well so all students and instructors have access.

      Choose from nearly a dozen school greenhouse designs, most of which can be built in different dimensions. Use the search filters to shop based on the ideal class size and your region's climate. Some require a foundation while others can be secured directly to the ground. Greenhouse Megastore can connect you to a professional installer and provide training and technical assistance to use your new greenhouse.

      Affordable Teaching Greenhouses

      We guarantee the lowest price with free shipping on all academic greenhouse structures. If your institution is on a tight budget, see our Grant Resources section for state and federal funding opportunities. You can also request the plans and drawings of any greenhouse you're considering. What if none of the greenhouses listed are quite right for your needs? Ask for a quote on a custom school greenhouse. We've been designing and building greenhouses since 1993, giving us the knowledge to make your greenhouse a success.