Insect Netting

Insect Netting

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      Plant Insect Netting

      Don't let all your hard work in the garden or greenhouse be ruined by uninvited pests. Our insect nets for gardens form a barrier against bugs - plus they block birds, small animals and other critters. Protect flowers and vegetables without causing harm to wildlife or the environment.

      Greenhouse Mesh and Nets

      Using nets and screens with small holes will stop many pests from getting to prized crops, reducing the need for insecticides or traps. Rainwater and mist can still fall freely to the soil, and most nets allow 80-90% light transmission for healthy plant growth. Garden netting for insects is a fine choice when you want to grow plants in open areas and don't require insulation.

      Greenhouse Megastore has an assortment of anti-insect screens for greenhouses and gardens. Fine mesh insect netting uses holes roughly 0.27mm x 0.77mm to ward off common winged insects like leaf miners. With extra-fine No Thrip Insect Screen, you can block these micro-bugs plus whiteflies, melon aphids and much more. Shop for insect net tunnels, pest and wind barriers and other protective netting. These screens are made of materials of polyethylene and monofilament that resist water and UV fading.

      Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Vermin Away

      Bug netting for garden and greenhouse growers is a humane pest control method that's easy to set up. We guarantee the best prices on high-quality netting - if you find a lower price at any online competitor's store, we'll match it. Click on a net to see its technical specifications or call us toll-free at 1-888-281-9337 with any questions.