Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

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      Plant Hanging Baskets

      The sky is the limit with hanging planters for commercial growers and DIYers alike. By attaching suspended containers to ceilings and overhangs, you can do more in smaller areas and add natural style at the same time. A hanging basket gives new meaning to the idea of elevating your garden space.

      Best Hanging Baskets for Plants

      Shop at Greenhouse Megastore to take gardening to new heights. We have hanging planters for outdoor and indoor gardens in many designs. From self-watering saucerless hanging plant pots to Euro pots, cone baskets and troughs, there is a solution to fit your planting goals. You can turn a ground-based plant pot into an overhead planter with our selection of wire hangers or use post and wall brackets for even more hanging options.

      Large hanging baskets can be made of many different materials. Basic plastic flower baskets are inexpensive and long-lasting. They can be molded into many different shapes and painted green, black, gray, metallic gold and other hues. Other options include coco coir hanging planter liners to retain moisture, metal planters for durable elegance, fabric-lined pots that add colorful style and biodegradable planters for future transplanting or eco-friendly disposal.

      Guaranteed Satisfaction and Value

      As a leading supplier of hanging baskets for gardeners, we're here to assist everyone who wants to raise their planting standards. We have a low-price guarantee and a one-year limited warranty on all hanging planters. Most pots can be ordered in bulk with multiple size and color options. With leading brands such as Gardener Select, Western Pulp and Decostone, you're always getting a quality container.