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      Greenhouse Thermometers, Humidity Monitors, Indoor/Outdoor Themometer

      Monitor and maintain ideal growing conditions in your greenhouse structure and get accurate humidity/temperture readings with our selection of durable thermostats for indoor and outdoor use.

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      Greenhouse Thermometers and Sensors

      Temperature plays a big role in determining a plant's growing conditions. With a greenhouse thermometer, you can keep track of the environment and make any adjustments needed. We carry high-quality thermometers from leading brands like Garland and Luster Leaf that always give you the correct readings.

      Best Greenhouse Thermometer Collection

      Having a greenhouse temperature monitor lets you know whether to turn on HVAC systems or open the vents. They also alert you to potential equipment problems. Greenhouse Megastore offers several types of gardening thermometers. A standard plastic wall thermometer gives the ambient temperature of any structure. Hang it in the greenhouse, the garage or even your home. A greenhouse temperature and humidity monitor also indicates the air moisture level.

      Stem thermometers give you even more options for temperature measurement. By inserting the stem into the soil, you know whether conditions are ideal to encourage seed propagation and growth. Or use them on compost to see if it's reached the target temperature for decomposition. Shop digital and analog thermometers with readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius. We can even help you find a Wi-Fi greenhouse thermometer that sends the data to your smartphone.

      The Right Garden Readings

      By getting accurate information from a thermometer or greenhouse weather station, you can be proactive in maintaining an optimal growing environment. It's a low-cost investment that will pay off in ways ranging from higher crop yields to reduced cooling costs. Call us Monday-Friday at 1-888-281-9337 if you need assistance finding the right thermometer. Add it to a qualifying order for free shipping.