Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

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      Hanging Plant Baskets

      Adding a hanging planter will elevate your gardening in more ways than one. You'll have more space on your shelves and you can highlight everything from fuchsias to geraniums in a new way. We have the latest plant hanging baskets for sale with volume discount pricing for retailers, professional grows and serious hobbyists.

      Heighten Horticulture Style with Basket Planters

      Greenhouse Megastore has all sorts of hanging planters in countless sizes for your floral display. Our Traditional Hanging Baskets are made of injection-molded polypropylene for sturdiness with a simple, timeless look. Other styles include Euro hanging baskets, diamond plant baskets and sandstone hanging planters. A saucerless hanging planter has a special self-watering dish to reduce mess and waste. If you want an eco-friendly flower pot, look for biodegradable plant baskets such as those from Western Pulp. They can hold flowers for a short period and then be planted into the ground.

      A Plant Basket that Rises Above

      Use hanging planters for outdoor or indoor planting to maximize growing area and raise curb appeal. Place them in patios, retail nurseries, living rooms or anywhere else you want a new dimension of décor. In addition to different sizes, there are a variety of colors to complement the foliage. We have all the accessories you need as well, including hangers, wall brackets and basket liners.

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